Being an online tutor or mentor is very challenging, and you need to adopt new ways and techniques for reaching out to more students. In this post, you will learn the top 10 ways to fast forward your online course sales.

1.Show Uniqueness

There are a variety of courses available for sale for every single topic. So why should someone buy your course? If you have answer for this simple question, you are already ahead of other course sellers in your domain expertise.

Take a look at- the Web Developer Bootcamp course in UDEMY.

bootcamp udemy

This course has more than 4 lakh students enrolled in it. What do you think made so many students enroll in this course? Think about the first day of launching this course, from 0 enrolled students it has reached a tremendous mark of 400k+ enrolled students. The creative text used as a unique selling point is so much appealing for others to enroll.

“The only course you need to learn web development : HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and More!”

The same way you should show uniqueness in your course and stand out from other similar courses to yours.

2.Stunning User Experience

The moment a new user lands on your course page, they should feel the worthiness of your course. Irrespective of pricing, make your online course stand out by providing high-value content. Check out user ratings below for the above mentioned UDEMY course.

web developer bootcamp udemy

Think about the result you would like to achieve through your course. Your course landing page should have a clear call to action and should trigger buying sentiment in the minds of learners.

3. Start cross-selling

Cross-selling means offering a new product similar to the one which the buyer is interested in buying as an add-on. Cross-selling does three thing

  1. Increases credibility
  2. Adds value
  3. Increases your revenue

Below is an excellent example from UDEMY.


When I added a business management course to the cart, I got cross-selling offers instantly popped up on my screen. This is an excellent way of increasing your sales volume.

4.Create Referral Programs & Offer Coupons

If you visit the Udemy referral program page, you will be able to see they offer a commission on each sale. Referral programs increase the chances of selling more courses.

Below you can see an example of a referral program from UDEMY.

referral program udemy

You should additionally offer coupons and excite the prospect. Let them know how much they can save with the new discounted price. But what should be your initial pricing? That’s what our tip number 5 is.


5.Right Pricing

Pricing is the most critical step for selling online course faster. You have to find the sweet spot of pricing for your course. Pricing of your course should neither be too high nor be too low. Keeping a high price can severely reduce the sales volume of your online course. Balancing your pricing will come with a lot of research on what pricing your competitors are keeping. So pick a price which is in between too high and too low to get started. For a more in-depth understanding, read our detailed guide for pricing online course.

right pricing

6.Money-Back Guarantee

The best way of creating trust with your buyers is the Money-Back guarantee. It also increases the number of trials on your courses, which results in higher conversion rates and you get more upselling opportunities. You can drastically improve the overall revenue and ROI. Money-back guarantee also increases the uniqueness of your course when compared with other course sellers who don’t offer a money-back guarantee. Udemy also provides a money-back guarantee.

7. Use live chat

If you want to understand your customer and their pain points before a sale of your course, live chat is the better way of communication. Even if you look at the convenience of customer live chat seems a promising solution. Initially, when you are just starting with your online course business, you can chat on behalf of your company. Live chat will also lead to a better understanding of your prospects. As you grow your business, you can hire more live chat agents.

8. Never forget social media

Social media can boost your online course selling business if done right. What I mean by done right in the previous line is the right way of using social media for generating inbound leads. Facebook is the hottest social media channel right now for generating more leads for your business. Make posts on your page, which describes the benefits of your course. You can also create offers for your prospects on your Facebook pages.

social media


Displaying real testimonials on your course landing pages increases trust factors and results in higher chances of sales. You can use a testimonial video instead of text. Testimonial videos should convey how much an enrolled student is satisfied and how your new prospect will get benefited.

Spread out your student’s success testimonials on social media. Below you can see a normal review and featured review images from UDEMY.

10.PPC Ads

Let whatever business you be in, you need to reach out a high volume of the right targeted audience. PPC stands for pay per click. You get charged when someone clicks on your link. Create a landing page to collect leads of your clients. That’s the purpose of PPC ads. You can use Facebook lead ads or Taboola to get started.

Bonus tip for you

You read the title of this blog post, i.e. Top 10 Tips For Selling Online Course Faster but here is tip no 11 for you.

Bonus -Tip no 11About The Instructor Section

Provide clear information about the instructor to generate more buyer intent. Look how UDEMY describes the instructor section on course landing pages. Learners are more interested when they see relevant tutor experience on course landing pages


These steps can potentially fast forward your online course sales. So what do you think about these 11 steps mentioned above? Are you going to use it? Use comment section and let us know your thoughts Image And Reference Source- UDEMY

Deepak Murugaian
CEO & Founder
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