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Mock tests

Mock tests basically are practice test papers that are prepared purely based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus of the respective examination. These are a simulation of actual exams practising in which aspirants can gauge their actual potential. Online mock tests are similar to actual examinations in terms of paper form and marking method, allowing you to analyse your genuine capabilities and find areas for improvement. In a nutshell, a mock test is an examination that is identical to your real exam but with different facts. The questions are in the same structure, and you get the same amount of time to answer them all. Mock tests are simulations of genuine exams that match the exam design but contain different facts. After submitting the test, you will be able to view your answers, results, and rank compared to other participants who have taken the same exam. Mock tests are attended by people from all walks of life. Benefits: Online mock tests help the students in saving time while also preparing for the exam in a good way. Students can literally appear for online mock tests on a click. Giving mock tests online also gives the candidates a good practice of the actual examination (in case it is an online exam). Appearing for mock tests is considered as one of the most important preparation strategies for the students, most of the toppers state the same in their success interviews.

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