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Personalized Learning with AI
AI-Assisted Assessment
Creating Content with AI
AI in administrative tasks

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Gus Elmashni

Arup was a great instructor
and I learned a lot of his AlMasterclass!

Puneet Jhingan
Director of Eduneev

Informative, easygoing session, Explained nicely. Would recommend this masterclass

Jalsa Signh Edzorb

Fantastic! AI masterclass by Arup. He knows his craft! Highly recommended


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Note - Apply as soon as possible because
it's a limited closed group event.

Meet Our Mentor

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Arup Chatterjee

Growth Hacker

As a Growth Hacker Arup works day in and day out on growth and brand building. He has mastered and helped over 500+ brands on Lead generation and building a successful acquisition funnel. He has over 6 years of experience and expertise on marketing for Online Businesses.

Worked with companies like

Learning Roadmap for the Masterclass

Introduction to AI in Education

Understanding AI and its Potential in education

Overview of AI tools and Applications in the education sector

Personalized Learning with AI

The concept of personalized learning and its importance

AI tools and techniques for creating personalized learning experiences

Hands-on activities and case studies

AI-Assisted Assessment

Introduction to AI in assessment

Techniques for Implementing AI in student assessments

Workshop: Using AI tools for grading and providing feedback

Diagnostic Test with Al

Craft Diagnostic Test with adaptive Al logic

Generate assessment variations and new Questions with Al

Plan Training sessions with Al Courses for students

AI in Administrative Tasks

Exploring how AI can streamline administrative tasks in education

Using AI tools for automating scheduling, attendance tracking, and more

Hands-on session: Implementing AI in administrative tasks

Ethical Considerations in AI in Education

Understanding the ethical implications of AI in education

Navigating issues around data privacy, transparency, and bias

Discussion: Ethical case studies in AI

Implementing AI in Your Teaching Practice

Integrating AI Tools into your teaching methodology

Strategies for effective implementation and overcoming challenges

Project: Create a plan for implementing AI in your teaching practice

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Note - Apply as soon as possible because
it's a limited closed group event.

This masterclass is designed for

Digital SAT Tutors: If you're an SAT tutor looking to enhance your digital tutoring strategies, this masterclass will equip you with the knowledge and tools to seamlessly integrate AI into your teaching methodology.

SAT Curriculum Developers: For those responsible for developing SAT curriculum, this masterclass will provide you with insights into how AI can enrich the learning experience and streamline administrative tasks.

EdTech Professionals in SAT Prep: If you're an EdTech professional specializing in SAT preparation, this masterclass will deepen your understanding of AI applications in education, potentially informing the design and implementation of your products.

Aspiring SAT Tutors: If you're an aspiring SAT tutor, this masterclass will give you a head start on understanding how AI is reshaping the landscape of SAT education, preparing you for the future of tutoring.

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