Career coaching is expensive, face it.  But the need and desire to reach that ‘Dream’ job is much more important. When you get ready for the change, professional career consultants will help you discover your hidden talents. They make you re-evaluate your current self and direct you to right the path, which you need to tread to reach ‘the’ pedestal.

Let me elaborate. The probable reason that you are reading this blog is because you are looking for job change. Maybe you are searching for a new job; that will reflect your personality (the way you think, feel, organize) so that you will enjoy your work (after all you spend considerable time in your life during work). You want the career consultants to place you in your right job.

Reality check – Consultants don’t land you in the job, but they will prepare you for it.

But if you feel that coaching is too costly(~$100 to $250 per 1-hour session), and you are reconsidering whether you should reach one, why don’t you start doing some homework on your end to understand yourself better? Try to come up with answers to the following questions

  1. List out your strengths & weakness (be honest here)
  2. What is your goal? Where do you want to be in a decade’s time? Will your current job lead you there? If not, which job will
  3. How much (quality) time do you want to spend in your new role?
  4. What are your current accomplishments? What do you think you should accomplish to reach your new “Dream role.”

Answering these questions would help you in understanding where you are and where you want to be. But to cross the gap, you would need to

  1. Research what is happening your interested domain. Understand what is the current trend and try to predict what is going to happen next (think one step ahead) – Test your passion
  2. Start networking!! And do it right!! Get connected with people who are already in that domain. Reach out, talk more and get more information directly from the people who are already “there” – Know your peer group
  3. List out the courses/workshops you might want to take to get your profile ready before you start applying (There are plenty of online providers. You can get trained from home at your own time) – Get yourself ready

Once you feel relatively comfortable with your progress (if you have done it right) and still believe you want that dream job, what are you waiting for? Start applying and be confident.

If you had done your research & networking right, nothing could stop you from getting interview calls. Your resume would be job ready, because of the homework you had done. In no time, you will land in the job, which you had always dreamt about.

But if you still have trouble in finding that ‘right job’ or you feel “It is too much work, I can’t do this on my own,” be ready to loosen up your purse strings and let the professionals coach you. In addition to the checklist, they will help you rediscover yourself. You might recognise your untapped talents, or you can realise where you are lagging behind and start working on them. Well, sometimes it does take another person to help understand oneself better – harsh truth. Professionals will also continually monitor your progress and aid you to stay on the right path. But again, you have to search for Consultants who have experience, specialisation, online presence, etc. to expect better results.

But whether you do it on your own or get a coach, get ready to move out of your comfortable zone and start jogging towards your goal. It might be hard, but its worth it.

Deepak Murugaian
CEO & Founder
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