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EdisonOS Digest: What’s been cooking

🗨️ Is EdTech a bubble?

🖥️ What better way to make mundane study materials more digestible, than by making them visually appealing!

🥇 Discover the best tactics to improve your web page ranking.

📖 Unravel 7 widely held beliefs which are holding back education.

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Is EdTech a bubble? This is a question that has been lingering in the EdTech space for a while. I believe that EdTech is a bubble but also believe it is not! Confusing isn’t it?

Read on to know the 5 reasons why EdTech is a bubble and 5 reasons why it is.

Visuals are something we all love! It’s not easy to listen to a class for hours together. Neither is plain text going to interest a reader. So what or rather to make your content more exciting?

All you need to do is make it more visually appealing and trust me that’s all you need.

Ranking #1 on Google searches: SEO ranking is a daunting task especially when you don’t know where to begin, what to do, what works best and what can harm your domain. So here’s an advanced, structured workbook designed to help you rank at the top in Google. It’s easy to use, and you can watch your web page improving at every step.

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Busting myths in the EdTech space: If you’re wondering are there even myths present in the industry? Unfortunately, yes. There are 7 major myths that exist and author Daisy Christodoulou busts these myths with practical implications and also details the worrying prevalence of such practices. To get more insights you can read the book Seven Myths About Education by Daisy Christodoulou.

A walkthrough of our latest features: Every instructor wants the best for their learners and wants to provide the best learning aide for them as well. What better way to accomplish this objective than by listening to your learners' requirements and watching them progress through your course? Who would’ve thought updating content would be this easy! Easy and quick solutions are all you need to tackle your hurdles. Checkout our latest feature upgrades below:

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