Assessments play a crucial role in online education, serving as a tool for educators to gauge a learner's progress in any given subject. They enable learners to identify their strengths and weaknesses, helping them to focus on areas that require improvement and refine their overall learning experience. Through assessments, educators can provide tailored guidance and support, enhancing the learning journey of every student. As a result, assessments offer an invaluable opportunity for learners to continually improve and excel in their studies.

Streamlining Online Assessment

1. Admin-configured assessment resuming:

Assessments play a crucial role in familiarising learners with the actual test environment or evaluating their progress on the learning journey. With EdisonOS, administrators have full control over the assessment configurations for their learners. For example, an admin may require learners to complete the entire assessment before leaving a mock test, or they may allow learners to exit an assessment and resume it later at their convenience.

In cases where admins allow assessment resuming, learners can save and leave an assessment in progress and return to it at any time. Conversely, if admins have not configured the assessment to resume, learners must finish the assessment in one sitting and will not be able to resume it once they exit. This setting is entirely at the discretion of the admin.

By providing admins with the option to enable or disable assessment resuming, EdisonOS empowers them to tailor the assessment experience to the needs of their learners. Whether learners need the flexibility to take breaks during an assessment or must complete it in one sitting, EdisonOS offers the necessary tools to ensure a successful learning outcome.

2. Admin interruption:

Assessments are a critical component of measuring a learner's understanding of a subject and can help them improve throughout the course material. However, admins should always have the flexibility and control to navigate the learner's experience better.

For instance, a learner may accidentally exit their assessment while attempting and may not resume their assessment or the admin may notice discrepancies in a learner's assessment and want to terminate their session. In such cases, EdisonOS allows the admin to interrupt an ongoing session and generate a session summary. Once the admin ends the ongoing session, the learner will no longer be able to attempt it.

The ability for admins to interrupt an ongoing session is a valuable feature that empowers them to take control of the assessment experience. By generating a session summary, admins can gain valuable insights into the learner's progress and tailor their learning experience accordingly.

4. Public assessments:

As an educator, you may wish to create assessments that are freely available to the public or to your students and others without requiring enrollment. In these scenarios, EdisonOS offers a useful feature that allows you to make your assessment public, which generates a unique URL that you can share with your learners, their peers, or even on your social media channels. This makes it easy for anyone to access and take the assessment, and also helps you to increase your visibility as an educator.

5. Security enhancements and user session logs on assessments:

Security is a critical aspect of any assessment, and it is essential to protect the integrity of the assessment process. In order to ensure this, EdisonOS has implemented several security enhancements for assessments. One of these enhancements is the warning prompt that appears when a user tries to apply the browser back button, close the browser or tab, or shift to another tab while the assessment is still ongoing. This warning prevents learners from accidentally exiting the assessment or losing their progress, ensuring that they are focused on the assessment.

In addition to this, EdisonOS provides a comprehensive logging system that keeps track of user activities during assessments. This includes recording when an overall test session has been started and ended, as well as when individual sections have been started and ended. This information is logged to ensure that users complete the assessment within the allotted time frame and to keep track of their progress.

Moreover, the system also logs when a user exits the test and resumes back to it, as well as when they try to close or refresh the browser or tab. This logging system is critical in ensuring the integrity of the assessment, as it helps administrators to monitor user activity during the assessment and helps maintain the accuracy of the assessment results.

To make it even easier for administrators to investigate assessment processes from the user's perspective, EdisonOS provides an intuitive display of user activity timelines. This display shows the activities that a user engaged in during the assessment and enhances the quality of assessment investigation.

EdisonOS provides a secure and safe environment for assessments, and also ensures that learners can focus on the assessment without any distractions or interruptions.

6. Enhancements to text editor for assessment question creation:

The assessment question creation process can often involve the use of images, which can sometimes be a cumbersome process. With EdisonOS, we have improved the text editor to allow for seamless uploading of images directly into the question creation interface. with an undo-redo option, which can help in the event of any mistakes or changes that need to be made during the question creation process. This makes the process of creating assessment questions smoother and more efficient.

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