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Why SEO Title Tags are an SEO's Best Friend!

Isn't it frustrating when you work hard to get your page up on SERPs, and it still doesn't show? Believe it or not, we know that feeling! (Trust us, we've been in the same boat before.)

But how do you make it work 😥? How do you bag your page up on search engine's top lists 😧? How? How? Howwww????😵

Well, if you ask us, we would say take in one title tag at a time. 😇

Title tags are your basic foundation for SEO. It always has been and always will be.

But what are these title tags? In simple words, they are the bold headlines that appear on your search engine pages when you search for contextual information.

Title tags are important. Why? Because 92.6% of the pages in the top 10 search results have them.

But that doesn't mean it must be catchy or very heavy with words. It has to be well optimized to make your searchers and search engines happy. (Simple, isn't it!😉)

How do you obtain the right title tag?

  1. Make your title tags short; 60 characters are perfect, else Google is 57% more likely to rewrite long title tags or not display the entire title tag. The title tags are short and are represented completely. But if you see the last title tag, it has been truncated and displayed with ellipsis. This is because the title tag is too long and has exceeded the limit.
  2. Include the most important keyword to your title tags; try to add them at the start (but don't stuff them).
    The SERP has displayed, most, results with the keyword ‘Java’ used as the first or second word of the titles.
  3. Make your title tag clear and easy to read; accuracy is key to targeting the right audience. Every title tag is accurate and clear to read. This makes it easier for the searcher to choose the most appropriate option.
  4. Your title tag should provide a value; value attributes to the information about the page. The title tag should be able to help the searcher understand what exactly the page is about and what the page is offering.
  5. Your title tags should represent your pages; title tags need to be unique to avoid duplication. Amazon appliances have separate pages and titles for every appliance on their platform. There are different title tags for home, cooking, large, small and kitchen appliances. This prevents the title tags from being duplicated, i.e, there is no common title tag for different appliances sold.
  6. Use your brand; boost your click-through rate (but use it wisely). The brand names are attested at the end of the title tag. This gives the searcher an idea as to whose article they are referring to.

These are just a few simple tips to ensure your title tag is right. Don't get overwhelmed by SEO title tags. It is pretty simple once you know the hang of it. Like we said, take one title tag at a time 😄.

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