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The E-Learning industry, a global industry, has grown 900% globally since its introduction into the market. And the overall e-learning retention rate of learners is estimated to be between 25% and 60%. Currently, the Asian market is the largest consumer of the e-learning platform and sees a 20% annual remuneration growth from the industry alone.

Like any technology, e-learning is constantly changing and improving. Yes, it certainly is enjoyable as to how this industry alone generates massive margins in revenue. If you’re wondering what the secret ingredients are, then you’ve come to the right place. Growth strategies for the e-learning industry are one of the reasons why the industry is skyrocketing at such a thumping pace. Blogs contribute to a significant extent to growth. There are 77% regular blog readers online, and about 7M blogs are published every day! Statistics show that websites that create and post 16 blogs in a month attract 3.5X more leads than those with less than five blogs.

Before we dive in deep on blogs, let’s understand what blogs are all about.

What are Blogs? Blogs are an online digest or informational guide that helps you increase your firm’s visibility on online platforms. Blogs are among the easiest ways to gain exposure and give you lasting rewards. As a business, blogging helps you reach your target audience and capture their attention by making you competitive in the EdTech market and driving an incredible amount of traffic to your website and quality leads.

Blogs are the ultimate platform to show your niche authority and help build and control your online brand with a trust factor associated alongside. As of 2021, there are 570M blogs available online. 1 blog, on average, can drive 10% of traffic to your website. As a frugal way to grow your business to generate long-term revenues, persisting results and garner continuous fresh leads to your website, a blog is that growth strategy tool that can prove to be a total game-changer for your business.

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