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Did we not just grab your attention? You can do the same with your promotions as well!

Let’s head to what our promotion feature is all about and how it’ll help you grow your customer base. Promotions are created digitally on our platform that your customers can redeem for discounts on the storefront. Our platform has this new in-built promotion feature that helps you promote your products to your learners.

So let’s look at how our promotion feature will benefit you. To begin with, coupon marketing or promotions are a great way to capture a vast audience and let them try out your products. In short, it is a simple trick to sell more of your products. The promotion module on EdisonOS platform is simple to use and meets varied criteria for selling. If you need to create a promotion on the EdisonOS platform, it is part of the products tab under the promotions category.

Each promotion created can be tailored to how you would want your customers to use it. The first thing that pops in your mind while using coupons or promotions is the discount being offered. Your promotions can be set to give a percentage or amount as discounts for each individual product up for grabs. But if you insist on setting up the total amount to be discounted (and not each individual product) that option can be chosen as well, using flat promotions. Let’s say you want your promotion to be limited to a festival or a season (like a ‘Diwali’ sale or ‘Winter’ sale), the redemption limit can easily reduce the time limit or validity of your promotion.

What is the next thing that comes to your mind about promotions? It’s definitely the coupon codes. Coupon codes are also your promo codes, discount codes or voucher codes and are used to obtain discounts on the current purchase. Your coupon codes can be crafted and designed based on your interest and can be limited depending on how you wish your customers should use it. But what if you wish to generate multiple coupons under one promotion? EdisonOS has made it easier for you to generate n-number coupons under one promotion name by using the bulk promotion tab.

Now you must be wondering how the coupon code limitation differs from the promotion limitation. The coupon codes fall under each promotion, so any promotion limit set will override the coupon code limit. Hasn’t it become easier to attract your audience? We know you are excited to try out our feature and we will leave you right to it. Learn how to set up this feature by checking out the coupon module article in our knowledge base.

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