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A walkthrough of our latest features: Has it ever crossed your mind what can be done to keep your courses hidden from the public eye? Sounds crazy in the first place. But what about times when you want to revamp your course or just use courses internally? It’s simple, all you have to do is disable your store! Easy, ain’t it? But that’s not it. What if you don’t want a classroom to exist? Simply delete it. We have simple solutions for all your problems. Check out our latest feature updates here.

The future of education is rapidly evolving: From a short span of online learning to an evolving era of hybrid learning, how does one retain their learner base in online learning modules? Most importantly how does one keep them engaged ensuring they make the most of online learning? All you need is 7 best practices to implement cohort-based learning with your students.

With cohort learning your learners are more involved and progress through the course together. Doesn’t the cohort based system give you a taste of the hybrid module all-in-all?

No more messing up home studios: Not everyone can rent a place to bring their knowledge to the digital space. What’s the best solution to this? Set up a home studio!

Setting up a home studio can be messy, budget constrained and in some cases not the best. Here’s our cost friendly guide in building a home studio for easy knowledge sharing with eager learners. No more messing up and taxing your brain around home studios.

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An interesting take on market opportunities: Growing your business amongst millions simply means unlocking market opportunities. But, did you know growth hacking can be a huge contributor to unlock these opportunities? Interesting right? Growth hacking isn't a fancy concept but a simple cheat-code to grow your business. Know more on this interesting take that will help scale your business!

Talk of the town this month: We all know the talk of the town in the EdTech space: Physics Wallah becoming a unicorn within 6 years of establishment.

Learn more about his journey here.

Establish your EdTech institute in the market: Are you shooting in the dark when it comes to building your EdTech institute and establishing it in the EdTech market? All you need is a handy guide to help you set your dream business in action while you reap the benefits out of it! Here’s our EdTech business bible to help you in every pedestal of building and growing your business.

How SaPa changed its game going online: SaPa is a reigning school in the music industry that started offline but has now expanded nationwide after joining the online space. The ease at which they grew their learner base is phenomenal and today they stand at 30,000+ enthusiastic learners and 100+ exceptionally talented teachers!

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