An SEO checklist for 2022


An SEO Checklist for 2022

Hellooooo! SEO, are you still there? 🧐

Yes, SEO is still there alive and kicking. 😉

It baffles me when people think SEO is dead in 2022 😟. I do agree SEO strategies and trends have changed from before but don’t kill poor SEO entirely.

I’ve rounded up a few strategies to keep up within 2022 when it comes to SEO.

💡 In 2022, you need to make sure your user intent is evident. You need to stop thinking about what the SEO content will look like and start thinking about content creation for users with the keyword and intent in mind.

No kidding! Even Google is doing its best to understand the right intent 💭 behind a user’s search.

📈 Another major 2022 trend is localising your SEO. Yes, local SEO helps to precisely place your business in front of potential customers or visitors in your area.

I bet you know someone who typed ⌨️ ‘Java classes near me.

📝 Maintaining an SEO Checklist solves most of your SEO roadblocks. With the right set of parameters, tools and techniques to follow, you can be rest assured that your SEO game is an A+.

Yup! We have the updated 2022 SEO Checklist ready for you to use 😁.

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