EdisonOS is constantly striving to provide its users with an exceptional platform experience, and we're excited to share some of the latest updates that have been implemented in September. These updates are aimed at enriching your experience and providing a more holistic solution to your needs. We've made important upgrades and releases to our platform that are designed to make your experience even better. Explore, below, our platform feature enhancements and upgrades.

Platform feature upgrades

1. Broadcast Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful educational experience. At EdisonOS, we recognize the importance of keeping your learners informed and engaged. To facilitate this, we are thrilled to introduce our new Broadcast Feature, allowing you to effortlessly communicate with enrolled users via email.

With this powerful tool, you can now stay connected with your learners right from the platform. Whether you want to share crucial course updates, inform them about upcoming events, deliver special announcements, or provide essential schedule details, our Broadcast Feature simplifies the entire process.

No more navigating external email platforms or dealing with complex communication channels. You can now send important messages directly to your learners' email inboxes, ensuring that they are always up-to-date with the latest news and information.

2. EdisonOS Android and iOS App Updates

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to the EdisonOS Android and iOS apps, aimed at elevating your teaching experience. Our commitment to delivering a seamless and user-friendly mobile experience remains unwavering.

With these updates, we have enhanced the performance and functionality of our mobile apps, ensuring that educators and learners can access their courses, materials, and sessions with greater ease and efficiency.

Classroom enhancements

1. Reschedule Sessions that have not been Conducted

In the dynamic world of online education, flexibility is key to ensuring the smooth delivery of sessions. We understand that sometimes, unforeseen circumstances may lead to session cancellations. As an instructor, you need the ability to adapt and reschedule sessions to accommodate such situations.

EdisonOS now offers you the power of flexibility by allowing session rescheduling for those that haven't been conducted within 24 hours from the scheduled end time. This means that you have a convenient 24-hour window to make adjustments and find a suitable alternative time slot for your learners.

No longer do you need to worry about the occasional hiccup in your schedule. With this feature, you can effortlessly reschedule sessions, ensuring that your learners receive the quality education they deserve, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

2. Submission Deadlines

As an educator, maintaining control over assignments is essential to ensure a structured learning experience. EdisonOS is committed to providing you with the tools you need to effectively manage assignments, and we are excited to introduce our latest feature – Submission Deadlines within submission blocks inside classroom curriculum.

Now, when you create assignments for your students, you have the option to set specific submission deadlines. This feature empowers you to define a clear timeframe within which students must complete and submit their assignments.

Submission deadlines not only help you maintain course structure but also encourage students to stay on track with their learning journey. By setting deadlines, you can align assignments with your curriculum schedule and create a more organised and efficient educational experience.

3. Edit Conducted Session Details

As an instructor, you may encounter situations where a live session's content doesn't align with the initial agenda. Whether you find yourself delving into a different topic, revisiting a previous lesson, or addressing learner queries, it's essential to accurately reflect these changes in your session records.

With EdisonOS, we give you the power to maintain precise session records by introducing the option to edit conducted session details. This feature allows you to modify the session's name and description, ensuring that your records accurately capture the content covered during the session.

Now, you can effortlessly align your session records with the actual content delivered, providing transparency and clarity for both you and your learners.

4. Define Allowed File Types for Submissions

Assignment submissions are a vital component of every course, serving as a means to evaluate learner comprehension. Earlier learners had no specific format of file submissions. However, different assignments may require different types of submissions to effectively assess various aspects of understanding. With EdisonOS, you have the flexibility to define which file types are allowed for submission. They could be audio files, video files, PDFs, images or Zip files. This feature enables you to gauge learner comprehension in a more precise manner.

5. Control Recording Access in Your Classroom

While recording sessions is a valuable tool for both learners and instructors, there may be instances where you want to exercise greater control over who can gain access to the session recording. With EdisonOS, you now have the ability to restrict live session recording access for users enrolled in a specific classroom.

This feature allows you to make strategic decisions about providing recording access permissions. You can choose to restrict all users from gaining access to recordings, ensuring that sessions remain confidential or exclusive. Alternatively, you can selectively grant access to recordings to specific users, giving you the flexibility to tailor permissions according to your classroom's unique needs.

Assessment upgrades

1. Enabled Scaled Score logic for new assessment type PSAT

As a dedicated PSAT tutor, you understand the significance of the scaled scoring system in PSAT assessments. With the shift to digital PSAT tests, it becomes crucial for learners to familiarise themselves with the scaled scoring methodology to assess their performance. Recognizing this need, EdisonOS has revolutionised its assessment platform by incorporating the scaled scoring algorithm specifically designed for PSAT assessments where, we have implemented the scaled scoring logic, simulating the PSAT test environment. This innovative algorithm takes into account multiple factors, including adaptive logic, learner's test attempt data and test difficulty, to generate scaled scores for each individual learner. By integrating the scaled scoring algorithm into EdisonOS, we empower learners to gain valuable insights into their performance.

2. Download User Session Summaries

Evaluating your learners' performance through assessments is a pivotal aspect of effective teaching. At EdisonOS, we understand that supporting your learners in their educational journey goes beyond administering assessments. That's why we've introduced an invaluable feature that allows you to download session summaries for each user's assessment.

This feature empowers you as an instructor to provide your learners with a comprehensive analysis of their performance. By downloading session summaries, you can offer valuable insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. These summaries offer a detailed overview of each user's assessment journey, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of their progress.

3. Monthly Assessment Count Table

In our ongoing effort to provide administrators with an overview of platform activity, EdisonOS has introduced a new feature on the admin dashboard. This valuable addition is a table that displays the total number of assessments attempted each month.

This table serves as a powerful tool for administrators, offering a clear and organised overview of assessment activity over time. By presenting monthly assessment counts, you can facilitate better management of learner progress and platform performance.

4. Assessment Tag Analysis

Assessing learner performance is a multifaceted process, and EdisonOS is committed to providing you with the tools you need for comprehensive analysis. We are excited to introduce our latest feature: Tag Analysis in the assessment summary under the section view.

Tag Analysis allows you to delve deeper into your learners' performance where you can scrutinise the total number of questions skipped, answered correctly or incorrectly, all categorised by tags, in order to understand the learner’s area of strengths and weakness.

Bug fixes and improvements

Bug fixes and platform improvisations have been implemented to enhance your experience across the platform.

Looking to learn more about EdisonOS? Be sure to explore the comprehensive Knowledge Base, where you can find all the information you need on the platform. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates, new developments and upgrades coming your way next month.

Hazel Ricky
Content Marketing Associate
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