Online teaching and learning both haven’t been natural to mankind. Online learning platforms of education became a necessity in the last decade or so when the teachers and students wanted to cut through 3 key constraints. More than 93% of the students leave the online course mid-way and never complete it.

The three key constraints are:

  1. Geographic constraints: How can I teach or learn from someone who isn’t near me?
  2. Time constraints: How can I teach or learn from someone who isn’t available when I am?
  3. Space constraints: How can I teach or learn from someone who doesn’t have enough space to conduct or take classes.

Industrial era teaching had been focusing on delivery of content; Be it in-person or online training. Up until 2019, physical teaching (in-person) has evolved to include the importance of context over content. However, e-learning platforms continue to follow the old method of teaching, wherein the focus is on giving away as much information as the teacher can. This has resulted in the following issues for online learners:

  1. Ineffectiveness: Learners feel the lack of engagement beyond a point in online learning due to the monotonous nature of content delivery.
  2. Lose interest/ Difficult to retain interest: Learners tend to de-commit from the subject due to bland online teaching methods.
  3. Find Alternatives: Learners who are highly committed find alternatives in the form of physical training if they can’t make sense out of the online training.

The key question in this context is “Why is the online delivery of content not successful in engaging learners?”

There are two key reasons for this:

  1. The trainer isn’t engaging well enough in their way of content delivery
  2. The tools used to deliver the teaching are not allowing the trainer or teacher to work to the best of their potential.

For the educators who are at the top of their game, reason 1 does not hold true, especially when they are teaching in person.  For these folks, the 2nd reason is the culprit for their online teaching. Their online audience base isn’t able to acquire a similar level of engagement from them, and thereby the learning process is hampered.

Most online course platforms are focusing on content delivery in one or multiple formats. This ends up becoming a monologue from the teacher to the students. The educators who are masters in their subject tend to use accelerated learning to engage thousands of students sitting in a room. This can’t be replicated over an online channel of teaching.

The solution to the problem of not being able to engage with students effectively online is having accelerated learning tools embedded within the online teaching platforms. There are 3 key aspects of accelerated learning enabled online tools which are completely missing from the current day online teaching platform:

In absence of these tools, the educators end up creating tons of videos, webinars and end up throwing a bucket load of information to their learners. Learners get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the information that comes their way when they sign up with the teacher online. In the state of being overwhelmed the teacher-student relationship doesn’t get established effectively. The learner ends up complaining that how they could not learn effectively and how the money paid for the program was a waste. This feedback from the learners averages out even an A+ teacher on-stage into just another online teacher.

How to stand out from the rest, how to deliver a class apart learning experience to your students and how to engage with the learners in an online session so that they are open to looking at your next courses, all of this can be driven by simple and effective accelerated online learning techniques embedded in the platform.

So if you haven’t asked your online training platform provider yet about the accelerated learning features – ask them for it today. If they can’t deliver the value of accelerated learning to you in less than 5 days, do have a look at Edisonlms.

Deepak Murugaian
CEO & Founder
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