Episode 58 | Sujoy Kumar Datta | Test Prep

21 Jun 2023
1hr 10min
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Meet Sujoy Kumar Datta

Sujoy Kr Datta is an experienced educator and entrepreneur in the field of test preparation. He has a background in engineering and has worked as a faculty member for various test prep companies. Sujoy is the co-founder of Cubics, a test prep center in Kolkata, and OneClick Prep, an online test prep platform.

This episode is a great listen if…

✅ If you want to learn or know more about Sujoy's journey and decision to enter the education domain.

✅ If you're interested in Sujoy's academic achievements and how his TOEFL score shaped his path.

✅ If you're curious about the challenges Sujoy faced and his decision not to pursue research.

✅ If you want insights into the transition to teaching CAT training for Quant and Sujoy's love for teaching.

✅ If you're interested in the differences between content creation in the test prep industry and the importance of teaching ability.

✅ If you want to understand the challenges of pricing and content creation, including the industry's acceptance of plagiarism rates.

What you’ll uncover in this episode

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