20 Killer Tools Every Online Teacher Should Know About!

20 Killer Tools Every Online Teacher Should Know About!

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When looking to get started in online teaching, the list of software can be pretty intimidating.

It can be confusing to decide what online tools to use.

So if you are starting your career as an online teacher?

Or, thinking about becoming an online teacher but have no idea where to begin?

Or you are an existing teacher on the internet changing students' livesā€¦

This blog post will present a complete list of 20 online teaching software you can use to help you get an efficient start on online teaching.

These 20 tools can be classified into 7 categories as follows:

  • Synchronous Virtual Classroom
  • Asynchronous support and communication
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Support and Communication
  • Virtual collaboration and teaching aids
  • Content Authoring
  • Teacher Productivity

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And this doesn't include all the variations of each tool. For example, there are basically two main tools to create impressive PowerPoint presentations: Prezi and Google Slides.

So what are you waiting for? Get a free list of the top 20 tools every online teacher should know about and their pricing for easy comparisons.

Happy Teaching!

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