Today, education is gradually entering the phase of active professional development and innovative changes, and one of the significant shifts in the paradigm of online learning. With courses expanding beyond the school's physical walls, technology tools, especially learning management systems, assume emergent significance for educators and students.

Whether you are a teacher who has transitioned from a physical approach to teaching to using new skills through the online platform or a student who has experienced distance learning, then you know that the right application makes this journey easier.

In this extensive article, you will discover 30 applications that can make your online teaching and learning journey more exciting. From simple and easy-to-operate educational apps to complex online learning apps with multiple tools, all of them have specific characteristics aimed at optimizing communication, cooperation, and content sharing in the online education environment. Let’s discover how these new technologies can benefit educators and learners following the new age paradigm of online learning and online learning apps.

What is Online Learning?

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eLearning, also known as online learning, is a mode of delivery and acquisition of knowledge and skills through the use of technology and the Internet. This can involve interactive courses, virtual classes, broadcast courses, recorded webinars, internet-based modules, and more. 

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) shows that distance learning methods have slowly but surely been on the rise in the past years. Nearly 6 million students in the United States alone enrol on at least one distance education course.

Benefits of Online Learning

  1. Own Pace Learning: Flexibility is one of the most significant advantages of online classes because it helps students deal with time-constricting factors such as work or family responsibilities.
  2. Accessibility: This allows the delivery of education materials and courses to people who cannot receive formal education through a class setting because of distance, disability, or any other limitations.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Online courses may be less expensive than conventional campus-based programs, not only in travel and accommodation expenses but sometimes even tuition fees.
  4. Diverse Learning Opportunities: Students are allowed to select from a wide array of subjects and programs offered by various organizations around the globe, allowing them to develop new fields of passion and expertise.
  5. Enhanced Learning Experience: Elements such as 3D, video, animation, and so on enhance the learning process and make it more enjoyable.
  6. Skill Development: Online learning apps also help learners manage their own time, which is an important tool in today’s digital world.
  7. Global Networking: Students can exchange ideas with individuals from different cultures and establish relationships with peers, lecturers, and teachers worldwide.

All these benefits and key features, combined, make online learning one of the preferred and effective models of education in the modern world.

The Importance of Online Classes Apps

Online Learners Report Benefits from Advancing their Careers to Discovering  a Field of Study to Gaining Confidence - Coursera Blog

Online class apps transform virtual teaching practice by incorporating features that facilitate key processes in delivering content in virtual classrooms. Some apps give teachers a single location to plan lessons, share content, set up meetings and communicate with the learners simultaneously. Yes, all you need is a strong internet connection. 

It helps the instructors with burdensome tasks like taking attendance and grading, freeing up time for the instructors to concentrate on teaching the lesson materials and the students instead. Online class apps simplify online learning by offering: 

  1. Group communication through text messages, discussion forums, and video conferencing makes it easy for instructors and students to engage actively in discussions.
  2. Teachers can submit audio and video files of lectures, documents, presentations, and any other material in the form of audio recordings, video, pictures, or written text for the students to access at their own convenience from any location.
  3. Tools such as polls, quizzes, and breakout sessions enrich activities and course materials during online lessons, allowing students to remain connected and actively participate in the course.
  4. Feedback is given as soon as possible after the assignment or assessment, which aids the students in their online learning process because they can identify what they have learnt as well as what they need to know.
  5. Apps are built to run on various devices; this makes the distribution of content equal for all students.
  6. Analytics tools remove barriers to timely and accurate analysis of student trends and behaviors, allowing instructors to apply appropriate instructional strategies and interventions as required.

In general, online class apps enhance teacher training by offering flexible and efficient approaches to teaching online and thus optimizing the value of virtual lessons for educators and learners.

Advantages of Using Online Classes Apps in Education

31+ eLearning Statistics 2024: Facts, Trends, Demographics, And More

Online class apps offer free access and numerous advantages that enhance the educational experience for both educators and students:

  1. These apps enable students to study flexibly and at convenient times since students’ schedules differ from one another, and so does the pace at which they learn.
  2. Students can get the material and attend classes through the Internet, making online learning accessible and flexible.
  3. They enhance accessible communication between teachers and students by incorporating the use of a notification centre, forum, video lessons, and text conversation.
  4. This leads to participation, teamwork, constructive comments, and positive feedback that create a healthy learning climate.
  5. Online class apps support the integration of multimedia resources such as videos, Google Docs, applications for interactive simulations, and digital texts.
  6. This makes the online learning process more effective and easier to understand as it adapts to the styles of the learners.
  7. It also helps to facilitate administrative functions such as taking roles, grading systems, and assignment submissions. This saves more time for the educators so that they can divide their time between teaching and giving each learner personalized attention.
  8. With online class apps, education institutions can expand their network beyond the conventional classroom setup. This helps to foster cultural interaction, multiculturalism, and knowledge dissemination in remote locations as well.
  9. The establishment of online class apps can benefit students and teachers financially. Lower expenditures on tangible property, travel, and paper make for cost-effectiveness.
  10. Most apps also include analytics and reporting features that help monitor students’ performance, level of interaction, and related matters. Educators can use this information to make the right decisions and refine their learning experience.

Altogether, online class apps are significant in the present education system because they facilitate flexibility, interaction, interest, and organizational and other behaviour management systems. They encourage student-centred learning and enhance teachers' ability to teach effectively in modern classrooms.

Top 30 Apps for Online Classes

1. Google Classroom

Over time, Google Classroom has emerged as one of the leading online learning platforms, with over 150 million users worldwide. 

  • It was developed by Google in 2014 and is widely known as an educational tool for effective communication and efficient classroom organization.
  • Developed with teachers and students in mind, Google Classroom is a part of Google Workspace (earlier known as G Suite educational platform) that includes tools for creating, sharing and grading assignments.
  • So, its interface is user-friendly, helping teachers manage classes, distribute the necessary materials, and give feedback in real time, therefore supporting cooperative online learning spaces.

2. EdisonOS

EdisonOS: Create and Sell Online Courses in Your Brand

EdisonOS is an LMS explicitly developed for Universities, tutoring businesses and prominent coaching institutes. It has earned popularity for its simple interface and various online learning-related tools.

  • This includes advanced features like self-paced assessment, large libraries of contents, and tracking student activities and performance.
  • To achieve its purpose, EdisonOS focuses on educational applications and resources to help teachers share creative classes and monitor the results.
  • As one of today's most accessible and innovative learning management systems, EdisonOS remains relevant in helping educators create exciting and effective online classes.

EdisonOS Can Transform Your Online Classes App Teaching Experience 

3. Class Dojo

ClassDojo is an ideal tool for integrating into a classroom. It is a flexible app created to improve classroom management and engagement.

  • They monitor student behaviour in real time during lessons and award points and badges for good behaviour.
  • Through the use of such gamification, students are encouraged to maintain discipline and contribute towards activities in class.
  • ClassDojo’s other functions also allow teachers to quickly relay information to parents through updates on students’ behavior and progress.

4. Kahoot

Kahoot is an online learning game that uses interactive quizzes, surveys, and games to teach students.

  • As of now Kahoot has more than 1 billion students around the globe, this is why it is more popular in classrooms due to its competitive and engaging features. 
  • Teachers can design the tests themselves or select from various games about different topics in the teacher’s arsenal.
  • Due to the use of games, Kahoot triggers enhanced knowledge retention and active learning, which makes it among the tools most preferred by educators who wish to engage their learners.

5. Quizlet

Export Quizlet to Moodle or Canvas

Quizlet is an all-in-one educational app recognised for assembling digital flashcards and educational game databases.

  • It is used by millions of active users worldwide and helps learning by offering flashcards, quizzes, and games with options for customization.
  • It also gathers content created by the users or from other sources across various topics and languages.
  • Its collaborative aspects also enable students and teachers to exchange study materials and participate in group learning, making it useful in both formal and informal settings.

6. Quizizz

LMS Integration and Staff Roster Management for Administrators – Help Center

Quizizz is an online game where students play with other students in their classes by creating and answering fun, user-made quizzes.

  • Currently, Quizizz has over 20 million monthly active users, providing a quiz-based formative assessment and review activity. 
  • Educational quizzes can consist of different questions: multiple choice, true/false, and questions that allow the creation of any response.
  • It entails enlisting students who get to do their courses at their own pace since they respond to questions on their devices and are immediately given the results of their answers.
  • Due to its simplicity and compatibility with learning management systems across various educational institutions, it is an effective tool in supplementing student engagement in quizzes and self-tutorials.

7. Gimkit

Newline Interactive – Americas on LinkedIn: Gimkit - live learning game show

Gimkit is a tool for creating engaging quizzes. Students can set various parameters and activities for each quiz type. As more users join Gimkit, which is already popular with schools all over the world, teachers can create quizzes that focus students' attention on their activity and competition.

  • Students get points and virtual cash (Gimkit cash) for every correct answer they make and can spend this cash to buy enhancements or boosts within the Gimkit game. 
  • This gamified method helps students stay engaged and ensures they review the material multiple times.
  • Unlike other gamified quizzes, Gimkit allows instructors to monitor learners' performance in real time. Analytics are provided to help teachers evaluate the impact of teaching and the effectiveness of teaching approaches.

8. iDoceo

iDoceo: The Perfect Assistant For The Organized Teacher – theNOWteacher

iDoceo is a utility created solely for teachers and contains a planner, diary, schedule, grade book, and resource management system. 

  • All in all, it synchronizes with Google Calendar and iCal, which means that educators' schedules can be well-arranged. The gradebook's functionalities are quite sophisticated, so it enables the tracking of students’ performance in line with different grading systems and generates reports. 
  • iDoceo is easy to use, has rich features, and helps minimize the amount of time educators spend on administrative work related to classes and students.

9. Vivi

The IT Buyer's Guide to Learning Management Systems - Vivi

Vivi is a valuable teaching and online learning tool that can be used in classrooms to mirror a teacher’s or a student’s device display during a lesson. 

  • This mobility allows the teachers to move within the classroom and interact with the students without being restricted to the front of the class. 
  • The students can also highlight content and make comments and inputs on the material in real-time, thus encouraging cooperation and interactivity. 
  • For this reason, ViVi makes a great reference tool in the modern classroom, where it aims to enhance participants' and technology integration.

10. Flip

How to Leverage Flipbooks to Empower Your Learning Management System(LMS)  Education - FlipHTML5

Flip is another free web and mobile app that allows students to capture, edit, and share their video assignments. 

  • This platform allows students to express their ideas verbally, enhancing their speaking abilities and enabling knowledge sharing with other students. 
  • The simplicity of the Flip interface means students can create and share high-quality videos quickly, thus fostering creative outlets and group work opportunities. Teachers can leverage Flip to assign and grade videos and open up new teaching methods that bring more fun and relevance to the class.

11. Remind

Remind | Communication Platform for Education

Remind is an aim and communication app that helps teachers, students, and parents stay connected interactively. 

  • Features such as making quick and enter-group announcements, sending personal messages, and secure and flexible messaging ensure that key information is available at any time. 
  • It allows group and direct message creation and incorporates interactive features for easy organization and solid home-school collaboration.

12. Trello

Manage Your Team's Projects From Anywhere | Trello

Trello is an upgraded to-do list app that can be synchronized with other devices through the cloud. Therefore, it can be used effectively by teachers in their work. 

  • This means that educators can have more than one list of tasks, upload images, and assign several functions to the students, which will help teachers manage the classroom better. 
  • The appearance of workspaces within the Trello interface allows teachers to clearly prioritize or focus on certain tasks and track their progress; all the work assigned will be accomplished on time, improving the efficiency of work in the learning process.

13. BookWidgets

BookWidgets is a versatile tool for generating content and assessing the quality of a teacher’s work with quizzes, video quizzes, worksheets, etc. 

  • It enables teachers to create compelling digital tasks and assignments within Google Classroom. 
  • This allows a teacher to develop online learning materials that will help specific or all students, depending on the situation, making the online learning process fun. 
  • The platform's analytics feature can be beneficial for monitoring and understanding students’ performance and enhancing educational processes.

14. Classcraft


In Classcraft, students create avatars and move around the class to earn points for adhering to certain rules and submitting their homework on time. 

  • This is an entertaining approach to learning that fosters a positive learning environment. It encourages students to show good manners and work hard. 
  • Using Classcraft in teaching makes learning enjoyable and productive by embracing teamwork, motivation and achievement among students. 
  • Besides, the convergence of the platform with curriculums and behaviour management improves its applicability to current education systems.

15. Freckle

Freckle is another learning application that focuses on providing learner-differentiated instruction in mathematics and literacy for K-12 students. 

  • It offers an individualized learning environment for students, focusing on their achievement across multiple subjects. 
  • Adaptive learning enhances students’ achievement by providing an appropriate level of difficulty and support required by each learner within a group. 
  • Its feature set of reporting tools ensures that it can track performance, make research-based instructional choices, and promote academic improvement and success.

16. Prodigy

Why we love the Prodigy Math game for elementary-aged kids - Arts and Bricks

Prodigy is a formative, content-generating, and collaborative online skill practice system that can generate quizzes aligned to curriculum standards for use in the classroom. 

  • Friendly competition keeps the students committed to utilizing their skills to solve different problems for various courses. 
  • Prodigy assigns the correct level of difficulty for questions and thus challenges each learner appropriately. 
  • An extensive assessment is available, which will help educators monitor students' progress and make necessary changes in their strategies and interventions.

17. Evernote

Learn about the Evernote for Windows app – Evernote Help & Learning

Evernote is a multi-purpose note tool that allows students to create separate notebooks for different subjects, classes, or meetings. 

  • It allows for creating text notes, images, voice memos, and links, making it a versatile knowledge acquisition and organization tool. 
  • With cloud synchronization, students can retrieve notes anytime and anyplace, making Evernote good for learning and organization. 
  • The searching capabilities are very strong, enabling the students to easily search and retrieve the information they want to increase their efficiency in studying.

18. Pear Assessment (Edulastic)

Pear Assessment | Pear Deck Learning

Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic) is very flexible in its use as a formative assessment in K-12 teaching and learning practices. 

  • It enables teachers to formulate and set tests, quizzes, and other forms of evaluation of learning so that they can monitor the outcomes of teaching and learning within the classroom. 
  • For example, such features as giving feedback immediately or analyzing the data allow changing instruction for student performance. 
  • Pear Assessment is compatible with multiple question types and easily integrates into most educational tools, making it a necessity in the modern teaching environment.

19. Nearpod

Nearpod is an all-inclusive tool that allows for the direct addition of polls, open-ended questions, and 3D videos into lessons. 

  • They can then be used to provide teachers with real-time feedback on the student’s performance so that proper intervention can be made. 
  • That is why Nearpod has been developed as an application with an enormous collection of ready-made lessons and editable content. 
  • The provided responses may be regarded as a valuable tool for monitoring student performance and improving the quality of teaching by applying individual approaches.

20. Formative

Formative Assessment Tools

Formative assessment is an online teacher-based formative assessment tool that enables teachers to develop formative assessments taken by students at their convenience. 

  • Some of the options include file uploads, the ability to embed videos and audio, and the ability to give constructive feedback that is more specific than general. 
  • It makes the teaching process more accessible as it tracks the students’ responses in real-time, thus enabling the teachers to address their challenges. 
  • Due to its ability to connect with different educational applications and platforms, it is considered a helpful tool for facilitating student improvement and success.

21. Plickers

Plickers is a student monitoring solution which enables the teacher to gather data at real time without necessarily having students use any device. 

  • Plickers is a system of unique cards with QR codes and a mobile app that allows teachers to take students’ multiple-choice quizzes quickly and collect statistical data on the results. 
  • This tool comes in handy in classrooms where the use of technological devices is restricted, as it serves as a learning companion and assessment tool.

22. Edpuzzle

What is Edpuzzle and How Does It Work? | Tech & Learning

With Edpuzzle, teachers can use personal or Web-based videos to develop engaging and interactive lessons. 

  • Teachers can also trim and customize a video and include narrator comments, an audio track, and links to a range of learning tools. 
  • Through such interactive elements, learners can interact with video materials, actively responding to questions and discussing issues on the video. 
  • Through the use of analytics, teachers are able to track the level of student engagement and understanding of lessons taught, which actually enhances effective learning materials and strategies.

23. Classkick

Classkick – tagged "software-online-subscription" – ETC Educational  Technology Connection (HK) Ltd

The Classkick application is similar to a whiteboard, where the teacher can watch students’ work in real time. 

  • A teacher can produce a lesson using any content from any subject area and incorporate links, recordings, videos, and more text. 
  • Students can complete assignments at the most convenient pace while receiving prompt comments from the teachers. 
  • Classkick allows for interactivity in the classroom, which means that students can help each other and work together. Some valuable features of the platform include real-time monitoring of instructional effectiveness and learners’ engagement.

24. Photomath

Photomath 3.0. Few weeks ago Photomath 3.0 was… | by Božidar Ševo | Medium

Photomath is a free app that uses computer vision and augmented reality to change the math learning process. 

  • This means that a student only has to take a picture of an equation using their mobile camera, and they get step-by-step solutions. 
  • This stunning app covers a range of mathematics topics, including elementary mathematics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, and calculus. 
  • In addition to giving answers, Photomath shows steps so students can learn and sharpen their knowledge as they solve different problems. 
  • Photomath is a very helpful application for students to learn their respective math lessons because it is easy to install and interpret results in real-time.

25. Curiscope Virtuali-tee

Virtuali-Tee'-An Augmented Reality App to Learn About Body's Internal Organs

Curiscope Virtuali-tee for kids provide an innovative way to learn about the human body through augmented reality. 

  • If the user wears a t-shirt, which is included into the app, the projection of the human internal organs will be demonstrated in augmented reality. 
  • To be more precise, the selfie mode of the application enables people to look inside their own bodies, if I am not mistaken. 
  • This makes learning about the human body fun and informative and offers visuals that can be used effectively in class as well as with self-studies. Curiscope Virtuali-tee makes learning about human anatomy more engaging to enhance the students’ knowledge.

26. Doink Green Screen

Doink Green Screen can be used in your classroom to bring film and television technology into the classroom so that teachers can make videos quickly and easily. 

  • It allows the users or the students who use the app to put themselves in different scenarios, such as space, famous buildings, or even underwater. 
  • Therefore, Doink Green Screen is advantageous for creative lessons and presentations, which improves lessons in various subjects. Implementing green screen technology can motivate learners and add an element of excitement and uniqueness to learning.

27. Thinglink

ThingLink: Create unique experiences with interactive images, videos & 360°  media

Using Thinglink, it is easy to overlay images, videos, virtual tours, or any other media with more data and links. 

  • This application enables teachers to generate more comprehensive and elaborate learning resources through audio-video presentations that can be opened through an built-in reading feature. 
  • With text, audio, video, and links overlaid with visuals, teachers can help their students create a much more vibrant learning experience. 
  • One of Thinglink's most beneficial applications is giving lessons and virtual tours to students, which can greatly enhance their learning.

28. Apple Clips

Clips - Apple (IN)

Apple Clips is an ARKit app that lets users create and share short videos with animated emojis and other AR filters. 

  • This is because the app is capable of being used in a number of ways and is very easy to navigate, which makes it an ideal tool for learning. 
  • This way, teachers can share content and overimpose it with students over the real world to create fun and informative videos. 
  • Another is Apple Clips, which fosters innovation and cooperation in students, allowing them to create outstanding video materials for projects, performances, and narratives. 
  • The simplicity of the design and the integration of augmented reality support the app’s purpose of development of digital literacy and communication skills.

29. Assemblr EDU

How It Works | Assemblr EDU

Assemblr EDU enables students to design and experience augmented reality projects on different education themes, such as sea animals, planets, symmetry, fractions, and exercises. 

  • This app enables various learning domains and areas, such as language, science, and mathematics. 
  • Assemblr EDU improves learning and understanding because they can see and virtually manipulate objects in a 3D environment. 
  • The practicality of its method enhances creativity and innovation making learning more unique and exciting.

30. Quiver

Quiver unites the old classical coloring with the new and trendy augmented reality, which makes the learning process more exciting. 

  • Students act as coloring pages as prompts; using the Quiver app, the students animate their creations in 3D.
  • This combination of proactive and sedentary activities grabs the student’s attention and makes them interested in consuming knowledge in the given way. 
  • Quiver is most fun when used in elementary school as it transforms simple coloring exercises into excellent teaching and learning experiences that are fun based on play and imagination.


Modern technology has advanced how students learn with online learning having replaced traditional educational processes. When it comes to the blend of the right online class apps, numerous opportunities are at the educators’ disposal thus enriching the process of teaching and learning. 

These apps deliver recommended educational lessons, allow for watching students’ progress, and offer mosaic and consecutive learning approaches. In aspects such as instant updates and other functionalities they improve the effectiveness of virtual teaching. 

Selecting the right online class app is not only helpful in minimizing the hassles of virtual teaching but also in creating a fun-packed and stimulating classroom for the students. They will help you enhance your educational practice and provide your students with the opportunities creative skills they need to succeed.

EdisonOS - Edtech super app built to help you design world-class learning experiences. 

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