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6 Oct 2023
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Meet Leia LeMaster Horton

Leia LeMaster Horton, M.Ed., is a prominent figure in EdTech, leveraging her vast experience in test preparation and scholarship guidance to empower students and parents. As the founder of Horton Test Prep, Leia's transition from a teacher to an entrepreneur showcases her innovative approach, emphasizing small group dynamics in test prep. Her commitment to students extends to demystifying scholarships, emphasizing stellar letters of recommendation, and educating students on the importance of scholarship applications. She's a forward-thinker, embracing technology in education, creating online courses, and encouraging a growth mindset in the digital age. Leia's journey exemplifies resilience, continuous learning, and a dedication to students' academic success, making her a significant influencer in EdTech. Visit her website at Horton Test Prep to access her valuable educational resources and insights.

This episode is a great listen if…

✅ Learn about Leah's journey from being a test prep professional to entrepreneurship and starting her tutoring company.

✅ Gain insights into the challenges of homeschooling, particularly in teaching math, and adapting to different education models.

✅ Discover recommended tools and programs for online math diagnostics and test preparation.

✅ Understand the common mistakes made by new homeschooling parents and how to avoid them.

✅ Get valuable advice on transitioning from teaching to entrepreneurship and the skills needed for business ownership.

✅ Explore the importance of creating online courses, marketing strategies, and developing a growth mindset for learning new skills.

What you’ll uncover in this episode.

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