Edison Dictionary

Virtual event

Virtual events are online gatherings of people looking to learn and network. They work by using technology to replicate the event experience online. To attend, you need an internet connected device with a camera, microphone and specialized software installed. Benefits: Virtual events are getting popular and cost efficient. They help to remove geographic barriers and open up a much larger audience.

Physical events have high costs. Venue rental, catering, etc. can be very expensive. By removing some of these expenses, event organizers save money or reallocate budget to other areas such as attracting higher profile speakers. It also helps in running sister events, with pre-recorded sessions, for other time zones and regions as well, leading to significant cost savings. The biggest plus point of going virtual is one saves massive amounts of time. Attendee and organizer travel combined with reduced production lead times and setup add up to significant time savings. When attendees, organizers and speakers travel together to a conference, they save time by arriving on the same day. Reduced production lead times and setup can also save time at the event.

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