EdisonOS is constantly striving to provide its users with an exceptional platform experience, and we're excited to share some of the latest updates that have been implemented in June. These updates are aimed at enriching your experience and providing a more holistic solution to your needs. We've made important upgrades and releases to our platform that are designed to make your experience even better. Explore, below, our platform feature enhancements and upgrades.

Blog feature upgrades

1. Blog Search

As an educator, providing additional resources to facilitate comprehensive learning or leveraging blogs for marketing and promotional purposes in order to reach a wider audience is crucial for success. However, as the number of blogs increases, it can become challenging for learners to locate specific blogs they want to refer to.At EdisonOS, we recognize this challenge and have introduced an enhanced blog search feature, empowering learners to effortlessly search and access the blogs they need. Our intuitive search option enables learners to quickly locate specific blogs based on keywords or topics of interest. By simply typing in their search query, learners can find the desired blog and access the valuable content they seek.

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2. Blog reactions and comments via Disqus

One of the invaluable features offered by the EdisonOS platform is its powerful blogging capability. If you aim to enhance your site's search engine optimization (SEO) and attract more visitors, maintaining a consistent blogging schedule and incorporating relevant keywords are essential.Once your blog is up and running, enabling comments and encouraging reader reactions play a pivotal role. This not only cultivates a sense of community but also allows you to actively engage with your readers and provide timely responses.To facilitate seamless interaction and create a vibrant community, EdisonOS has integrated Disqus comments as a third-party service provider. By configuring and enabling Disqus comments, administrators empower users to leave comments and express their thoughts, fostering lively discussions and encouraging peer-to-peer interaction. The integration ensures that readers have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback, exchange ideas with their peers, and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding your blog posts.

3. Blog Share

Crafting insightful and engaging blogs is essential for capturing the attention of your audience. However, the true power of blogs lies in their ability to be shared with others.EdisonOS recognizes the importance of sharing valuable content, and that's why we have introduced a new share option directly within the platform. With this feature, learners can effortlessly share your impactful blogs with others, amplifying their reach and generating more engagement. By enabling easy sharing, EdisonOS empowers your learners to become advocates of your content. They can now seamlessly share the blogs they find valuable, informative, or inspiring with their network of peers, colleagues, and friends. This not only enhances the visibility of your blogs but also increases the likelihood of reaching a wider audience of prospective learners.

Assessment enhancements

1. Bulk Question Upload in Assessments

Creating comprehensive assessments that accurately simulate test experiences is a vital task for every educator. However, the process of building assessments can often be time-consuming. In the past, EdisonOS let you create one question at a time, leading to inefficiencies. But now, we have introduced a more convenient solution.Introducing EdisonOS's bulk question upload feature! With this new enhancement, educators can easily upload multiple questions for their assessments, eliminating the need to create them individually. Instead of the tedious task of creating one question at a time, you can now upload a batch of questions all at once. Simply prepare the questions in an Excel file, follow the provided format, and effortlessly upload them to your assessment. This time-saving feature significantly enhances the efficiency of the assessment building process.

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2. Scaled Score in Assessment Summary (for assessment type SAT)

As a dedicated SAT tutor, you understand the significance of the scaled scoring system in SAT assessments. With the shift to digital SAT tests, it becomes crucial for learners to familiarize themselves with the scaled scoring methodology to assess their performance. Recognizing this need, EdisonOS has revolutionized its assessment platform by incorporating the scaled scoring algorithm specifically designed for SAT assessments.Previously, our platform evaluated assessments solely based on raw scores. However, we have now implemented the scaled scoring logic, simulating the SAT test environment. This innovative algorithm takes into account multiple factors, including adaptive logic, learner's test attempt data and test difficulty, to generate scaled scores for each individual learner.By integrating the scaled scoring algorithm into EdisonOS, we empower learners to gain valuable insights into their performance.

Note: The scaled scoring logic/ algorithm is only applicable to SAT assessments and not for generic testing.

Disclaimer: The scaled score provided here is a simulated calculation based on our algorithm for practice purposes only. The actual scaled score in the official exam may differ due to various factors, including the specific scoring methodology used by the test provider. The simulated score is meant to estimate your performance in a practice scenario and should not be considered an official or definitive score. For accurate and official results, please look at the scoring guidelines provided by the official test administration.

Looking to learn more about EdisonOS? Be sure to explore the comprehensive Knowledge Base, where you can find all the information you need on the platform. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates, new developments and upgrades coming your way next month.

Hazel Ricky
Content Marketing Associate
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