Khan sir, a teacher hailing from Patna, is a true guide for his students. He prefers to teach them and in the regional languages wherever necessary. Khan runs an online YouTube channel to teach students. While he speaks in Hindi, the teacher does not shy away in using his unique desi style. Just imagine how convenient it would be if someone could teach you the most difficult languages in your mother tongue, making it really simple to understand. Indian Police Service officer, Arun Bothra recently shared a video from one of Khan sir’s online classes, where he can be seen teaching about airplane landings and how crashes occur. Talking about Precision Approach Path Indicator or PAPI, Khan sir uses words like ‘Ek tho’ and ‘thok denge’.

The IPS officer shared the video clip with the caption, “I would have topped the UPSC If I had a teacher like him”. That video is trending now with more than 3 Lakh views and has gathered 20 thousand likes within a day. A user wrote, “Actually, the new education system should think about this. Local language should be the mode of education. How easily we will learn more.” Khan sir is happy about the change he brings & how he makes learning a fun thing.

Hazel Ricky
Content Marketing Associate
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