To identify the best online tutoring software of 2023, it is perhaps a good idea to understand the origin and growth of online tutoring. By understanding how different virtual training options came in to fill specific needs beyond video conferencing, you will be in a better position to figure out which coaching software best meets your requirements.

Growth of Online Tutoring Services

Since the pandemic, a big proportion of work and study has moved online. And now that people have discovered convenience, this trend is expanding the scope of opportunities. Today, for anyone looking for an online tutor, services with rich and diverse features are available through a virtual classroom. 

Statista estimates that by the end of 2023, the global revenue from online education will reach US$167BN. As a business model, online tutoring service is poised for growth: with a CAGR of 9.48%, the projected market volume for remote learning is expected to touch US$ 239BN by 2027.

What is online tutoring software

Online tutoring software is a technology-backed solution that connects tutors with students in real-time or otherwise and helps manage the tutoring business. Availability of multiple visual aids and a user-friendly online whiteboard, and better internet speeds across the world are two of the several factors that have made online teaching successful and as productive as conventional, in-class teaching.

Further, because it’s an appointment scheduling software, it allows students and private tutors to interact and collaborate, irrespective of the geographical locations of the two. This gives it an edge over traditional methods.

How Much Does Tutoring Software Cost?

As you probably guessed, all online tutoring services differ from one another widely, in terms of capabilities and key features. The freemium pricing model is quite common for tutor software: some basic services may be free - at least for a limited period - while the rest of the features would be chargeable.

On the one hand, there are pay-as-you-go pricing models. On the other, you’ll have a fixed-fee model across a spectrum of features. Besides, there will be volume discounts or first-time offers. All in all, you’ll have great freedom and choice while starting out or expanding your tutoring business.

Key Features Required for Tutoring Software

The key features of a cloud-based tutoring software are:

  • Payment gateway integration
  • Lesson notes recording
  • Easy class scheduling
  • Tutor attendance
  • Marketing tools
  • Tutor payroll
  • Works with your website or lets you build one
  • On-demand playback of recorded sessions
  • Free trial sessions
  • Attendance Calendar
  • Convenient cancellation
  • Friendly to hand-held devices
  • Multiple location management
  • Ability to manage multiple online tutors

As you can tell from the list above, tutoring software is a lot more than just a virtual classroom with a digital whiteboard. Ten years back, a simple video chat software could have also been labeled a tutoring software. As you can see, today that’s no longer so.

10 Best Tutoring Software

The following guide covers all the details about tutoring software pricing, key features, strong areas, suitability, and areas of improvement.

1. EdisonOS

EdisonOS is one of those rare solutions that delight learners, tutors, and the people running the tutoring business equally well. On the one hand, their virtual classroom is inspired by the best features of in-person teaching. On the other hand, they leverage technology to personalize learning to the extent that all sessions feel like one-to-one teaching to the learner.

What places EdisonOS way ahead of the others is its attention to details. These details help coaching businesses promote their courses more effectively, private tutors to teach more efficiently, and learners to learn more swiftly.

Where EdisonOS scores high

1. Supports SCORM content: If you’ve ever used SCORM to teach or to learn, you’ll know how amazingly powerful it is in making learning exploratory and self-paced. It takes immersive learning to a different level. EdisonOS is one of the very few online tutoring management software that supports SCORM content.

2. Completely white-label: No one but you will know that it’s EdisonOS behind your powerful website. You deliver an exceptional experience to learners and convert more visitors, while EdisonOS has your back all.

3. Data-backed marketing: In addition to supporting all your marketing activities, this is one tutoring software that will let you track and measure everything. For instance, EdisonOS allows you to see how each of your affiliates are doing. That gives you clear insight on which marketing channels are doing a great job and which ones aren’t.

4. Buffer-free experience: The system, based on the internet speed of the learner, will automatically deliver videos of appropriate resolution. As a result, your learners will have a seamless, buffer-free experience, something so vital for learning.

Where EdisonOS can do better

1. Design: Their own website has a rather simple design. Instructors who are swayed by heavy designs will probably not immediately see the tremendous value this product can create for them.

Pros and cons of EdisonOS 

EdisonOS pricing

  • Individual plan $69/mo (1 admin, 50 users)
  • Startup plan $129/mo (2 admin, 100 users)
  • Growth plan $299/mo (5 admin, 250 users)
  • The Startup and Growth plan also have iFrame and LTI integrations.

Free trial is available.

Is EdisonOS the best online tutoring software for you?

Whether you are a one-person tutoring company or a full-fledged tutoring business with a sizable team, you will find two strong reasons to choose EdisonOS over other alternatives. One, it brings strengths to both your tutoring and marketing activities. And two, its strong technology backbone empowers both content organizing and content creation effortlessly.

Who should look for EdisonOS alternatives

It’s not easy to find any major limitation or drawback with EdisonOS. Yet, if we were to identify one area of improvement, it’d probably be lack of case studies. Tutors would certainly benefit by learning about more use cases.

2. YoCoach

A popular tutoring platform software, YoCoach is a part of FATbit Technologies. Designed to meet your coaching and consulting needs, YoCoach is built to work as a full-feature, ready-made software that needs few changes.

YoCoach , the India-based software for online coaching, ticks all the major boxes as a software solution with a video conferencing facility. From student enrollment to progress tracking, the platform has a clean design and offers good navigation to make your administrative tasks a breeze. 

Where YoCoach scores high

1. Deployment: Considering the features of the YoCoach online tutoring software, it’s safe to say that deployment is swift. You can get off the ground without spending too much time figuring out things - something crucial for any business management software.

2.  Website features: Honestly, this might be a kind of double-edged sword but we’ll give it a thumbs-up. Because this tutor platform carries many features and resources, you might enjoy browsing it in subsequent stages. The downside, of course, is that it might appear a bit crowded. But on the whole, it’s not overwhelming.

Where YoCoach can do better

1. Configuration: While taking off is swift and easy, the later part of the configuration of tutoring sessions could appear time-taking. You’ll need to keep referring to the documentation as you keep adding functionalities. For some users, this could be a tad frustrating, what with all the time you invest in getting skilled tutors and wooing students to your virtual classroom.

2. Utility: While YoCoach does offer some opportunities for online consultation businesses, users feel it’s mostly for self-paced digital learning. It would rightfully belong to any list of top online tutoring services and elearning marketplace solutions, but don’t look for too many features beyond that.

Pros and cons of YoCoach

YoCoach pricing

The actual YoCoach pricing structure is not clearly visible on their website. 

  • You have the option of getting the sourcecode with lifetime license
  • Added payment gateways can turn expensive

Is YoCoach the ideal online tutoring software for you?

The demo is neat and quite interactive. You’ll get a good overall picture of what features lie where. And that’s important, because an online tutor management tool, to be of real value, must have a wide range of features.  

Who should look for YoCoach alternatives?

Whether you are a major tutoring agency or a one-person army, you always want customization for your online coaching. And customization isn’t their strength. In fact, the first couple pricing models offer you few options, which would force many a tutor to look elsewhere. To that extent, you want to compare their pricing of other online tools closely before signing on the dotted line.

3. TutorCruncher

The UK-based educational platform has many pluses to its credit. Firstly, it is a full-fledged interactive educational site. Your students and tutors can engage with each other, no matter their geographical locations.

Using this appointment scheduling software is quite easy so there’s no back and forth required even if everyone is in a different timezone.  Finally, you can expect better revenues, because TutorCruncher lets you build customized pipelines so you can expect better conversions too.

Online Tutoring Whiteboard for Teaching - TutorCruncher

Where TutorCruncher scores high

1. Tutor availability and appointment scheduling process: Growth won’t overwhelm your scheduling ability. As you’d expect from a great academic and training management software, TutorCruncher lets your tutors share their availability. That way, you can cut the time required to set up and market online teaching schedules.

2. Work hour and payrolls: You no longer need to worry if you’ve got the numbers right - now you can easily log and review each tutor’s hours. Not even the best tutoring software do this well, but TutorCruncher certainly does.

Where TutorCruncher can do better

1. Ease of use: Despite some of the good things users can tell you about TechCruncher, most of them also agree that it is not intuitive. The learning curve is rather sharp. So getting your tutoring services off the ground could take a while.

2. Accounting challenge: Currently, an integration with major accounting solutions like QuickBooks is missing in TutorCruncher. Online tutoring companies that want to focus on their core competence certainly want strong accounting integrations, so this cannot be entirely overlooked.

Pros and cons of TutorCruncher

TutorCruncher Pricing

  • For younger companies: $30 / mo + 1% of your revenue
  • For mid-sized companies: $80 / mo + 0.65% of your revenue
  • For enterprises with revenue exceeding $1MN, you may book a call with their team

Each plan has optional extra features.

Is TutorCruncher the best online tutoring software for you? 

If you’re looking for an online tool that can be customized fairly quickly, TutorCruncher should certainly be one of your top choices. TutorCruncher lets you play around the themes quite easily, making virtual classrooms more lively.

Who should look for TutorCruncher alternatives?

Sure, TutorCruncher is a great piece of software. But it isn’t for everyone. For someone who needs help with the technicalities of integration, TutorCrunch might not be your best choice. Also, if you want some easy and swift rescheduling, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. 

4. TutorPlatform

Founded in 2016, TutorPlatform is feature-rich and has grown rapidly. That explains why you will find their name in most lists of top lesson scheduling software. TutorPlatform is a great choice for content delivery, analytics, and marketing for your tutoring services.

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, TutorPlatform offers something amazing for all three key stakeholders for digital tutoring sessions: students, tutors, and managers. To students, it offers easy access to complete lessons. To tutors, it makes available a wide variety of tools with which to teach and schedule classes. And to the managers, it provides admin facilities and valuable insights.

Tutor Platform | All-in-one Teaching and Learning LMS

Where TutorPlatform scores high

1. Powerful analytics: With a fully integrated classroom, you want a system that can empower you to watch key data very closely. And TutorPlatform certainly brings you all the insights you need on KPIS about student performance and attendance.

2. Website building support: When it comes to helping you with a website, only one or two virtual classroom software can match TutorPlatform. They have intelligently templatized most of the things that go into building a website. In addition to the free website templates, they also provide consulting for building education websites.

Where TutorPlatform can do better

1. Interface design: If you have seen a few of the most popular tutoring management solutions, you’ll probably feel their interface is a tad confusing. A couple of TutorPlatform competitors have a really modern layout, which makes TutorPlatform design appear a little dated too.

2. Invoicing: Not that it’s bad, but their invoicing is surely a bit unusual. If your invoicing processes are like most other tutoring companies, chances are you’ll need to find a few workarounds before you get used to it.

Pros and cons of TutorPlatform

TutorPlatform Pricing

  • Smart package starts at $125 per month
  • The premium package starts at $295 per month - and includes a dedicated account manager
  • For the Enterprise package, you may contact the vendor. It allows - among other things - unlimited students and customization

Branded mobile apps and specialized reports are available as value-added features.

Is TutorPlatform the best online tutoring software for you? 

Some of the add-ons are really good; they can take your live online education to a new level. For instance, custom reports with specific data presented in a visually digestible format can speed up effective decision-making.

Who should look for TutorPlatform alternatives?

One of the major shortfalls appears to be a steep learning curve, and going by the opinions of a few users, the UI isn’t doing a great job there. When you’re trying to get an interactive educational site into action, such things can sometimes slow you down considerably.

5. TutorBird

Their promise is to help with whatever tutoring goals are. Whether you want to schedule lessons for your students, collect payments or tutor clients - TutorBird solves it for you. Whether you are a one-person business or whether you run a multi-tutor setup, TutorBird has some great solutions.

TutorBird has made it easy for everyone. Students and parents can get portal access. Tutors can easily schedule private or group lessons. And admins can sit back and manage everything, no matter how big the volumes.

TutorBird Reviews, Prices & Ratings | GetApp UK 2023

Where TutorBird scores high

1. Student/Parent portal: One of their key features is the portal for students and parents. They can check out the scheduled lessons, receive automatic lesson reminders, access resources you have uploaded for sharing, and generally stay in sync. Additionally, parents get access to accounts, where they view invoices and make payments. 

2. Lesson notes: Your tutors can add lesson notes that assist the tutor in remembering what the students should learn during the class and what they’d need to study at home. When you are running a virtual classroom, the screen sharing feature has few equals.

Where TutorBird can do better

1. Bulk Invoicing: TutorBird may be a great software for tutoring services, but their invoicing has rather limited options. For instance, after you prepare invoices, you have to click on each of them separately to send emails to each client.

2. Access restrictions: When you give your teams access to your TutorBird account, the difference in what each can access isn’t huge. You’d expect an online tutor management tool to provide teams access on a more tighter, need-to-know basis.

Pros and cons of TutorBird

TutorBird pricing

  • Pricing is based on the number of tutors and admins
  • Pricing starts at $14.95/mo, without any limit on the number of students
  • Volume benefits are decent
  • Special pricing for 50 or more tutors

Their 30-day free trial doesn’t require a credit card.

Is TutorBird the perfect online tutoring software for you?

Is it the best? Tutoring in the modern world isn't easy, so you want to evaluate all the features. One of the key features that online tutors love about TutorBird is it allows you to easily upload files that will work as learning resources. The generous storage makes more practice available, which reinforces learning.

Who should look for TutorBird alternatives?

Even if you have used some other online tutoring software earlier, some features like invoicing and website integration certainly have a steep learning curve. If you want to hit the ground running, you might want to explore at least one more online tool.

6. LearnSpeed

As a major platform for tutors, LearnSpeed offers an easy and convenient way to manage tutors, schedule students, and send out messages. You can not only schedule students’ sessions, but you can price them differently, depending on the criteria you set up.

One of the key goals LearnSpeed chases is saving time by making online meetings organized and secure. It also provides a system where students and tutors can get feedback, something that can drive improvement and scale tutoring programs. 

Tutorials | LearnSpeed: Tutor Management Software

Where LearnSpeed scores high

1. Student journey: From registration to the point where the student graduates, LearnSpeed provides a a set of interactive tools for you to monitor the progress of your students. Even if you are a one-person tutoring company, you’ll find this feature simple and time-saving.

2. Color coding: LearnSpeed offers color color-coded calendar. While it’s not a huge technological leap, color coding proves hugely useful when you’re trying to schedule courses or meetings online. A single glance shows your position, saving considerable time that you can spend to grow your business.

Where LearnSpeed can do better

1. Dated interface: Students and tutors are used to a great interface everywhere. That’s why it’s imperative for any education services company to provide a great experience. You’ll likely find the LearnSpeed interface needs to level up.

2. Dynamic invoicing: Whether you run a team or are a sole tutor, business growth requires you to keep accounting and invoicing simple. LearnSpeed has what’s called dynamic invoicing. As a result, the invoice may change even after you’ve sent it to a client. While it’s not a major drawback, once in a while you end up spending some extra time explaining things to clients. 

Pros and cons of LearnSpeed

LearnSpeed Pricing

LearnSpeed has a slightly different pricing model. 

  • 29c per session for new accounts
  • Between 1 and 3.65% of fees to process payments (optional)
  • No contract, which means flexibility

Currently, they are do not charge any extra fees for support.

Is LearnSpeed the ideal software for freelance tutors?

As you grow a tutoring business, you’ll want all the data you can get. And LearnSpeed has a friendly system of capturing and sharing data that shows you nearly everything you’ll want to know.  

Who should look for LearnSpeed alternatives?

In its entirety, LearnSpeed isn’t a system that you’ll learn in a hurry. They have their own way of getting things done, which could be different from the way almost any other tutoring management solution operates. If you’re looking to take off quite effortlessly, probably you’ll want to explore other scheduling tools.

7. Planubo

Born on January 1, 2020, Planubo is one of the youngest companies on our list of the best tutoring software and solutions companies. And the pace at which they’ve grown and earned their spot is certainly remarkable.

Founded by two Germans passionate about making online education more organized and responsive, Planubo can be used for academic learning just as effectively as for tennis coaching. 

Planubo - Tutoring Software for Universities, Colleges, and Private  Institutions

Where Planubo scores high

1. Scheduling: While a feature for scheduling sessions is imperative for any online tutor management tool, Planubo does a slightly better job. Scheduling is both easier and enjoys better visibility. A single glance at the calendar will show you the schedules of all your staff at once - a vital feature for an online platform.

2. Client details: Planubo organizes your client data very efficiently. From notes to billing and progress reports to pictures, you’ll find everyone neatly stocked in one single place. This not only saves you time but gives you a lot of peace of mind.

Where Planubo can do better

1. Feedback: For a learning management system (LMS), the feedback system file sharing are crucial to the success of students as well as the growth of the tutoring businesses. You get a feel that Planubo gives you the minimum features for feedback, but there’s no extra that you won’t get anywhere else. We can’t say any aspect of its feedback system really stands out.

2. Invoicing: When your learners are from across the globe (and with various degrees of comfort with online tutoring), you want invoicing to be simple and straightforward. Your students might come back to your support teams for clarification on invoices - which indicates that invoicing needs some improvement. 

Pros and cons of Planubo

Planubo pricing

Planubo doesn’t display pricing plans and options on their website. 

  • Pricing available on request
  • No free trial available. However, you can ask for a demo.
  • Payment gateway fees is not disclosed

Is Planubo the best online tutoring software for you? 

For a small coaching business getting off the ground and into the virtual world, Planubo does make a few things easy and swift - like swift screen sharing. There are parts that tutoring agencies can ignore in the early days without leaving any gaps.

Who should look for Planubo alternatives?

Scaling with Planubo could pose more than one challenge. One, as mentioned, is the limitation of its invoicing systems. And two, over time Planubo users are believed to have a feeling that the technology updates are a little slow. Things in ed-tech are moving pretty fast, and you certainly want your tutor scheduling tool to keep you ahead; Planubo doesn’t always rise to the occasion.

8. Oases

If you’re looking for a solution for online coaching and accounting, you can’t miss checking Oases. Looking to use a sophisticated coaching software with a storefront? Oases could be a good fit for your requirements. 

As a tutoring management software, Oases understands how important it will be for you to schedule and sell sessions, and collect payments for them. Oases certainly does a good job as a fully integrated software for tutoring centers.

Oases Online Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2023

Where Oases scores high

1. Detailed reports: Their reporting system leverages the benefits of online learning very well - data is captured and presented in a useful manner. That means you can know not only the health of your business but also the overall trend of educational organizations. Of course, customized reports aren’t always possible.

2. Invoicing flexibility: Oases has three invoicing styles: for individuals, a student-wise contract, and session-wise contract. This makes things more sorted, more organized when you’re running different formats of coaching, or even testing new formats. Certainly a plus for a tutor management software.

Where Oases can do better

1. Group sessions vs one-to-one sessions: While using or testing Oases, you’ll quite likely get a feel that the tutoring management solution has been built keeping in mind group sessions. Skilled tutors conducting one-to-one sessions may have a sub-optimal experience.

2. Interface: The limitation is more on how things are organized rather than the features themselves. While it’s a good tutor scheduling tool, the Oases interface takes a bit of getting used to. And even then, you might still not have all the options you saw in many other scheduling tools.

Pros and cons of Oases

Oases Pricing

  • The lowest is the Starter pack, priced at $99/mo
  • At least 6 plans available, for upto 350 students
  • Special plans when you have more than 350 students
  • Pro-rata billing for numbers that fall between two plans

Is Oases the right online tutoring software for you? 

Founded in 2003, Oases is perhaps one of the oldest solutions for a purely online or hybrid learning environment. Their age indicates they have robust, mature systems. For someone who’s looking for an old player, Oases will certainly be one of their top choices for online teaching businesses. 

Who should look for Oases alternatives?

The fact that it’s an established software platform also makes it complex to use. One might even get a feeling that some extra features actually make navigation challenging. Besides, their documents use terms that are brand-specific (instead of the ones commonly used in the tutoring industry). While a good product, tutoring businesses looking for a solution that can easily schedule appointments will prefer exploring other coaching software as well.

9. TeachWorks

Practically every single tutoring business is an edtech company today. And with an efficient coaching software solution like TeachWorks, you’ll be able to manage your virtual learning room as effortlessly as you can manage an in-person session.

TeachWorks has a nice feel and offers you all the functionalities of an ideal tutor platform. Scheduling sessions, tracking student progress, billing, canceling,... TeachWorks has practically everything you’d expect from a tutor management system.

The Teachworks Dashboard – Teachworks

Where TeachWorks scores high

1. Customizing appointments: You can give any name to your appointments and customize them pretty much anyway you want. That means you can use it seamlessly for additional communication within your organization - not bad for a tool that’s primarily a learning management software.

2. Wide functionality: Comprehensive features is certainly a big plus with TeachWorks. As a coach or admin, you want to focus on creating and delivering high quality online lessons. You’d rather not worry if a certain feature is missing or easy to use. TeachWork is a good fit; it has your back.

Where TeachWorks can do better

1. Figuring it out: A big number of features can sometimes take a toll. As a platform for tutors, TeachWorks might come across as a bit confusing. That means there’ll be a couple features that your tutoring business could really use, but it would be a while before you can actually get down to it.

2. Costing: Whether any of the online tutoring services are pricey would be relative. However, considering the ease of use and features, TeachWorks does appear to have priced itself slightly on the higher side. 

Pros and cons of TeachWorks

TeachWorks pricing

  • Starter pack begins at $16.49 /mo + + $0.27 per student lesson monthly
  • The Growth pack is $47.99 /mo (+ $0.16 per student lesson) 
  • The highest pack is Premium: $187.99 /mo + $0.055 per student lesson monthly

A 21-day free trial is available, which sounds reasonable.

Is TeachWorks the best online tutoring software for you?

Your tutoring programs will run smoothly if you can onboard students effortlessly. And TeachWorks does a rather commendable job there - tutor students and begin adding value for them early. 

Who should look for TeachWorks alternatives?

Lead management (or even lead generation) is no less important for an education services company than it is for a real-estate agency. However, TeachWorks falls a little short in helping you with your leads. If you don’t have a strong alternative channel or processes, you’ll want to compare other alternatives.

10. Kajabi

Kajabi is certainly a well-recognized name in online learning. It has a wide range of features that you’d need if you offer online tutoring. 

The California-based company isn’t your regular online coaching software provider. You’ll see many influencers and professional course-creators selling their courses over Kajabi. As a result, you’ll have a feeling it’s more geared towards recorded or professional courses rather than academic ones.

Kajabi To WordPress Migration - Square Internet

Where Kajabi  scores high

1. Integrated visibility: Everything from webpages to integrations and sales funnels to courses is available under a single view. While it doesn’t rightaway make Kajabi the best software for tutoring online, it helps the business owner get the entire picture in one glance.

2. Strong basic features: From email marketing to launching on-demand courses and invoicing, Kajabi brings virtually everything under one roof. Course-creators don’t have to look beyond Kajabi for almost anything.

Where Kajabi can do better

1. Overpacked interface: Sure, it’s good to have a wide range of options. But the challenge begins when you pack too many of them in one screen and ask even a new user to begin choosing what she wants and what she doesn’t. Kajabi will need a good deal of your time in setting up things, at least in the initial days.

2. Fees: While it’s certainly not the cheapest, we won’t say it’s the most expensive online coaching software in absolute terms. It’s just that some users might feel that considering the monthly subscription they pay, Kajabi makes them work a little more than expected.

Pros and cons of Kajabi 

Kajabi pricing

  • Basic pack begins at $149 /mo + taxes for 1,000 students
  • Subsequent plans offer you value-added features like affiliate marketing options and advanced automation
  • Unlimited landing pages for all plans

A free trial is available.

Is Kajabi  the best online tutoring software for you?

Kajabi is neat if you look at how it will support your marketing initiatives. They have a decent lead management system that lets you track leads and conversions. A few clicks is all you’ll need to push your courses or view where each lead stands.

Who should look for Kajabi alternatives?

People looking for Kajabi alternatives agree that Kajabi is a little expensive. The principal challenge is that against the fees you pay, things can get a bit complex for users.You’ll likely spend more time than you expected in organizing your courses so your clients can make their choices easily. If you want things to fall in place pretty quickly, probably Kajabi isn’t your best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start my own tutoring business?

Begin by identifying two critical aspects: what subject you'll be able to teach really well and who all will be your target market. Draw out a rough plan along with researching potential competitors , and if that sounds promising, go to the next stage.

Lay particular emphasis on figuring out how you'll grow your business and what tutor management software will best meet your needs and budget. Generally speaking, the earlier you adopt technology, the better your virtual classroom turns out.

2. Is Zoom best for online tutoring?

Zoom is certainly a great online video conferencing and communication technology solution. For remote students, you can certainly use Zoom to conduct engaging sessions. Facilities like an online whiteboard, for instance, replicate an in-class experience.

Of course, there are certain features that Zoom doesn't have - progress tracking, for instance. That means you might want to explore alternative solutions.

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