It's no secret that the edtech business is booming. With new developments and innovation every day in the field of education technology, trainers are ramping up to meet the expectations of educators and learners. While it's essential for edtech trainers to have expertise in the tools they work with, it's also beneficial to have online skills and training resources to stay ahead of the latest updates in the field. This article will cover 9 essential online skills and edtech training tools that trainers can use to up their game. From interactive tutorials and helpful software to trusted resources and more, these tools can make all the difference in providing a successful and informed edtech training experience.

In this article, we will explore nine essential online skills and training tools that edtech trainers need in order to effectively and successfully train their teams to use edtech. Although edtech is growing steadily, it is still a relatively new field with a wide range of available tools, so it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to training. Whether you’re a professional edtech trainer looking to update your skillset or an edtech business hoping to find the right tools to train your own employees, the following nine training resources will help you become a wizard for training with edtech!

Why are online skills and training tools important?

Online skills and training tools are incredibly important in the edtech industry. By having access to the right set of tools, edtech business owners can ensure their employees have the skills and resources needed to effectively use and teach online software, platforms, and tools. This helps to reduce employee training costs, save time, and increase productivity. 

Having the right online skills and training tools also enables edtech employees to provide customers with better services and outcomes. By having high-quality tools, opinions, and resources, they can empower customers with the knowledge they need to make the most out of their education. This also allows edtech business owners to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant in their industry. 

Moreover, using quality online skills and training tools can help edtech business owners keep up with the latest trends and technologies. In an industry as strongly influenced by technology as edtech, having the most current tools and resources enables them to focus more on teaching and guiding customers. In addition to this, having an up-to-date set of online skills and training tools also allows edtech business owners to provide a better learning experience overall. 

In summary, online skills and training tools are essential for edtech businesses to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in a highly competitive industry. They are key for providing employees with the skills and resources needed to help customers make the most out of their educational journey. Access to the right set of tools also helps edtech business owners keep their companies fresh, no matter how fast the industry evolves.

9 essential online skills & training tools for edtech trainers

Running an edtech business can be extremely challenging, especially when it comes to training employees. In this digital age, it's essential to have a good set of online skills and training tools that you can rely on. Here are 9 essential online skills & training tools for edtech trainers that are guaranteed to help your employees reach their potential and become more efficient in their jobs: 

1. Zoom 

Zoom is a cloud-based communication tool that provides high quality video and audio for edtech trainers to access their classes and interact with their students. 

2. Slack 

Slack is an effective collaboration and communication tool that allows you to quickly communicate with your employees and keep them up-to-date on your classes and tasks. 

3. DocuSign

DocuSign is an essential digital document signing platform that edtech trainers can use to streamline the contracts, agreements, and documents they need to sign with their students. 

4. Evernote 

Evernote is an outstanding app that enables edtech trainers to capture and store ideas, track tasks, and manage notes. 

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage system that provides edtech trainers with the ability to securely store their lesson plans and class materials. 

6. Adobe Creative Cloud 

Adobe Creative Cloud is a comprehensive suite of creative tools and applications that supports edtech trainers in developing engaging multimedia presentations, graphics and videos.

7. MindMeister

MindMeister is an innovative online mind sweeping tool that helps edtech trainers foster collaboration, organise ideas and simplify their workflows.

8. Prezi 

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation platform that can help edtech trainers create appealing, interactive and memorable presentations.

9. Social Media

Social media is an increasingly powerful platform for edtech trainers to expand their reach and create thought-leadership in the educational sector. From YouTube and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn, edtech trainers can use social media to create engaging, impactful content and build a strong following.


In conclusion, edtech business owners should look to the online world of training and development to keep their trainers abreast of the latest trends. The use of online skills, training tools, tutorials, and certification programs can provide the necessary knowledge, resources, and expertise to make edtech training a success. Staying on top of the ever-changing trends in the edtech industry can help trainers stay ahead of the competition and ensure their clients receive high-quality training.

The 21st century brings with it a new wave of education, and it's become increasingly important for edtech trainers to have an understanding of a wide range of skills beyond the classroom. Outlined above are just a few essential online skills and training tools that edtech trainers should consider utilising to maximise their edtech business. By mastering these tools and expanding their knowledge base with newly available digital literacy, edtech trainers can take their business to the next level. With the right knowledge, there's no telling the heights of success one can achieve with an edtech business.

Hazel Ricky
Content Marketing Associate
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