Episode 49 | Mohini Sood | Test Maestro

14 Jun 2023
1hr 19min
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Meet Mohini Sood

Mohini J. Sood is an experienced test prep coach and the founder of Test Maestro. With a background in soft skills training and a passion for helping students achieve their desired scores on exams like GMAT, GRE, and SAT, Mohini has built a successful career in the test prep industry. She has also expanded her services to include content creation for institutes and training other teachers in the field.

This episode is a great listen if…

✅ If you want to learn more about Mohini's journey, from her education background to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the education industry.

✅ If you're interested in the challenges Mohini faced in her career and her transition from a soft skills trainer to a leading test prep coach.

✅ If you want insights into the intricacies of creating question and answer solutions for various standardized tests.

✅ If you're curious about the future plans of Test Maestro and how they have achieved significant growth in just 3.5 years.

✅ If you're considering a career in test prep coaching and want to understand the benefits, flexibility, and workload it offers.

✅ If you're looking for tips on acquiring students, setting market rates, and building a reputation in the competitive test prep coaching industry.

What you’ll uncover in this episode.

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