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The most significant factor that could make or break the revenue potential of any business is its landing pages. The top e-commerce websites leverage landing pages as their growth strategy that increased their revenues by 5X. Who wouldn’t want those kinds of numbers?

If you're wondering why we are giving you all this knowledge about landing pages, well, we want you to keep your growing spree going, and landing pages is one way to do that. But why create one in the first place? To cut it short, it's the key to three common pain points every business has:

1. Delivers more conversions and leads

2. Target a specific audience through precise messages, images, text etc.

3. Provides you with actionable information which helps you understand which channels are driving you the most leads and conversions

For instance, look at Simply Business’ landing page below; its conversion rate is as high as 62.26%. That is a number you need to aim for!

Wait! Hold on! Before we go any further, let's understand what landing pages are about.

What’s all the fuss about landing pages? It's where a visitor will land on a specific page after clicking on a link received in an email, Google search, tweet, social media post etc. Landing pages are explicitly crafted to market the products and services you have to render.

Here's our guide on the biggest little secrets of landing pages and how they can be useful to market your products successfully.

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