Now that we have your attention, if you are an online teacher/ trainer and you are already using a well-known platform following are possibly 3 reasons why you are using it and sticking to it:

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  1. Another trainer in your community referred you to use it like a growth hack in teaching profession
  2. You have never taken pains to analyze what your students really need from an online training platform because you are an on-stage turned online trainer
  3. You are too busy to explore alternatives to turn teachable content into learnable content online
  4. You make less than 20% of your overall income from by teaching online

Please take a close look at number 4, this is a cause and effect both. Because your online teaching isn’t effective you don’t make more than 20% gross from online teaching. Because you make less than 20% of your overall income from online, you tend to not focus on doing better with online. But if you have already crossed 70 years of your age, I think by now you get the value of being online effectively and making 80% of your income from online, don’t you? For others, you don’t want to be the 70 year old who keeps chasing flights to do on-stage at the age, do you?

The challenge is in replicating the offline learning experience in the online world

Software as a service nature of the online teaching platforms have surgically killed the spirit of teaching when it comes to online. Simply take a look at the landing pages of all the online teachers, and you will see they all have the exact same bland UI, color scheme and user interface; thanks to online SAAS teaching platforms. The most celebrated star rated trainers, the on-stage heroes turn into just another online teachers because they choose the same old online teaching platform that simply denies to innovate into the area of learning.

The world class trainers would agree that any occult subject is teachable provided the context for the teaching is well set and that the engagement with the students is at par.

Bringing together e-learning technologies for a holistic learning experience

This works perfectly fine as long as the students are personally and physically present with the teacher. Most on-stage teachers promote their online programs as part of their course selling funnel. Students see a great deal of value in signing up with the teacher’s online program. Research has proved that after a few programs only 7% of this learner audience actually logs into the teacher’s online platform to continue and complete the online program. This makes most teachable content online an unlearnable content.

So why everything teachable isn’t learnable ?

So what are the key reasons why everything teachable seizes to be learnable?

  1. Rigidity: The learning experience provided by the traditional online platforms is extremely rigid. That teachers find it tough to innovate into the method of teaching and have to comply within the brackets of features offered by the platform
  2. Unscalable: While most online teaching platforms serve the purpose in the early stages of the teacher’s online journey they become highly unscalable when it comes to increasing the reach in terms of students, courses, methods of training such as 1 to 1, 1 to many live or self-paced.
  3. Unlearning: Most online teaching platforms are highly transactional. This means that they follow a pipeline approach of teaching versus becoming data driven and AI enabled behavior based adaptive teaching enablers for online teachers

Heading into 2019, any industry innovation that isn’t data driven will die. Teaching platforms online and teachers who are focused on teaching online have to be wary of this. The focus has shifted from teaching online to learning online. The underlying design of the platform must facilitate the accelerated learning methodology to ensure that what is teachable is indeed learnable and enjoyable for the learners online. You are missing the bus if you still think that by simply creating more courses online and marketing them will continue to bring you even 20% of your income then you have a bad news coming your way very soon. Your students online are looking for a learning experience nothing short of the experience they would otherwise derive by being with the teacher in a room.

So as a teacher, trainer and educator online the key question is have you evaluated your options to drive “delivering learning experience first” strategy with your current online teaching tool?

Deepak Murugaian
CEO & Founder
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