Episode 35 | Nikke Porcaro | No Anxiety Test Prep

18th May 2023
56 mins
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Meet Nikkee Porcaro! 👋

Nikkee Andrea Porcaro, is the founder of No Anxiety Test Prep, a personalized tutoring service that helps students secure admission and scholarships at top universities. With over 15 years of experience in college admissions, Nikkee has been recognised with prestigious awards for her expertise and dedication in the field.

This episode is a great listen if…💙

✅ You're an aspiring edupreneur

✅ You're Looking for Teaching Inspiration.

✅ You're a female entrepreneur facing challenges.

✅  You're venturing into online tutoring and want to get a feel of what that's like.

✅  You're a trainer who aspires to start tutor or College Entrance Tests like SAT, GMAT etc

✅ You want to find out what marketing strategies will work best for your tutoring business

Nikkee mentions these online tools ⚒️


Google Meet

Get in Touch with Nikkee! 🤝

LinkedIn :👇🏼




At EdisonOS💡

Nikkee stands among the elite cadre of Digital SAT mentors who champion the myriad benefits of online learning. With EdisonOS at your side, you can revolutionize your approach to Digital SAT Tutoring, crafting a tailored SAT preparation experience, enhanced with data-driven insights, seamless brand integration, and a plethora of additional features.

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Pooja Gajraj
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