Episode 36 | Shalabh Jain | Test Prep Content Expert

23rd May 2023
1hr 15mins
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Meet Shalabh Jain! 👋

Shalabh Jain is a distinguished authority in American test prep content with over a decade of experience. He has authored, edited, and reviewed over 60 books and is an expert in GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and IELTS exams. Shalabh has a deep understanding of the test prep industry and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

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✅ An aspiring content creator in the Test Prep industry

✅ Seeking insights on the pricing structure and negotiation strategies for content creation services.

✅ Eager to learn about the growing opportunities in content creation.

✅ Exploring collaboration opportunities with seasoned content creators like Shalabh

What you’ll uncover in this episode ⏰

Shalabh’s picks for GMAT Prep  📘

Gmat club 

Kaplan Test-prep

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Pooja Gajraj
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