Episode 52 |Khushboo Vaidya | EdCalibre

16 Jun 2023
1hr 42min
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Meet Khushboo Vaidya  👋

Khushboo is a passionate advocate for education and learning. She is the founder of Boarding Pass for Success, a platform that provides personalized mentoring to undergraduate STEM students, and Ed Caliber, an innovative math practising application for high school students.

This episode is a great listen if… 💙

✅ You want to learn about Kushboo’s transformative journey from teaching to pioneering her platforms, ED Caliber and Boarding Pass for Success.

✅ You're curious about the intersection of entrepreneurship and education, and how attending seminars can shape one's vision.

✅ You have an interest in the importance of real-world, application-based learning, and its potential to revolutionize education.

✅ You wish to delve into the art of market research, product prototyping and how to seamlessly integrate feedback to improve offerings.

✅ You're keen to explore the complexities and nuances of transitioning from a prototype to a minimum viable product (MVP) to a minimum marketable product (MMP).

✅ You're eager to gain insights on effectively pitching a product, understanding pricing strategies, and the significance of customer interactions in the EdTech space.

What you’ll uncover in this episode

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At EdisonOS💡

Just like Khushboo is passionate about revolutionising the ed-tech space, we are passionate about helping you build your vision. Partner with EdisonOS, the trusted ally of over 500+ founders and turn your teaching business into a thriving online platform and learning app today.

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