Episode 81 | Rebekah Rogers | Black Roots | The Knowledge Entrepreneurs Show

Oct 13 2023
1hr 21min
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Meet Rebekah Rogers 

With a passion for bridging history and culture, Rebekah Rogers, founder of Black Roots, is a dedicated advocate for African heritage preservation. Her work at The Black Roots Museum explores the rich history of the African diaspora, connecting the past with the present. Her online platform, The Black Roots Museum, showcases an array of educational materials, fostering a deeper understanding of African heritage. Rebekah's innovative approach demonstrates how edu-tech can amplify cultural education and contribute to a more inclusive learning experience.

This episode is a great listen if…

✅ You want to learn about the prerequisites and subjects required for the MCAT.

✅ You're interested in the challenges faced by students preparing for the MCAT.

✅ You're curious about a medical school dropout's journey to becoming an MCAT teacher.

✅ You're looking to understand the transition from traditional to online tutoring.

✅ You want insights into creating culturally relevant education for diverse students.

✅ You're keen on discovering strategies for personal growth and overcoming obstacles in education.

What you’ll uncover in this episode.

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