Episode 6 | Abhishek Ramanuja | Learn with Comics

8th Feb 2023
1hr 24mins
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Meet Abhishek Ramanuja 👋

Abhishek Ramanuja is a co-founder of the NGO Learn with Comics, which uses comics to educate children in India. They offer a wide range of comics on various subjects, with a focus on improving reading skills and supporting learning. The organization is funded by passionate investors and is working towards reaching more students and changing the education ecosystem. They follow the NCERT curriculum and are also working on creating comics in different languages. Learn with Comics has received recognition and grants for its innovative approach to education. Their goal is to make classrooms more engaging and friendly for students.

This episode is a great listen if… 💙

✅ You wish to explore the revolutionary role of comics in redefining classroom experiences and fostering creative and critical thinking, amidst the challenges and resistances faced in the traditional education system.

✅ You are eager to delve into the operational dynamics of a non-profit organization, including strategies for content creation, adaptation to diverse syllabuses, and collaborations for broader outreach and impact.

✅ You want to gain insights into the sustainable practices in digital education, including striking a balance between high-impact learning and minimizing screen time, coupled with efforts to promote reading and engagement through innovative mediums.

✅ You are keen on understanding the intrinsic motivations and mindset shifts necessary for thriving in the non-profit sector, including lessons in ethics and frugality that transcend into the for-profit business sphere.

What you’ll uncover in this episode ⏰

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At EdisonOS💡

Abhishek talks about how drawing a student’s attention and keeping it is a challenging task. EdisonOS understands this diversity in learning styles. We enable teachers to create a plethora of learning activities. From video lectures and discussion forums to quizzes and tests and much more!

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Pooja Gajraj
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