Episode 19 | Latha Srinivasan | Chippersage

13 Mar 2023
1hr 54mins
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Meet Latha Srinivasan👋

Latha Srinivasan founded Chippersage, an ed-tech company that helps students develop their English language skills. With a background in the software industry, Latha has a passion for reading and believes in the power of books to transform lives. She has also participated in a program by Goldman Sachs for women entrepreneurs, focusing on scaling up their businesses.

This episode is a great listen if…

✅ You're intrigued to uncover Latha's journey from a seasoned software professional to a fervent ed-tech entrepreneur, championing reading for children.

✅ You wish to learn about the challenges and joys of transitioning from the corporate world to starting an enterprise, and the significance of faith, sales, and financial backing in this journey.

✅ You're keen on exploring the power of reading in early childhood development, understanding its importance in schools, and how Latha's venture addresses this critical need.

✅ You're interested in the behind-the-scenes dynamics of running a social enterprise, from collaborations and business models to team building and navigating the challenges of demonetisation and pandemics.

✅ You aspire to delve into the world of networking, sales, and business development, especially in the context of the Indian educational landscape.

✅ You value insights on women's entrepreneurship and seek guidance on resources, industry bodies, and initiatives that bolster women in entrepreneurship.

What you’ll uncover in this episode

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