The eLearning market in some regions of the world is expanding at a rate of around 20% a year. People may obtain training and education at low cost through online learning, and businesses and governments can effectively deliver it. 

But, have you ever thought about how it has become possible? Well, the short answer is the implementation of the course management system (CMS). 

The market of online training and learning  is accelerating at fast pace all over the world as a result of the internet's ability to advertise and provide it as well as the increasing number of solutions that make it simple to construct online courses.

In fact, it is predicted that in the five years running up to 2023, the market for online learning would grow to over $65 billion.

Therefore, more and more organizations are investing in a content management system but how to choose the best to accomplish your business goals? To learn about the top CMS in 2023 and their significance, keep reading this blog.

A Definition of Course Management System 

A course management system, usually known as CMS, is the management software that smoothly lubricates all modern education aspects. In short, it is a management system that enables institutions to manage courses, course interaction, and much more without any hurdles. 

For instance, a CMS is a one-stop training management system like a social media platform developed especially for education. All you need to do is log into your favorite social network to connect, share, and collaborate with friends. In the same way, a training management system helps you log in into access training programs, course materials, and training content - all under the one roof. 

Indeed, it fills the knowledge gap, offering a central place for everyone to grasp the course content, eventually making the educational journey smooth and simple. So, the next time you hear "CMS," remember that it's the digital roadmap connecting educators and learners in today's ever-evolving world of education.

Need of a Course Management System

Let’s skip the mundane long discussion and dive straight into the strong reasons why course management systems (CMS) have become backbone in the world of education and corporate training. 

1. Statistical Evidence That Speaks Volumes 

Did you know that CMS-using colleges claim higher student retention rates of 18%? Yes, keeping pupils interested in learning in a structured digital environment keeps them coming back for more.

2. Streamlining the Chaos

Imagine having to handle all of the classes, assignments, and student records for a full school without a CMS. It's comparable to juggling torches in a hurricane. CMS systems bring order to this chaos, facilitating effective management and tracking of student development for institutions and educators.

3. The Power of Centralization

CMS platforms let you consolidate your course resources so that both teachers and students may readily access them. It's like having a digital library at your fingertips, and the advantages are obvious: better communication, more seamless collaboration, and more effective learning.

4. Time and Cost Effectiveness

Don't overlook the final result. Institutions that use CMS make significant time and resource savings. Teachers can concentrate on teaching, which is really important, when course materials, exams, and communications are streamlined. Institutions also save money because there is less administrative overhead.

Now, have a look at some serious consequences of neglecting a CMS 

  • Imagine a situation now without a CMS. There are courses dispersed across several platforms, information is buried in email threads, and there is no effective way to monitor student progress. 
  • It will only lead to uncertainty, annoyance, and ultimately a deterioration in educational quality. 
  • Without a CMS, the educational process devolves into a disorganized maze that promotes disinterest, high dropout rates, and a damaged reputation.

Hence, not only is it necessary, but investing in a strong CMS is also a decision. It entails giving teachers the resources they require in order to motivate, engage, and empower pupils. It involves designing an effective learning environment that encourages achievement both inside and outside of the classroom. Simply defined, a CMS is essential to contemporary education and not just a luxury.

Variables to Consider Before Picking a Course Management System 

1. Cost-effective Options

There's a catch with certain CMS platforms' alluring price tags: they could scrimp on features. It's comparable to purchasing a flashy car with no engine. Yes, it looks wonderful, but will it lead you on your e-learning trip in the direction you want to go?

2. Rich in Features Giants

On the other hand, there are CMS behemoths with a wide selection of functionality. Owning such a sophisticated starship with all the bells and whistles is like. But be ready to reach deep into your wallet. These cost more money.

3. Maintaining Balance

Finding the ideal learning management system requires finding the sweet spot between functionality and price. It's like getting a strong engine in a stylish, reasonably priced car. You want a course management software that provides the tools you require without being too expensive.

4. Goldilocks Territory

A rich feature set, scalability, user-friendliness, and, of course, cost are all qualities of the "just right" CMS. In the field of e-learning solutions, it's like finding a precious jewel.

Above all else, you should use each of these CMSs personally to comprehend and contrast them thoroughly. But based on the above CMS's detailed overview, EdisonOS has all the necessary features and can give you maximum ROI.


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Review the List of Best Course Management Software 2023 

The adoption of a training management system across the globe mirrors everyone's pursuit of accessible, personalized, and modern technology-driven education. The journey has been exciting and transformative, from basic online classes to AI-powered training courses. 

As a course management system keeps evolving, it is poised to redefine how training materials are delivered, making learning an interactive and enriching experience for all the stakeholders involved. Below is a list of 15 popular training management systems, having taken into consideration key features, user-friendliness, and much more.

1. EdisonOS

Edison is at the top of our list as the finest training management software provider. The software solution makes it extremely easy for educators to develop their online academy and is ideal for brands that need employee onboarding, customer education, and other types of employee development training in a digital realm.  

The course management software is also ideal for entrepreneurs, educators, schools, and all types of businesses. EdisonOS also comes with third-party marketing tools and techniques that make it easy to create marketing campaigns. Hence, it can bring your training operations to life at your fingertips without any research or brainstorming process. 

Core Features

  1. Content Management : Managing your course content is simple using Edison OS. Your students will have simple access to the materials they require thanks to the effortless upload, organization, and delivery of course materials.
  2. Insights into Reports :Investigate in-depth real-time metrics and insights to monitor student development, pinpoint problem areas, and perfect your teaching techniques.
  3. Privacy and Security :A safe and secure learning environment is guaranteed by strong data encryption and privacy safeguards, allowing you to relax.
  4. Mobile-centric Design :Flexibility is essential in the mobile-centric world of today. With its mobile-first design, Edison OS gives students the freedom to access content and participate in learning at any time, anywhere.
  5. Collaboration Tools :Using the integrated communication and collaboration tools, promote a sense of community and cooperation. 
  6. Friendly User Interface: The user-friendliness of Edison OS's design ensures that both educators and students may easily traverse the platform.


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2. Moodle

The popular course management system, usually known as Moodle, is the abbreviation of Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It comes with top-notch flexibility and customization options with a wide range of features, including discussion forums, assignments, providing feedback, and more. Its open-source nature enables brands to develop the platform to meet their diverse needs. 

Core Features

  1. Resource Management :Access all of your teaching resources conveniently in one location.
  2. Course Planning : Plan and arrange your classes and tasks effectively.
  3. Designing Learning Materials : Use simple technologies to produce dynamic and engaging content for your students.
  4. Track Payments :Manage and keep track of student subscriptions and payments smoothly.
  5. Tools for Collaboration: By integrating group work and communication tools, you can encourage cooperation between students and teachers.

Pricing: Moodle is available for free and is open-source. However, expenses are involved, most notably hosting, customization, and support. 

3. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds Review | Pricing & Features (2023) - Online Learning Software

The excellent and finest commercial training provider, LearnWorlds, has a full suite of capabilities for training and development. Beyond its extensive customization options, you can efficiently design, market, and sell your courses.

Are you prepared to design engaging learning opportunities for your employees? Get started with all the wonderful features that this tool has to offer, including:

Core Features

  1. Flexible Courses : Make your courses unique to you as a teacher and modify them to meet the changing needs of your students.
  2. Engaging Video and Online Classes: Deliver engaging, interactive lessons using video and live online classes to keep students interested in what they are studying.
  3. Survey and Evaluation Builder :Create surveys and tests with ease to get insightful feedback from students and evaluate their development and happiness.
  4. Website and Mobile App Builder: To give your students a seamless and expert learning experience, build your own custom website and mobile app.
  5. Track Student Performance: Track and evaluate each student's progress to provide individualized instruction and support that will improve performance as a whole.

Pricing: LearnWorld offers three pricing plans - Starter Plan, Pro Trainer, Learn Center

4. SkyPrep

SkyPrep | AppDirect Marketplace

A cloud-based CMS called SkyPrep enables you to manage and keep track of training programs. SkyPrep makes it simpler to comply with compliance training needs and train customers.

SkyPrep makes it simple for HR teams to start by allowing you to construct online learning programs and reports easily. Employee training is made more interesting by the game-based learning offered by the cloud-based LMS. Unlimited training materials can be produced for your company, and real-time reporting is available.

Core Features

  1. Simple Learning Paths: Make education more accessible and structured for students by making it simple to construct and manage simple learning trips.
  2. Automation & Gamification: Automate administrative chores while using gamified aspects to engage and inspire students, enhancing their learning experience.
  3. Payment platforms: Easily collect money from students and streamline your education platform's financial operations.
  4. Customizable user interface: Make the platform's appearance and feel consistent with your brand to give consumers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.
  5. File Importing Capability with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. : Easily import and distribute files from well-liked cloud storage services to guarantee simple access to educational resources.

Pricing: All of SkyPrep's plans include a 14-day free trial. Lite, Professional, and Enterprise are the three available plans.

5. Absorb LMS

A learning management system called Absorb LMS focuses on all learning and development requirements in one location and is designed to expedite learning and deliver results. 

Absorb LMS offers a number of distinctive features that make it stand out from other LMSs, such as enabling instructors to tailor the learning experience for each student by developing custom learning paths, giving individualized feedback, monitoring learner progress, encouraging collaboration among students through features like discussion forums and social media integration, and using AI to provide insights into learner learning, such as identifying areas and fill knowledge gaps. 

Core Features

  1. Corporate Business : Our platform helps corporate training and development activities because it was created to satisfy the specific demands of businesses.
  2. Learner Portal: Create a dedicated site for your learners so they can easily access courses, materials, and progress monitoring.
  3. User input: To continually improve your training programs, gather insightful user input.
  4. Live Training: Hold interactive, in-the-moment training sessions to encourage participation and teamwork.
  5. eCommerce Features: With built-in eCommerce features, you can easily sell and manage digital material while monetizing your courses and items.

Pricing: The cost of Absorb LMS is determined by bid rather than having a fixed price.

6. Canvas 

A well-liked learning ecosystem and online learning management system among schools and universities is Canvas from Instructure. It describes itself as the learning management system with the quickest growth rate. The LMS is one of its robust course builders, dashboards, test engines, and other digital learning systems.

The platform's modules allow teachers to segment information and coursework into units. Administrators can integrate their practices with current standards using the outcomes function, which combines state-wide assessment and grading rubrics.

Core Features

  1. Learning Management: Manage and deliver your courses effectively to give students and teachers a smooth educational experience.
  2. Personalized learning: Tailoring resources and content to each student's needs will increase engagement and memory retention.
  3. Real-time Analytics: Utilize analytics to learn more about how well students are performing in classes and how to make them more effective.
  4. Track Progress: This feature makes it simple for educators to keep tabs on and evaluate students' progress and to give them comments and targeted support.
  5. All mobile devices are supported: For quick and adaptable learning on the go, access the platform and material from any location, using any device.

Pricing: Request a demo to get a precise quote with all the incredible features in action.

7. Learning Pool

Learning Pool develops learning opportunities that produce amazing results for organizations that invest in the productivity and abilities of their staff members. Learning Pool's cutting-edge AI learning platforms and skills solutions, which support thousands of businesses investing in learning experiences for their global learners, combine integrated technology and adaptive content to produce meaningful intelligence on every learner's performance. 

Its top-notch customer service ensures that customers may take advantage of its exceptional capacity to generate a highly skilled workforce, fresh competitive advantages, and an organization ready for the future. You can find Learning Pool anywhere ambitious companies are investing in their employees. 

Core Features

  1. Engaging Dashboard: Access a visually appealing and useful dashboard to keep students and teachers informed and interested.
  2. Mobile Learning: Make it possible to learn while on the go using a platform that is mobile-friendly, providing flexibility and convenience.
  3. Adaptive User Interface: Take advantage of a user-friendly experience that smoothly adjusts to different screen sizes and devices.
  4. Key Competencies:  Concentrate on critical knowledge and skill areas, and match your learning objectives to key competencies.
  5. Streamlined Reporting: Make it easier to track and evaluate learning outcomes and progress by streamlining the reporting process.

Pricing: Contact the vendor for an accurate quote with all the details.

8. eloomi

A simple and engaging learning management system is eloomi. To speed up onboarding, upskill and reskill your talent pool, meet compliance requirements, and promote genuine people development, eloomi links the dots between learning and performance. 

Create one-of-a-kind, interactive learning, add already existing information, or use this course management system carefully curated content store. Therefore, increasingly, more businesses worldwide choose eloomi to promote employee engagement and provide customized learning opportunities.

Core Features

  1. Powerful and Flexible: Make use of a flexible and adaptable platform that can accommodate a variety of needs and demands.
  2. Gamification Features: Boost motivation and engagement using interactive gaming features to make studying more pleasurable and efficient.
  3. Simple Configuration: Quickly and easily adapt the platform to your own tastes and goals.
  4. Admin-Friendly Tools: Abundance Access a variety of administrative features and tools that will improve management and control.
  5. Friendly Customer Service: Personalized support and guidance are provided by a dedicated customer service team, enabling a successful and easy learning process.

Pricing: Free trial available; paid plans start from $3 per month 

9. iSpring Learn 

iSpring Learn LMS Review: Feature-Rich, Easy & Intuitive - Learning Light

A quick LMS with a robust authoring tool is iSpring Learn. Empower learning activities anytime, from anywhere with iSping and train employees with ease. Moreover, learners will be assisted with iOS and Android Apps, making it easier to access online courses from anywhere. 

Owners of accounts receive excellent value at a fair price. You can get personal, live tech assistance at any time. Request a free 15-minute online consultation to learn how iSpring Learn might benefit your urgent project.

Core Features

  1. Modeling and Simulation:Develop plausible scenarios and simulations to improve learning and the application of knowledge in the actual world.
  2. Certification Management: Streamline the procedure for monitoring, awarding, and managing certifications for successful course completion.
  3. Employee Profiles: Individual employee profiles may be easily managed and accessed, allowing for customized learning and development strategies.
  4. Offline Access: Provides flexibility and accessibility by ensuring ongoing learning even without an internet connection.
  5. Performance Metrics: Comprehensive metrics for measuring and evaluating staff performance are essential for data-driven decision-making and improvement plans.

Pricing: Yes, offers a free trial; paid plans start from $2.87/ per month

10. Blackboard Learn

Educational Technology Services | Blackboard | North America

With Blackboard Learn by Anthology, the industry's top LMS that interfaces with the complete EdTech ecosystem, you can help students, teachers, and organizations accomplish their objectives. 

Blackboard Learn has been improved after working with educators to redesign it. There is more to learn thanks to thousands of brand-new SaaS-based features that encourage collaboration, increase accessibility, keep learners interested, and much more. 

Core Features

  1. Intelligent Learning Platform: A user-friendly platform ensures a smooth educational experience by making learning simple and entertaining.
  2. Good Customer Service: You can depend on our devoted customer support team to help you at every turn, assuring your success.
  3. LTI Tools: Access a wide variety of Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) tools to improve your teaching and learning processes.
  4. Conduct tests and Quizzes: Easily design and conduct tests and quizzes to evaluate learning and retention.

Pricing: Offers free trial and contact the team to know more about the paid plans.

11. Docebo

An enterprise-focused training management system called Docebo uses AI. The ability to scale for any team or use case results in sharp design, even more powerful functionality, and flexible scalability. 

To quickly launch your online courses, use the flexible drag-and-drop capabilities of Docebo's sophisticated configuration engine to construct audience-specific pages. Docebo Learn's emphasis on social learning is one of its distinctive features. It has a number of features that promote student collaboration. For instance, you can build learning communities, share resources, and provide and get feedback.

Core Features

  1. Multiple Administrative Tools: Utilize a variety of technologies to make administrative work simpler and ensure efficient platform administration.
  2. Interactive User Interface: Enjoy a user-friendly UI that is appealing and improves the learning process overall.
  3. Real-time Reports: With thorough reporting and analytics, you can learn important things about how students are doing and how well a course is working.
  4. Social Sharing Tools: With the use of social sharing tools, you may encourage interaction and collaboration among students while also facilitating communication.
  5. Testing and Evaluations: To monitor and improve learning results, tests and assessments can be created, managed, and evaluated with ease.

Pricing: Although Docebo has no set pricing tiers, its enterprise pricing is scalable and customizable. You must provide information about your company and speak with one of their sales teams to learn more about the cost. 

12. Google Classroom

For K–12 educators and students, Google Classroom is an all-in-one, secure platform created to enhance learning. It offers resources for improved visibility and teamwork in the classroom. The platform is accessible from any web-enabled device and interfaces with several learning programs from third parties as well as other Google goods, like Google Meet. 

Teachers may tailor, monitor, and measure the learning experiences they design using Google Classroom. The Google Workspace for Education program, which equips your institution with straightforward, secure collaboration capabilities, includes the classroom.

Core Features

  1. Free of Charge: Take advantage of our platform's advantages without paying anything, making high-quality education available to everyone.
  2. Connected to Google: For simple file sharing and collaboration, stay seamlessly connected to the Google ecosystem.
  3. Cross-platform Accessibility: Access your learning materials and courses from any device thanks to cross-platform accessibility, offering ease and flexibility.
  4. Intelligent User Interface (UI): Our simple and user-friendly layout makes it easy to navigate the site, improving the learning process overall.

Pricing: All schools can use Google Classroom for no cost, and G Suite for Education subscriptions come with access to it.

13. Edmodo LMS

Edmodo: Overview, Features & Pricing - eLearning Industry

One program called Edmodo LMS promises to connect educators, students, parents, and administrators. These academic participants can use the integrated communication tool, which resembles a social media platform, to post and send messages. Teachers are able to develop quizzes, content, and other digital resources. 

Even sharing resources with other teachers is an option. The built-in planner, which syncs with every class, including course material, exams, and more, will be appreciated by students. Real-time access to their children's grades and test results is also available to parents. They can contact their teachers to ensure that students are constantly on the same page.

Core Features

  1. Wide Access to Tools: Discover a wide range of tools that improve learning and enhance your educational experience.
  2. Unlimited Storage:Take advantage of endless storage space for all of your instructional materials and resources.
  3. Schedule Quizzes: Quizzes can be easily planned and scheduled to gauge student progress and comprehension.
  4. Reusability of PPT, & PDFs: PPTs, PDFs, and videos should all be reused. Save time and resources by effectively recycling and repurposing your existing presentations, documents, and videos.

Pricing: Except for the premium package, Edmodo is free. To learn more, speak with the customer service department.

14. Brainshark 

Brainshark is the best course management system that helps organizations make the most out of their employees' capabilities. It comes with a user-friendly interface and smart features, and Brainshark eases the process of training, onboarding, and skill development. 

From engaging courses to course interactions to managing certification that offers deep insights into learners' performance, this software application provides a one-stop solution for organisations to brush up on employee knowledge and productivity. Scalability and flexibility are two facets that make this course management software unique from others. 

Core Features

  1. Easy Course Creation: Course creation is simple and may be tailored to your specific educational objectives.
  2. Customization: Customize the platform to meet your unique demands to create a unique and interesting learning environment.
  3. Certificate Management: Successfully administer and hand out certificates to acknowledge student accomplishments.
  4. Grading Activity: In order to properly track progress, evaluate and grade student activities and assignments.
  5. Gamification: Adding gamified aspects will increase engagement and make learning more fun and engaging.

Pricing: Contact its sales team to get a detailed quote.

15. Sana EasyGenerator 

Create Courses Online | #1 E-learning Software Platform

Easygenerator is a multi-award-winning course management system that streamlines and expedites the learning process within your company—serving more than 50,000 people throughout more than 150 nations across the globe. 

Thanks to their cloud-based technology, subject matter experts can share their knowledge through interactive e-learning content. Thanks to a user-friendly design, individualized support, and our new AI helper, they make it simple for anyone to develop interesting online resources and courses. 

Core Features

  1. Ease of Use: Take advantage of a platform that makes teaching and learning simple and natural.
  2. Drag and drop capabilities: Our drag-and-drop tool makes it simple to edit and arrange material, improving user experience.
  3. Devoted Customer Support: Count on our helpful customer service team to help you anytime you need it.
  4. Cost-Effective: Take advantage of a cost-effective solution without sacrificing features or quality.

Pricing: Free version is available; monthly paid plans start from $82.

According to a 2015 Capterra poll, 27% of respondents are dissatisfied with their existing course management system, however, they wind up spending 59% more than anticipated. Therefore, it's crucial to spend enough time weighing your options and choosing the one that offers the best return on investment.

What you desire and what you can afford are in an exciting tug-of-war in the realm of course management systems (CMS). However, there are certain aspects you need to consider before making an informed decision. 

Which Training Management System Should I Choose? 

In the world of learning management systems, there are countless options available in the market; all you need to find the perfect fit for your diverse requirements. As you come across the various options, ensure that the ideal training management system aligns with your goals, scales with your development, and empowers your employees to excel. 

It is the one that effortlessly fits into your routine and makes training simple. Hence, consider various factors when selecting the perfect course management software. 

Imagine a future where a training program is powerful, effective, and interactive. Whether running a small business, a large organization, or own an educational institution, the right choice can change how your team learns and performs. 

All set to take the next step? Contact us now, and envisage how your team's success begins with the right training and system. 

Shreya Vaidya
Content Marketing Associate
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