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Product Showcase - Content Drip: Imagine a scenario where your students are bombarded with all the course content on Day - 1 and they get so overwhelmed, they abandon your course! Now that sounds pretty horrifying, doesn't it? The last thing you want is for your students to feel buried under an avalanche of material, so you need to ensure you have enough time to carefully and gradually introduce your content.

At Edison, we solve this problem with content drips.

Drip provides an even flow of content for your audience to consume. Simply put, it is all about giving people the right information at the right time without worrying about forgetting to publish.

With drip you can have an ever-green course! Imagine two students, Ramesh and Uma, joining your flagship course on 15th and 21st of September respectively. Ramesh and Uma will each experience unique automated drip content tied to their enrolment date. This facility empowers the course creator to not only personalise content delivery but also provides the flexibility to market their course 365 days in a year!

Also with drip, you will be able to send courses to your users in such a way that they move through the lessons at a rate that is just right for them by automatically unlocking content when a learner achieves a milestone (Spoiler Alert! - New feature cooking).

Let Edison do the hard work for you, while you focus on delivering the best in class learning experience!

News Highlight: In a first for the country, students from Pune have built a driverless electric vehicle. With a power of 3 kW covering a distance of 40 kms, these folks have made electric vehicles affordable, transport worthy and comfortable. The MIT World Peace University, Pune was proud to bring forth the autonomous electric four – wheeler, built by their students – Yash Keskar, Sudhanshu Manerikar, Saurabh Damakle, Shubhang Kulkarni, Pratyaksh Pandey and Prerna Kolipaka. The idea was built keeping the automotive industry’s exponential growth and boost in electric vehicles sales, in mind. The unmanned vehicle is developed using the best-in-class Artificial Intelligence systems to reduce accidents and deaths caused by human errors.

The developers say the vehicle has immense scope in the field of agriculture, mining, transportation etc. where the steering, throttle and brakes are manned using a number of AI and ML algorithms, with the help of microprocessors, action control systems and sensors. The professors in attendance also pitched that such electric vehicles could also be a part of the metro projects to adjoin nearby areas alongside numerous transportation solutions, in the near future. Get more details.

We have a couple of must – reads for this week’s newsletter with regard to the education – technology world. Sit back and have a look at what is happening in the Ed-Tech space and update yourself too!

Ed-Tech Investments: The first half of this year has seen an impeccable growth, in India, in the ed-tech industry, with a funding of $ 1.9 Billion across 80 deals. Currently leading in the industry is BYJU’S, with a net worth of $ 16.5 billion. They have not only doubled themselves up in valuation from $ 8 billion since January, 2020 but have also surpassed Paytm to become India’s most valuable start-up. Gain more insights about Ed-Tech Investments this year.

(We are waiting to see your Ed-Tech company create this huge impact 😉.)

Ed-Tech Growth: In 2021, India will have almost 700 million active internet users. This creates a tremendous opportunity for the ed-tech industry. Looking to the future, India's education technology market is expected to reach $30 billion in size over the next decade, the COVID-pandemic led lockdown has caused that increase to happen even faster.

Update yourself with the growth of the Indian EdTech industry.

Ed – Tech Competition: The Ed-Tech industry is a space for tough competition and has various companies battling it out in the Ed-Tech field. The Indian market isn’t far behind! Major giants like BYJU’S, Unacademy, UpGrad etc. are fighting for their share in this exponentially booming business. Understand more about your competition.

We hope you had a great read! Wishing you a great week ahead and we’ll meet you soon next week!

P.S.: We have launched a couple of new updates that you can have a quick look at. Also, we can help you launch your online academy in 30 seconds.

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