Innovative teachers are intuitive about student challenges such as lack of understanding, loss of focus, low engagement or demotivation. They strive to find new ways to keep students on task, motivate them to do their best, and encourage them to succeed.

Here is a story of an innovative teacher Manju Gugnani who is taking online classes for students with this impressive jugaad using a heap of books and a wooden plank as a stand & working out maths problems.

Her daughter proudly shares how her mother got started on this “Using an app named IP webcam, she watched its tutorial, and tried it with a google meet with my dad. It just gives you a URL in the app that you have to enter in the browser, and the phone’s screen will sync up with what is showing in the browser tab, and then you can simply share the screen in the meeting, and Bullseye! it was working. Then my dad helped her with the set up by bringing a wooden plank from the store room and mom setting it in between a heap of her hefty mathematics books. And afterward, she found an old cover of her phone and glued it on the plank to just adjust the phone when needed. I was just-awe-struck.

”In this time of the pandemic, she is a real-life example for “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Hazel Ricky
Content Marketing Associate
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