Payment Status Update

To ensure that clients receive what they've paid for without unnecessary delays or complications. A new update in the Payments panel will now allow Admins to resolve discrepancies in payment status. If a transaction fails but payment debits, admins can update the status from 'initiated' to 'success' using the payment ID. This new update helps you resolve issues where users were debited but still cannot access their courses on the platform. The system automatically enrols users upon status change, aligning payment records with access granted. This update acts as a safety net for both the business and its customers. It ensures that if there's a glitch or hiccup during a transaction, the admins have the capability to intervene, rectify the situation, and grant immediate access to the purchased service or product.

Public Assessment Link Meta Information

Catering to the need for better presentation of content to students, our new update will allow admins to customise and preview Public Assessment Links with titles, descriptions, and images. This update ensures that when shared on social media platforms, the link appears correctly, providing a clear preview to potential users. It gives the ability to craft an engaging trailer for an upcoming assessment. By allowing customization, this update ensures that the assessment link represents its content accurately, boosting engagement and interest.

Audio Embedding in Essay Questions

To cater to the diverse content types required by trainers for assessing students across various domains, the essay question editor now supports embedding audio files. This enhancement is particularly advantageous for assessments involving listening comprehension, functioning similarly to attaching a voice memo to an email. With this update, admins can seamlessly integrate audio components into essay questions, introducing an additional dimension to assessments and facilitating a more comprehensive evaluation method that accommodates various testing styles. This enriching feature significantly enhances the assessment experience, rendering it more dynamic and inclusive for learners from diverse niches.

Essay Response Formatting

We've also implemented an update that will help improve the accuracy of Essay responses for corrections. Previously, admin views of student responses lacked the ability to maintain formatting, including line breaks and paragraphs. Now, with this update, admins and reviewers can accurately view student submissions just as they were submitted, preserving formatting like line breaks and paragraphs. The reviewer also has the option to upload the annotated file as feedback to the essay. This enhancement significantly streamlines the assessment process, enabling admins to review student responses accurately while respecting the intended format. It ensures a clearer and more precise evaluation of student work, ultimately enhancing assessment efficiency.

Enhanced Rich Text Editor with Improved Functionality

EdisonOS has introduced an upgraded Rich Text Editor (RTE) across the platform's curriculum section. This advanced RTE offers enhanced formatting options, ensuring a smoother and more user-friendly content creation experience. The updated editor boasts improved stability and compatibility across devices and browsers, promising an overall enhanced user experience. Additionally, the RTE now supports the addition of a Code Block, enabling users to accurately represent coding languages like JSON, Python, and Java. Moreover, users can include tagged URLs with supporting text, allowing them to create hyperlinks within the content, re-directing readers to specific URLs when clicked. These refinements aim to significantly improve the overall user experience within the curriculum's text editor.

Refund Status Update in Payments Panel

Admins can now manage refunds more efficiently. EdisonOS has introduced an additional feature that allows changing the status from 'Success' to 'Refund.' This feature aids in auditing refund processes. Admins can initiate a refund status update, which won't automatically refund a transaction but enables proper tracking and accounting by confirming offline refund processes.

Product Additions Feature for Enhanced Promotions Management

While promotions can no longer be edited once created on EdisonOS, a new functionality enables the addition of more products to existing product-based promotions. This feature avoids creating new promotions for every product and facilitates the adjustment of existing ones, contributing to a more seamless promotions management in sales campaigns.

Bug Fix for Session Ratings

A bug related to session ratings was resolved. Previously, users could give multiple ratings to the same session, but the fix now restricts users from giving duplicate ratings for a session or course.

Enhanced Assessment Summary View

EdisonOS has improved the overall summary view in assessments, especially focusing on providing a detailed user response summary. This update introduces a tabular view within the assessment summary, displaying a comprehensive breakdown of the user's performance on each question. It allows admins to swiftly understand correct and incorrect responses, question difficulty, tags, review statuses, and more at a glance. This feature streamlines the assessment analysis process, offering a comprehensive view for administrators and instructors. Additionally, this enhancement will now be included in the PDF export functionality, providing complete insights into the user's assessment performance.

Pooja Gajraj
Customer Success Manager
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