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MOOCs are defined as Massive Open Online Courses. These are free online courses that anyone can take. They're usually taught by university professors and are often made up of videos, readings, and quizzes. The classes are taught by professors and other experts, who record their lectures and post them online for students to watch asynchronously at their own pace. Students can also interact with one another via discussion boards. Benefits: Free: MOOCs are offered for free by many universities, so you don't have to pay anything to take them. Accessible: You don't need a college degree or any previous education to take a MOOC. Anyone with an internet connection can sign up and enrol in the courses they want to take. Flexible: There's no set schedule for completing a MOOC — you can sign up whenever it's convenient for you, and complete the coursework at your own pace (although some do require students to log in regularly).

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