As the College Board shifts to a digital SAT format by 2024, students must begin preparing now to maximize their chances of taking this exam. In this blog post, we will share tips and resources on how best to utilize practice tests when preparing for the Digital SAT through utilizing a mock test. All these strategies are designed to help you get your highest possible score come test day!

No matter if you’re about to take the Digital SAT for the first time or looking at improving upon an existing score, following our guide should provide key insights into helping you master passing this new form of testing. We’ll go over vital elements such as effective study methods along with valuable advice which can be used using multiple practice tests available via online sources like simulated digital sat exams so candidates gain the confidence they need before stepping up onto Test Day!

Key Takeaways

  • Master the digital SAT with 18 practice tests, official College Board resources, and Khan Academy’s free course.
  • Utilize strategies such as creating a realistic testing environment and managing timing/pacing to make the most of your practice sessions.
  • Prepare for test day by utilizing last-minute practice tests alongside mental & physical preparation techniques.

Mastering the Digital SAT: Practice Test Resources

A student studying for the digital SAT using practice tests

To get a great score on the digital SAT, it’s essential to gain familiarity with its new format and use an abundance of available practice tests. These resources are invaluable in building your skills while letting you pinpoint areas that need more work so you can perfect your test-taking strategies.

On this section, we look at the most extensive sources for practical applications. Ranging from College Board official exams to Khan Academy’s free online guidance regarding Digital SAT prep. Each resource provides unique benefits helping learners excel in their preparations and tackling the Digital Test successfully!


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Official College Board Digital SAT Practice Tests

The College Board, inventors of the SAT exam, have produced digital SAT practice tests that closely follow the structure and content of what would be seen on test day. This allows an opportunity to take a sneak peek at the new digital format while also providing eight free full-length tests that can help improve skills and build confidence for taking it. They offer Digital SAT Sample Questions with Explanations. These are actual questions from their latest edition combined with explanations so students will understand better how to answer them in future exams. Altogether this gives access to valuable resources perfect for preparing fully before facing any upcoming test or examination-related matter!

Khan Academy's Free Digital SAT Prep

Khan Academy, partnered with the College Board, offers a comprehensive digital SAT prep solution that can help students succeed on their exams. This free preparation includes reading materials and tutorials as well as practice questions and test-taking strategies. It also features diagnostic quizzes along with a full-length sample to prepare for it digitally anytime anywhere. The benefits of utilizing Khan Academy’s resources are undeniable: excellent accessibility even while leading busy lives, extensive guidance to get ready for this rigorous challenge successfully, invaluable insights regarding what is required from them during the examination itself, enabling efficient use of study time thus making optimal preparations possible within any schedule constraint. As such they guarantee success in navigating an online SAT!

A screenshot of a digital SAT mock test provided by one of the notable test providers.


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With over 1100+ Question library, Multi-Stagged Adaptive testing, Deep Analytics, and Exact Bluebook Experience, this gives a tutor or a tutoring business owner a 360-degree Digital SAT Training Platform to train their student and provide comprehensive practice tests.

Other Notable Digital SAT Practice Test Providers

For comprehensive preparation, practice tests are invaluable. College Board and Khan Academy offer reliable digital SAT resources such as full-length exams with answer keys that explain scoring directions. Other reputable providers of digital SAT practice material include Ivy Global, Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Barron’s Digital Preview which is accessible on Amazon, Apple Books Google Play, and Barnes & Noble. With these additional options for sat practice tests available at your disposal, you can gain valuable insight into the exam itself allowing better-equipped results in its completion!


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Strategies for Effective Digital SAT Practice

Having identified the top resources for digital SAT practice tests, it’s time to move on to techniques that will maximize your learning opportunities. This part of our discussion looks into creating a realistic exam environment, spotting strengths and weaknesses in skill areas, timing oneself during exams appropriately as well as strategizing overall test-taking strategies.

Being familiar with this format from practicing on these tests can help you sharpen necessary skills while preparing you mentally for official SAT day!

Creating a Realistic Testing Environment

To make the most of your online SAT training, it’s essential to reproduce a realistic test environment. This involves using an application that resembles the digital form of the SAT exam and following each section strictly by time limits while being in a tranquil atmosphere free from distractions. Creating true-to-life conditions during practice sessions will create mental stamina as well as the focus needed for success on testing day. Make sure you remember: The more like reality your preparation is, the better ready you’ll be come exam time!

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Regularly evaluating your progress in digital SAT practice is critical to achieving a top score on the exam. By taking diagnostic tests and practice exams, you can pinpoint which topics or question types should be given special attention during study sessions so that each component of the test day performance is well-prepared for. This targeted approach increases both accuracy and confidence when tackling challenging sections of the exam while striving towards reaching one’s highest potential score through improvement over time.

Timing and Pacing

Mastering the art of timing on digital SATs is a key factor for success. You can enhance this skill by implementing strict time limits in practice exams you take. Adhering to these boundaries, will give you an experience similar to what you encounter during the real test and help with allocating your minutes properly.

As a sample, when doing Math questions while digitally taking SATs it recommended that around 70 seconds should be allocated per each query—putting into use such regulations enables acclimating yourself faster to how fast-paced the assessment is plus guaranteeing completion within no more than the specified timeframe.

Navigating the Digital SAT Format

As you get ready for the digital SAT, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with its format and subtleties. In this segment, we’ll go over the central points of the digital SAT structure including utilizing a scientific calculator in math tests, changes made to reading and writing sections, likewise improved accessibility options accessible to differently-abled students. Having an exhaustive knowledge on these features will help significantly improve your chances of achieving target SAT scores when taking this exam.

Calculator Usage in the Math Section

The digital SAT format allows you to utilize a calculator throughout the entire Math section, unlike its paper counterpart in which usage of calculators was only applicable to certain questions. The test platform also incorporates an embedded graphing calculator that can be used for all Math problems while taking this exam digitally. To maximize your readiness and accuracy when completing this online version of the SAT, it is recommended to use practice sessions with or without your trusty calculator by your side as part of preparation.

Reading and Writing Adjustments

The digital SAT presents different features for both the reading and writing segments. It is suggested that studying this new format and practicing it will give you an advantage on test day. The exam now involves shorter passages in its reading part, allowing one question to be answered per passage while providing a wider array of topics. For the writing portion, all sections have been amalgamated into one section by the digital SAT system tailored accordingly to your performance levels throughout as well.

Accessibility and Accommodations

The College Board provides a digital SAT format with a range of accommodations and accessibility options for students who require assistance. An example would be assistive technology such as ChromeVox, JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, or ZoomText Fusion which makes it possible to utilize the platform in practice tests online. This means even those less comfortable using paper form can also access the sat practice test effectively through this mode if given appropriate accommodation by The College Board guidelines. Any differently-abled test takers must take advantage of these features so they can perform their best during exams held digitally or on paper forms accordingly.


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Supplementing Your Digital SAT Practice

A student studying for the digital SAT using sample questions and video tutorials

For the best outcome on your SAT, supplementing digital practice tests with additional study tools is key. Here’s how to benefit from sample questions and answers, tutorials, and video lessons as well as Test prep help. By integrating these resources into your preparation plan involving digital SAT practice you will be better equipped for success in achieving a high score come exam day.

Utilizing Sample Questions and Explanations

The College Board provides useful resources to aid in familiarizing yourself with the SAT content. To best utilize these sample questions and explanations, it is important to dedicate time to understanding both the types of inquiries encountered on test day as well as why each choice may be correct or incorrect. By going over this material diligently, one will become better equipped to spot areas where more study could prove beneficial before taking an exam.

Exploring Video Tutorials and Lessons

The incorporation of video tutorials into a study routine which includes digital SAT practice can be highly beneficial in aiding understanding and retaining exam content. Platforms such as Khan Academy provide a range of visual resources including demonstrations, explanations for questions, and step-by-step guidance to accompany the digital process. As well as offering an immersive learning experience, this flexible method is designed to fit around hectic timetables without compromising on the quality or level of knowledge gained from it.

Considering Additional SAT Prep Options

Having a thorough understanding of digital SAT practice tests and supplemental resources is essential for successful preparation. To maximize your chances on the exam, it can be beneficial to explore tailored options such as private tutoring or an individual program designed specifically with you in mind. This kind of personalized instruction ensures that all aspects necessary for success are addressed thoroughly.

Ultimately, what works best will depend heavily on personal requirements and objectives, building out a study plan by evaluating needs carefully should make sure no important details are missed when prepping for the Digital SAT!

Preparing for Test Day

When taking the digital SAT, it is essential to be well-prepared for a successful outcome. With this in mind, we have provided some helpful advice and strategies on how to both mentally and physically get ready for test day. You must put forth effort before exam day through adequate practice of your chosen skillset to equip yourself with the confidence needed when tackling such an endeavor as achieving your target score from the Digital SAT. These tips are great preparation aids when planning towards success on Test Day!

Last-Minute Practice Test Strategies

Just before your exam, measuring how much you’ve grown in knowledge and skills by taking a last SAT practice test is incredibly useful. This final simulation will enable you to ascertain if you’re ready for the real deal while also pointing out any areas that still need Work.

It’s essential to keep working on perfecting all aspects until it’s time for the digital SAT to be able to obtain your highest score possible. Consequently, stay focused and show commitment during preparation. This helps guarantee success when facing the challenge of an online version of the SAT!

Mental and Physical Preparation

To achieve your optimal performance on the digital SAT exam, it is vital that you both mentally and physically prepare. These tips can help:

  1. Make sure you get a full 8 hours of rest before test day arrives, this will ensure better concentration during the examination period.
  2. Before heading off for your exams eat a balanced meal so as not to disrupt energy levels or focus while taking them..
  3. Keep hydrated throughout the entire duration. Doing so helps effectively sustain cognitive abilities too!

4 Lastly, engage in light exercise beforehand which increases overall alertness and mental clarity needed to ace one’s tests with ease. By adhering strictly to these pointers, one would be wholly equipped for success come Digital Sat Exam Day!


To reach a great result on the digital SAT, thorough preparation is essential. This includes knowing the format of this exam and becoming familiar with available resources to practice tests that can help hone your skills. Having sound strategies for test prep will provide you confidence in your abilities to get an optimal score.

Overall, it is possible to ace the digital SAT if one makes use of all these elements: understanding what’s involved in taking this exam, making full use of practice exams offered online, deploying effective practices so as not to have any hindrances during the assessment day, by keeping focused and motivated throughout their study efforts success awaits them!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any digital SAT practice tests?

College Board’s BluebookTM test delivery platform provides access to four full-length digital practice tests for the SAT. These adaptive tests can help prepare students by allowing them to do adequate preparation and become more familiar with taking such exams.

Is digital SAT easier than paper SAT?

The SAT offered in digital format is somewhat more straightforward than the paper-based version, since it can modify its difficulty level to match your response.

Where can I find more digital SAT practice tests?

To improve SAT practice and performance, it is recommended to take advantage of the digital resources available such as BluebookTM or Khan Academy for comprehensive online options. Assistive Technology provides more tools that can be utilized in taking additional practice tests.

How can I create a realistic testing environment for my digital SAT practice?

Create a simulated testing environment for your digital SAT practice that accurately reflects the exam format, has strict time constraints, and is free of interruptions and distractions. Utilizing a digital platform or app will ensure an ideal space to hone your skills for this important test.

What accommodations are available for differently-abled students taking the digital SAT?

For the students with disabilities who are taking the digital SAT, specific accommodations are available to make sure they can comfortably complete their exams. These amenities consist of access to screen readers and requesting a paper-based braille test format for them to use instead.

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