Episode 20 | Sujit & Anjan | Infidea

14th Mar 2023
2hr 14mins
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Meet Sujit & Anjan the co-founders of Infidea… 👋

Co-founded by Sujit Ghosh and Anjan Kumar Banerjee in 2014, their brainchild Infidea is a leading training and recruitment company based out of Kolkata, India. Sujit is a first-generation entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the field of training & development. Anjan is an ex-banker with expertise in the field of recruitment.

Together, Sujit and Anjan have built Infidea into a successful company that has helped thousands of individuals and businesses achieve their goals. Infidea is known for its innovative and engaging training programs that are designed to help people learn and grow. The company also offers a wide range of recruitment services, including executive search, talent acquisition, and HR consulting.

Give the full episode a listen if you want to learn more about…

✅ Building enduring client relationships.

✅ Effective techniques for cold-calling and engaging with CEOs.

✅ The art of navigating large organizations to reach the right individual.

✅ Harnessing the power of networking and the invaluable role of referrals.

✅ Approaching organizations with established training setups and making your pitch irresistible.

✅ Digital marketing nuances specific to the edtech space.

Standout moments from this podcast!

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