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Did you know that the EdTech market had 70% of its global investment from India and China! Yes, that's right. Don't you want to be a part of that 70%?

Product Showcase – Recording Transfer Automation for Live Classes: There is nothing that can beat the feeling of meeting your class in person—or at least most of them—but in today’s increasingly-wired world, live sessions are a great way to interact with your class. It fills the gap created by the pandemic and it helps you to stay connected with your students virtually.

But, have you wondered what happens when a student misses your live sessions? It could be due to network problems or other technical issues faced by your student. Regardless of the reason, they'd like to view the recorded live session. But, let’s not forget it is also a task for each instructor to ensure that the student receives the recorded version of the online session. In situations as such, the teacher has to manually download these video recordings, from zoom, and upload and share them as either Google Drive / YouTube links. Or worse, your student may never get a chance to view that session again.

At Edison, we’ve automated this entire process so you and your team can focus on teaching while students can immediately access these recordings, directly from your platform, once the session ends without having to worry about how they would cope on a missed session.

We do it all for you, so that you can do what really matters - inspire your students.

Prep-Up to Create an Online Course: Let’s talk reality. All of us know in today’s times online courses is the new black! Till few years ago online courses were not that much in common, but today every nook and corner have an online school, online course platform so on and so forth. But, it’s not easy to create an online course, especially when you are unaware of what that whole business is or if you’re new to the online business world. Here’s a quick read on what you should know or be aware of before starting an online course.

Investors Guide to Investments: Who doesn’t love a good investment? Be it your personal investment or an investment for your firm everybody loves investments with good returns. But, hold on a bit, do you actually know everything about investments? What if you’re unaware of who the right investors are? What if you’re going ahead with the wrong investor while you think they are right for you? (We made you put on your thinking caps right now, didn’t we?) We want you to have the best experience as a business. Not many of us do not know the what, why or how of investments, or even if we are going in the right direction. So why not look for an investor in a mentor? (We can see that smile on your face 😉). Yes! Accel Atoms guides you through and through on your start-up journey, with the help of an investment mentor and they can also be your investor. Get registered in Accel Atoms.

Learn from the Best: By starting from an almost failed business model to estimating their company’s turnover to $3.2 Billion, Eruditus has grown immensely. Every step in their journey was a learning point from just 12 learners to over thousands of learners globally, the firm has sailed through tough storms and emerged as the leading Indian start-up in the higher education space. Learn more on how to grow with Eruditus.

How to Grow in the EdTech Market: Everyone wants to grow in their business and one way to do so is by reaching out to their potential customers or existing customers. But how would you reach out? You can use one of the marketing channels such as e-mail marketing. This helps in boosting up your conversion rates and increases your company’s revenue, by giving your customers and visitors the right information at the right time. Head on to read the ultimate guide to e-mail marketing.

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