How to use this simple trick to sell 3x more


What if you sold 3x more than your competitors?

One of the oldest techniques to boost revenue is by using promotions and discount codes. Statistics show that 48% of people get hold off products sooner when they have possession of coupons. Approximately 37% of customers procure more than they usually would, using promotional codes.

Coupon and promotional marketing is a significant way to capture your audience, especially your intended audience. This marketing strategy takes advantage of consumer interest in saving funds on purchases (after all, who doesn't love discounts?). But when you lean on promotional marketing, you need to have relevance, timeliness, value and revenue in a given span of time. You can find many ways to develop and reap the benefits of this coupon bonanza.

  1. Referral Code Coupon: 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know. You can target an audience, enticing them to receive credits through their peers using referral codes.
  2. Flat Discounts: Users can have coupons for all products, at reduced prices, across your website during the festive season.
  3. Floating Coupons: With ‘discount coupons’ present on all your website pages, visitors can be pushed to try your product, increasing your revenue.
  4. Automatic Discount Coupon: Consumers do not have to do much to receive discounts and have the coupons automatically applied to their checkout carts, reducing the churn rate and cart abandonment.
  5. Customer Feedback Coupon: Have visitors take a quick survey about your products and provide them with discounted coupons in return.
  6. Festive Coupons: Using 'COLOURFUL DEAL' as a coupon code during Holi can help you celebrate with customers. It's more applicable to use popular festivals (the ‘Great Indian Festival’) in marketing strategies.

Studies show that 68% of consumers believe that coupons generate loyalty, while 70% love receiving ‘discount codes’ for products. You need to ensure that your promotional coupon is clear with the message and designed well with clever images and brand information. Creating a sense of urgency in your coupons will push a vast audience to check out your website and try out the various products. Having restricted period offers can act as a booster for increasing your business's revenue potential and conversion rate while heating the competition. If you haven't yet, create an account on our platform and get a flavour of coupon modules.

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