Episode 7 | Osheen Chavhan | She Loves Code

10 Feb 2023
1hr 36mins
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Meet Osheen Chavhan 👋

Osheen Chavhan is an EdTech entrepreneur, angel investor, and crypto enthusiast. She is the founder of InfiSpark, an education technology company that bridges the gap between industry and academia. Osheen is passionate about empowering women in tech and helping students gain the skills they need to succeed in the job market.

This episode is a great listen if… 💙

✅ You're eager to understand Osheen's transition from a Microsoft student partner to the founder of InfiSpark and her entrepreneurial journey in the EdTech space.

✅ You want to learn about the Microsoft Student Partner program, its selection process, and the invaluable opportunities it presents for young tech enthusiasts.

✅ You're keen on diving into the inception, growth, and scaling of InfiSpark over six years, including its projects and partnership with tech giants.

✅ You wish to discover more about the She Loves Code initiative, its mission to bridge gender disparity in coding, and its visionary goal to create a 10,000 strong female developer workforce in India.

✅ You're interested in exploring the dynamics and challenges of starting, scaling, and delegating in a startup, emphasizing the significance of HR, executive assistants, and sales strategies.

✅ You want to gather insights on addressing imposter syndrome, championing women in coding, and leveraging government initiatives to support female entrepreneurship.

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At EdisonOS

Osheen is a pioneer who aims to achieve something groundbreaking in the ed-tech space. At EdisonOS, we strive to help you revolutionise the way you train, turning your teaching vision into a thriving online platform and learning app today.

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