Episode 1 | Indrajit Bhalotia | Champ For Life

29th Apr 2023
1hr 16mins
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Meet Indrajit Bhalotia!👋

Indrajit Bhalotia is a professional golfer, five-time winner of the PGA Golf title, and founder of Champ for Life Academy. He is also a certified sports psychologist and has been a national coach at the National Golf Academy for over 14 years. In conversation with us, he discusses the challenges faced by athletes in balancing their education and sports careers and how “Champ for Life” aims to bridge that gap.

This episode is a great listen if…

✅ You're a teacher or trainer in sports education, looking to amplify your impact by learning how to balance educational goals with the aspirations of students.

✅ You are keen to discover the synergies of a well-rounded education that incorporates both academics and sports and wish to incorporate these insights into your teaching methodology.

✅ You're eager to understand the pivotal role of the athlete-parent-coach triangle in nurturing young talent.

✅ You have a keen interest in learning about the holistic educational solutions offered by "Champ for Life", to potentially implement them in your own training regimes or curriculums.

✅ You want to stay ahead in the EdTech space by acquainting yourself with innovative platforms like "Champ for Life”

What you’ll uncover in this episode.

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