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Imagine you are on a
journey to climb

Imagine you're on a journey to climb mountain.

As you approach the base camp, a seasoned guide awaits you. They have scaled this mountain countless times, understand the terrain like the back of their hand, and have a plan tailored just for you. They outline the best route, estimate the duration, and tell you exactly what you'll need - all up front, without any pressure or haste.

As you begin your ascent, the guide accompanies you every step of the way. They assist you in navigating challenging passes, motivate you when the climb gets steep, and help you appreciate the beautiful vistas that you might have missed on your own.

Once you reach the summit, they don't just leave you to make your own way back. They stay with you, ensuring your safe descent, and celebrating your achievement with you.

Doesn't that sound inspiring? This is the kind of journey we aim to provide with our service. Our sales team, just like the mountain guide, is with you every step of the way. From the initial discovery of our solution, through the implementation process, and beyond into continual support and success. We're not just about selling you a product; we're about guiding you to reach new heights of success in your knowledge business.

We’re openly sharing everything you need to evaluate whether EdisonOS is right for you on your own terms. We’re your reliable tech partners and back you up as you scale,

Climbing Everest is not impossible but only a very few do. Building a successful online education business is no different.

Here’s our sales pitch

When starting an online education business, it's typical to purchase a handful of software tools. These include a website builder for creating landing pages and blogs, a learning management system for managing courses, online payment processing, and a community platform.

Every edtech company requires these core tools; they're essential for functionality. However, building these tools from scratch or piecing together various tools can be time-consuming. Furthermore, unlike most software used for operations, these tools form the core platform upon which your entire business runs. As such, they need to be reliable and capable of scaling with your business.

We sell Focus to Edupreneurs

A hard truth—the software you choose to use is going to have very little impact on your start-up’s chances of success. A strange statement coming from a software company, yes. But as an education company,

  1. Quality of your content
  2. Competence of your Tutors
  3. Support Ecosystem

Every aspect of EdisonOS is designed to take care of mundane tasks on top of giving tools to deliver a great online learning experience so that you can spend as much time as possible focused on what really matters—building your core product. Edison gives you back time (the most valuable resource) to focus on what matters the most, your North Star Metric.

Fewer Tools, Greater Harmony

When you choose to stitch together a series of software tools, you consistently log in to a series of different applications and lose a lot of data through fragmentation. You log in to your Learning Management System to structure content, your content authoring software to create eLearning content, your Website Builder like WordPress to manage your Marketing Site, and the list goes on. Even when these systems are well integrated, much of the context on your learners and their journey is inevitably lost along the way. You may have a "Doh!" moment or two when you deliver a poor user experience to one of your customers due to missing context. We've all been there.

Imagine managing your business from behind a single login. With less technical overhead, no burning development sprints, and more importantly, no need to pay hefty cloud bills every month, it helps you focus on building a great edtech business with less burn and more time.

Power Of Operational Efficiency

Once you’ve launched and realized the benefits EdisonOS offers around speed to market, you’ll start to realizing the operational efficiency of a fully integrated edtech platform. EdisonOS comes with tons of automations and workflows that can be built in minutes that would otherwise take hours to set up with disjointed software tools.

Say you want to automate mundane operations around your live class delivery. Typically, the following are the current scenarios:

✅ You can use affordable video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. The first challenge is to decide on how many hosts to purchase and how to allocate them to your instructors without compromising on security.

✅ Batch Management: Multiple cohorts can run in parallel, such as morning, evening, weekends, summer, and re-takers.

✅ The next challenge is to share meeting URLs only with enrolled students, without worrying about the links being shared across their network.

✅ How do we track attendance of instructors and participants?

✅ How can we share pre-class and post-class materials with learners?

✅ How can we share a schedule of all live classes, remind students to join the class, notify them of any reschedules, and keep them updated on important communications?

The biggest challenge is securely sharing recordings of live classes, as someone might be absent or have issues connecting to the bridge.

Today, most of these operations around live classes are handled manually through a team of Ops executives and managers who maintain a bunch of Google sheets and juggling between multiple stakeholders. It costs a lot of time, money, stress and more importantly prone to a lot of mistakes.

With EdisonOS, you can automate the entire life-cycle around your live class pedagogy. This typically requires a one-time setup of 30 minutes and doesn't need dedicated resources to manage the aforementioned operations.

More importantly, the platform is robust and at the time of writing this our customers have delivered a total of 200,000 Live sessions handling 3 Millions Participants.

You'll save you a significant amount of capital & scale with predictable overhead

Building and maintaining software products is not just challenging—it's costly. Many entrepreneurs in the education sector lack the expertise in crafting tech products, amplifying the risk of your capital investment.

Even in a streamlined setting, you'll need a product manager, several engineers, designers, QA specialists, and a slew of consultants. Roughly speaking, a solid MVP won't come to life for less than $250,000. And that's just the beginning. Monthly maintenance, including cloud and support expenses, can add another $10,000. And let's not even delve into the ongoing development costs, given that software requirements often evolve as businesses grow.

Enter EdisonOS. We're here to drastically reduce both your capital expenditure and the risk of a product-market mismatch.

Right off the bat, you're saving a cool $250,000—funds that can be channeled into content creation or marketing. With EdisonOS, you benefit from predictable operational costs. We don't bill based on the number of learners, understanding the seasonal nature of the market. Instead, charges are based on monthly active users, and additional admin costs are incurred only as needed. Storage expenses? Minimal and included in your plan. Feedback indicates that our clients save over a fifth of what they'd typically spend on cloud services in-house. And the cherry on top? Zero ongoing development costs. At EdisonOS, we roll out new features monthly, and these enhancements come at no extra charge to you.

Build Stronger Tech Stacks: No More Duct Tape Fixes

The allure of using the absolute best software for every aspect of your education business can be intoxicating—we get it! But in working with thousands of edtech founders, we've found that those best in class tools are almost always fractionally used—and the more integrations you have in place, the more your tech stack feels like it's duct taped together. Code based integrations aside, integrators like Zapier are good to start with but they only introduce another potential point of failure.

Speak to any CTO or VP of Engineering in the edtech sector, and they'll share some universal challenges:

➤ The constant need to modify their tech stack as their userbase grows.

➤ The countless hours spent on evaluating and integrating new educational tools.

➤ The frequent requests to extract data from one tool to another is a nightmare.

➤ The struggles with maintaining data.

➤ The moments when integrations with learning platforms faltered.

➤ The reality in the edtech landscape is that as a platform expands, the time and resources devoted to managing its foundational tools skyrocket. This is why we see specialized IT teams in larger edtech companies and dedicated roles for educational operations.

This is where EdisonOS steps in. Imagine the transformative impact if that time and budget were channeled into refining the educational content or expanding outreach to more learners.

Benefits of Dealing with Just One Vendor

Remember the last time you went grocery shopping and had to visit multiple stores just to get all the items on your list? The hassle of parking, navigating different aisles, and standing in multiple checkout lines? Now, imagine having one supermarket where you can find everything you need under one roof.

With EdisonOS, if you ever encounter an issue with your software, you only need to visit one 'store'. Be it through email, live chat, our comprehensive knowledge base, or a direct 1-on-1 call, we've got you covered.

You won't be dealing with a maze of customer representatives. Instead, you'll get to know our dedicated team by name, and we'll become well-acquainted with your educational platform's specifics. One-stop support for all your needs. Multiple vendors and scattered solutions? That's a shopping trip you'd rather avoid.

Get faster PMF or increase the odds of raising Funds

A prevalent myth in the start-up world, especially in the edtech sector, is that to secure funding from investors, you need to build your own technology platform to become fundable


Investors not looking for native tech or a rehearsed performance. If they're considering investing a significant amount, they want to know your team, your Go-To-Market Strategy and an unfiltered view of your business; the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Moreover, in the edtech space, investors don't necessarily expect you to have all the tech solutions built in-house. In fact, they often appreciate start-ups that leverage SaaS tools like EdisonOS to reduce tech overheads, allowing them to focus on achieving Product-Market Fit (PMF).

One of our early customers, DuX Education, is a testament to this. They successfully raised their seed round by emphasizing that their core focus wasn't on reinventing the tech wheel but on reaching PMF. They strategically used their capital to hone in on this, rather than getting bogged down with in-house tech developments.

Infact, EdisonOS streamlines the due diligence process, offering potential investors a comprehensive view of your business KPIs. Your Daily Active Users, Weekly Sales, Engagement Metrics, Buyer Journey and other traction data are easily available for their perusal . This eliminates the tedious hours often spent reconciling data inconsistencies that arise when multiple tools are cobbled together.

Offering this level of insight into your business won't break the bank, but the trust and credibility you gain by being transparent is absolutely invaluable.

To truly grasp what EdisonOS offers, the best approach is to set up an account. If you're an edtech start-up looking to launch a minimum viable product (MVP) or eliminate the overhead of  Tech Function, we can propel you to launch in under a day.

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One of our early customers, DuX Education, is a testament to this. They successfully raised their seed round by emphasizing that their core focus wasn't on reinventing the tech wheel but on reaching PMF. They strategically used their capital to hone in on this, rather than getting bogged down with in-house tech developments.

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