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EdisonOS Product Update #11

We have been carefully listening to all your feedback and diligently improvising on all our features. Here's what's been cooking on our platform:

  1. Classrooms are now set to draft, maintenance or publish modes.
  2. Pages can be hidden or displayed.
  3. Learners can view their curriculum progress.
  4. Learners can mark their progress with the page completion tab.
  5. Rich text editor for MCQs.
  6. Limit course access with prerequisites set to pages.
  7. Set product promotions easily with product search in promotions.
  8. Publish iterative changes to the courses with the classroom publish changes feature.
  9. Learners can resume learning with ease.
  10. Admin controls the availability of host through the end meeting feature.

Know more about our recent product update below.

Check the Update

We can’t wait for you to try out our new updates!

P.S: Convenience on our platform has been a priority at large and our engineers work hard making sure your journey with us is even more convenient than before. If you have any feature requests please let us know. You can also upvote features listed in the board provided.

​Neeraj Krishnamoorthy

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