Education and corporate training are evolving faster than ever, and a better learning management system can help organizations keep pace. Creating online courses, giving corporate training, and educating your employees and customers seems daunting, but the right learning platform makes it easy. 

Learning management systems are rapidly increasing in popularity, with the worldwide LMS market anticipated to be worth $22.4 billion by 2023. Online learning methods and approaches continue to evolve year after year. There are abundant learning platforms available in the market with adequate tools and features to quench those needs and achieve desirable learning objectives. If you belong to the edtech fraternity and are using learning platforms, you may have heard of LearnWorlds. 

Yes, LearnWorlds is a popular course creation suite that helps edupreneurs to create online courses. The platform comes with many marketing techniques and a user-friendly interface, allowing you to create, promote, and sell courses without strong technical skills. 

Indeed, LearnWorlds is the best course creation tool for facilitating interactive course design, marketing, and sales. However, some limitations compel organizations to look into LearnWorlds alternatives. This blog focuses on helping educators decide which is the best platform for their needs. 

Before diving into the LearnWorlds alternatives list, let's first understand what it is, its key features, and much more. 

An Overview of LearnWorlds

Came into the picture in 2014, LearnWorlds is a robust learning platform that allows businesses and educators to create, host, and sell online courses as it comes with all the essential tools and ensures an easy learning curve. Its primary objective is to facilitate interactive, engaging, and scalable online training experiences that can be fruitful in the future. LearnWorlds caters to large audiences with a concentration on customization and usability. 

Who Uses LearnWorlds? 

LearnWorlds is one of the best course creation tools, with so many community features and tools that it perfectly fits the criteria of a wide range of users. It's created for everyone, including companies, educational institutions, and entrepreneurs who want to build courses. 

Most entrepreneurs use LearnWorlds to create courses and sell their digital products because the website offers many features and tools that make it extremely easy for them to start an edtech business. 

Pros and Cons of LearnWorlds

All websites, regardless of quality, have benefits and drawbacks. Fortunately, LearnWorlds is not an anomaly; its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. Here is a summary of some of this platform's most significant benefits and drawbacks.


  • One-stop solution for all
  • Marketing Features
  • Customization
  • 30-day free trial 
  • SCORM compliant 
  • Real-time reports and analytics
  • Provides certifications on completion
  • User-friendly course creation process 
  • Community builder 


  • Challenging and overwhelming for beginners
  • Lack of mobile apps 
  • Supports limited payment options

LearnWorlds Review

Capterra is one of the trusted review websites for sharing experiences related to any platform. Let's explore one of the user's experiences with LearnWorlds. She highlights the pros and cons of the platform in detail. She loves the ability to upload more SCORM files and appealing website templates. 

On the contrary, the platform comes with a difficult learning curve. When you have a lot of videos, the video library becomes disorganized because you can't sort them by "newest," "oldest," etc. 

These and other serious factors instigate us to give LearnWorlds a second thought and start looking for alternatives. Let’s see how these alternatives can fill this gap and offer top-notch course-building experiences to users.

Why Should You Look for LearnWorlds Alternatives?

The eLearning sector is growing by leaps and bounds. According to recent figures, the global market will surpass $457.8 billion by 2026. This is huge, in fact, very huge. This immense growth is due to the novel pandemic, which forced educational institutions, companies, and other individuals to switch to online learning. 

Many platforms are available to sell your digital goods, and LearnWorlds is not a name that needs an introduction. It is a learning platform with many appealing features, and due to its versatility, it boasts many users in its cart. But every coin has two sides; just like that, LearnWorlds has some minus points that urge users to switch to other platforms. 

The platform is not suitable for users who are “user interface snobs.” It means that if you look at the image below, you will find that everything is cluttered. 

Another thing is that there are too many customization options.

If you are an online teacher, your main goal is to teach students rather than learn about technicalities around the platform.

That's why some users need help finding it interesting to work within. 

Too much to decide. Too much to modify.

It means that with LearnWorlds, you can even change the size and design of the button, although it's not a required feature. And this is what persuades users to switch to other platforms.

7 Best LearnWorlds Alternatives that Are Better and Well-featured

These are some noteworthy characteristics that you should search for in alternatives to LearnWorlds because they are the essential components that can make or break your online learning environment. We can begin compiling our list of the top alternatives now that you know the crucial information.

As we discussed earlier, too many customization options and steep user interfaces are the downsides of LearnWorlds. So, let's get into the good stuff without any ado and throw some light on those alternatives. 


Are you still hunting for a platform to manage your course creation process to train employees? Then our first LearnWorlds alternative is Edison OS. This LMS software is a powerful and all-around platform allowing you to streamline the online learning process. One of the benefits of Edison OS is that the learning curve is super soothing. Once you register on the platform, you will become a master in no time. 

Edison OS has an intuitive dashboard like other platforms with detailed analytics like content modification options, reports, and subscription-related data. One of the most significant advantages Edison OS has over LearnWorlds is the branded mobile apps that offer device compatibility. 


  • Unlimited students and products in all packages 
  • 14-day free plan available for beginners
  • Users can personalize almost everything, based on their preferences as the platform comes with numerous customization options 
  • Exciting ways to entertain and engage learners
  • In-built payment options with marketing tools 


The platform focuses on course creation and delivery. It may be overkill for simple things such as interactive videos and ebooks. 

Highlight: EdisonOS does what it says. It means if you are an academy or creator looking for a way to get top-notch learning quality, this platform may be your choice. With it, you can upskill the learning experience by giving a more remarkable impression.

Book a demo of EdisonOS to get started with a free trial 

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn allows educators to create as many courses as they want, along with pedagogical autonomy. Educators can engage their learners and track all the activities inside and outside the teaching room. It enables teachers to choose and apply the most effective teaching strategies. Teachers can also utilize hybrid models, in-person instruction, and online learning.

Because Blackboard Learn is designed with tools, data access, marketing apps, and integrations that simplify connecting with other platforms, you can use it with other teaching technologies.

Additionally, the site facilitates student assessment. To engage students and examine them, you can use accessible technologies such as anti-plagiarism software and create quizzes to entertain them. Blackboard Learn establishes a clear learning path for students and teachers to monitor their progress on the app.

Teachers can also use the Blackboard help option to provide their students with individualized support. Blackboard Learn distinguishes itself from LearnWorlds with this feature. Blackboard Learn offers a 30-day free trial that you can try. You can also buy a customized version of Blackboard Learn through the support team.


  • It serves as a total course management system. 
  • Online learning can be managed impressively.
  • Super easy to navigate
  • Integration with Zoom is easy
  • Have multiple modules from different courses 


  • Its user interface could be better, and its integration with other software programs could be smoother.
  • Occasionally, when multiple students log in simultaneously for a shared purpose, such as a test or group project, the system lags or takes too long to load the documents.

Highlight: Blackboard Learn is low-maintenance, modern, easy to use, and learner outcomes-focused. It has hundreds of new SaaS-based features, a network of over 200 partners, and deep, seamless integrations, all built to work reliably alongside your current technologies.


Podia is one of the best alternatives to LearnWorlds, where educators can create courses within the admin dashboard. With Podia's user-friendly interface, you can create a website and landing pages, add digital downloads, and control memberships. Unlike LearnWorlds, Podia offers features that make connecting with your target audience easy, like chatting, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and much more. 

Lack of technical knowledge? Don't worry; one can learn code and build beautiful websites using Podia. On Podia, you have various product creation options for monetizing your content. Additionally, creators can establish a connection with any payment gateway of their choice.

With Podia, you can create quizzes, host videos indefinitely, and make course completion certificates automatically. Similar to LearnWorlds, Podia lets you create courses with various file types, including documents, audio, and video.


  • Instant payout
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Neat and clean user interface 
  • Choose a template and get started with unlimited customization options
  • Dedicated platforms for selling courses and digital downloads
  • Powerful email marketing tools 


  • Lack of white labelling option
  • Not compliant with SCORM
  • Have to pay 8% transaction fees if you opt for a free plan

Highlight: For educators who are unfamiliar with creating digital content and are looking for an easy-to-use tool to get started, Podia is an excellent substitute for LearnWorlds.


Kajabi is a web-based all-in-one platform that helps users create and share knowledge, conduct coaching, and deliver podcasts. Kajabi is a course-hosted platform with many different tools and features. Students or learners can access the course material only through the Kajabi mobile app. This is the significant difference between Kajabi and other eLearning platforms. 

Kajabi is an all-inclusive online education platform. In addition to creating courses, educators can create their own websites using built-in website builders, allow memberships and subscriptions on courses, and ultimately expand their businesses with excellent marketing tools.

You own all of your content when you use Kajabi. All of Kajabi's features are available to users on all plans. Although Kajabi doesn't provide a video-on-demand service, users can still access its mobile app. 


  • 14-day free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Zero transaction fees
  • It's easy to create a website with your branding details with a website builder
  • Email marketing and other powerful features attract people to create courses


  • Might be an expensive affair for novice users
  • It won't help in building the course app; it will be hosted on the Kajabi app
  • Does Not support white label feature 

Highlight: Kajabi is the best option for independent course creators who wish to sell simple courses and products online because of its user-friendly course editor and emphasis on sales and marketing.


Docebo is another powerful learning management platform known for its appealing interface and comprehensive learning capabilities. Docebo boasts a range of sales features such as live sessions, gamification, AI-powered recommendations, multi-language support, content authoring tools, and its extensive capability to deliver exemplary learning experiences through AR and VR concepts. 

Docebo is a highly reputed learning management system among top companies as it comes with a 14-day free trial whereby users can schedule a demo to know its working patterns. In fact, it offers video conferencing tools, third-party integrations and some other set of exclusive features in free trial. 

One of the main differences between LearnWorlds and Docebo is that you can sell more types of digital and physical products. With Docebo, users may access information and skilled teachers without sacrificing the product's superior security, which safeguards each user's personal information. IP blocks, the ability to register domains, and spam and antivirus software are examples.


  • Customer and partner training sessions
  • Simple yet attractive UI
  • Customization capabilities
  • Upload and share materials
  • Supports all kinds of resources including, PDFs, PPT, SCORM, and other media formats


Many users have found that the platform's support team takes a long time to respond. 

Highlight: This solution is excellent not only for educational institutions but also for any company that needs online training or eLearning, such as telecommunications, retail, and financial services.

Mighty Networks

Might Networks is an online course creation and community platform that enables educators to build a community across their course content. Mighty Networks was launched in 2017 to bring necessary improvements in online learning. Today, the company has around 50+ employees and is located in California.

This learning platform allows course creators to sell and deliver content online, from website builders to live classes, course bundles, affiliate programs, and other excellent features. Mighty Networks is a simple course development tool that assists users in producing web content. 

Platform features include a course and site builder, drip scheduling, live lessons, student forums, a sales tracker, and important interfaces with Shopify, Zapier, and Zoom. The student discussion tool is its best feature. Nevertheless, Mighty Networks needs several common features in competing products, such as assignments, vouchers, and quizzes.

The most popular package offered by Mighty Networks is $98 per month. Mighty Networks is competing with LearnWorlds and Thinkific in terms of pricing. At this pricing range, they offer a significantly greater feature set.


  • Cross-platform compatibility enables course creators to build a community website with paid options that can be accessible anywhere. 
  • Reliability
  • Customer service is prompt.
  • Full control
  • Strong built-in community


  • Lack of eCommerce integration can only sell courses.
  • Also, the absence of certain tools to manage incentives

Highlight: Mighty Networks offers a far more community-focused method to accomplish the same objective. With Mighty Networks, your courses are shielded from weak paywalls and given a platform to flourish while generating revenue.


Teachery is unique in that it doesn't attempt to withhold certain features to distinguish between its payment plans, and you won't have to worry about paying any transaction fees either.

Teachery is an essential online course platform that caters to business owners who want to do nothing more than develop online courses. It has all the capabilities needed to expand an online course business. In terms of courses, Teachery places a strong emphasis on minimalism, offering just the essentials to get your course up and running quickly.

It provides you with all the features and tools you need to launch your first online course quickly. Technical expertise is not optional to create and market courses on Teachery. It is an intuitive product with a visually appealing interface that makes it simple to drag and drop elements to create an online course.

Additionally, it provides your students with an equally amazing experience and lets them learn in a comfortable, distraction-free environment. Although Teachery is still a work in progress and has many fantastic features, its primary target market is novice and intermediate course developers who do not need sophisticated features.


  • This platform does not charge you transaction fees
  • Attractive user interface
  • One of the greatest user onboarding procedures in this sector is offered by Teachery. Teachery helps you quickly create a course, even if you have never created one. It guides you through every step of the process. 
  • Affordable pricing plans and zero transaction fees make the platform even better. 
  • Get templates according to the types of pages
  • Excellent customer support


  • This is the ideal platform for novice users, not for advanced or pro users. 
  • Lack of content hosting features
  • No quizzes and certifications 

Highlight: Teachery can be a great option if this is your first time creating a course, you're on a tight budget, or you don't need sophisticated automation or email marketing. At a fairly appealing price, it provides all the features required for creating and marketing courses.

But Teachery might not live up to your expectations if you're an experienced course creator trying to grow your business, have a big student body, or require sophisticated features like automation, integrations, and analytics.

FAQs on LearnWorlds Alternatives 

What type of platform is LearnWorlds? 

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one platform that users can use to create and sell online courses. It has all the necessary features and tools to run an online business. 

What are some of the best LearnWorlds alternatives available? 

Plenty of options are available in the market to create and host online products. Some popular options include Edison OS, Teachable, Blackboard Learn, Podia, and Teachery. However, every platform has its pros and cons. However, these options are worth trying because they offer various tools and benefits that help educators streamline online courses. 

What aspects should I take into account when selecting a platform?

It would help if you considered various aspects when selecting the best platform for your requirements, including cost, features and benefits, usability, accessibility to customer service, and service integrations. To help you decide, check out the platform's reviews and performance history.

Is it crucial for online courses to have a mobile-friendly user interface?

Of course! Platforms such as Edison OS, which provide a smooth mobile experience, can significantly increase user satisfaction and engagement since many users access courses on their smartphones.

Opt for the Best LearnWorlds Alternative for Your Business

Basically, interactive and collaborative learning strategies facilitate better, more enjoyable, and more productive learning for both executives and students. Businesses benefit from having their staff members upskilled or made familiar with critical business procedures and roles.

The top learning management systems available are listed above, so choosing one should be easy. It's critical to understand your company's requirements and select the best fit.

Choosing the right platform for your online business seems a challenging task. LearnWorlds is a popular option that many creators use to launch their online courses, but the platform needs certain features. Luckily, there are several more cost-effective options that you can consider to fulfill all your course creation needs. 

Edison OS is your go-to option if you are looking for an all-in-one course creation and delivery platform for selling digital products without breaking the bank. Indeed, each platform has its benefits; Edison OS stands out for those seeking a seamless interface with modern features. 

Edison OS focuses on fostering a unified experience, comes with white-label branding options and real-time analytics, and stands as the finest option for creating a course. 


Ready to start with EdisonOS?

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Content Marketing Associate
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