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A niche is a segment of the market that you choose to capatalise from by charging customers to get access to your specialist knowledge or expertise. By choosing the right niche, with the right course topic and the best content, you can exponentially increase your growth and influence. Having a niche is highly beneficial as it helps you package and share your existing knowledge (via online courses, e-books, live sessions, workshops etc.) to the right set of people. This also establishes your authority in the industry. As a knowledge entrepreneur, owning your niche can work wonders for your business and brand.
Here are some examples:

  1. Seniors interested in improving their golf swing.
  2. Accounting and tax calculation for freelancers.
  3. College students interested in learning how to cook.
  4. Social skills for shy teenagers.
  5. Women seeking to build muscle.

Note how each of these target a much more specific subject and audience. Pick any industry and it’s filled with hundreds of such specific niches that can be targeted to initiate your content marketing activities. However, just picking a niche or target audience is not enough. You need to come in terms with a couple more things before you begin producing and promoting content, which brings me to the next part.

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