Online evaluation processes have become advanced in the educational and corporate sectors. Especially after the pandemic that changed the education system's landscape, online exams became a crucial source of arranging all types of tests and evaluations. 

Proctored exams are an added part of online exams. Any exam conducted without a valid parameter of invigilation lacks trust, and the same goes for online tests. Proctoring exams is crucial in maintaining academic integrity, especially in the digital age where online education is becoming increasingly prevalent. Proctoring refers to the supervision and monitoring of exams to ensure that students adhere to the rules and regulations set by educational institutions.

With the growing popularity of online learning platforms and remote exams, the need for effective proctoring methods has become paramount. Proctoring not only safeguards the credibility of the examination process but also ensures that students are assessed fairly and accurately.

If you are excited to know more about online proctored exams, whether they're suitable for your course, or the advantages they bring, then this blog is for you. Let's get started.

An Overview of Proctored Exams

Exam proctoring is a secure way of taking exams; its main objective is to improve online assessment while preventing cheating and ensuring the integrity of the exam. Proctors oversee exam sessions to ensure they follow the rules and regulations and stop themselves from engaging in prohibited activities such as carrying materials or seeking assistance from others. 

There are two kinds of proctored exams, whether in person or online. Moreover, there are various types of proctoring methods available, including 

  1. Live proctoring
  2. Recorded proctoring 
  3. Artificial intelligence proctoring 

Online proctored exams have gained immense popularity in recent years as more and more exam sessions are conducted online, where it has become challenging to prevent cheating.

We all know the basics of proctoring exams, but what are the different proctoring methods? Let's discuss the same in the next section. 

Different Methods of Proctoring 

A technological invention known as proctoring software serves as an examiner when students take online tests. By first confirming the test taker's identification and continuously monitoring them during the exam, it operates on the students' devices and reduces the likelihood that they will use unethical methods. An easy-to-integrate cloud-based option for proctoring can be found in learning management systems and testing platforms.

Several proctoring types are available with features that can be customized, giving educational institutions flexibility. The kinds of proctoring solutions that educational institutions can choose from determine the type of invigilation the online proctoring software can perform.

Live Proctoring

When the stakes are high, a popular technique for administering remote and home-based exams and assessments is online proctoring, also known as remote proctoring. This enables the tests to take place in a safe setting. This is a popular proctoring method if you want to shift an exam session from physical to online exams. The process enables a proctor to monitor the student through real-time video and audio as they progress through the exam. 

The proctor or test takers can pause or end the online exam if the rules are not followed or catch them in irrelevant activities. 

The Advantages of Live or Remote Proctoring 

  1. The most obvious advantage of online proctoring is the candidate can attend the exam from anywhere as they don't have to visit any particular venue 
  2. It saves time, travel expenses, and energy. 
  3. Moreover, it is secure and safe and eliminates the need to hire someone to monitor students.

Automated Proctoring 

With the aid of automated technology, automated proctoring allows for the online observation of candidates. For instance, the computerized system watches and records the exam session on video for possible review later when using the Record & Review remote proctoring option.

The system recognizes potential abnormalities, such as a second person on screen, and can be forwarded to the appropriate person for further investigation. This automated technique, which uses algorithms that continuously learn to identify and highlight irregularities during a test, is frequently called AI proctoring.

Depending on how sophisticated the technology is, AI or automated remote proctoring solutions can detect various actions, including using a second monitor, applicants looking away from the screen, and irregularities in sound quality.

If a student engages in any unwanted behavior, the software immediately forwards the complaint to the proctor, who will do the necessary investigation and render a verdict.

The Advantages of Automated Proctoring 

  1. This proctoring technology is more cost-effective and convenient as compared to other methods
  2. It eliminates the need for a human invigilator to schedule the exam
  3. Delivers accurate results as "machines" never lie

Recorded Proctoring 

The name itself suggests the meaning of these online proctored exams. It is an AI-powered online assessment where the students' screen students screens are recorded throughout the test without any real-time monitoring. 

Since the software used in recorded proctoring uses a unique function to record and preserve student data during an online exam, no human interaction is involved. The software uses the students' cameras and microphones to carry out this invigilation. A human proctor can watch the video after the test to ensure the examination is conducted honestly.

The Advantages of Recorded Proctoring 

  1. Recorded proctoring exams overcome location limitations
  2. Remote proctors usually use this model 
  3. Along with the screen, it also shares feeds of the whole set

Best Proctoring Software to Consider in 2024 


Using a browser-based method, Edisonos' digital SAT has a special Layer 1 proctoring capability that lets students minimize, shut, or switch tabs while taking the test. Trainers can use this functionality as a useful tool since it offers a first line of defense against any potential cheating or unlawful activity. 

It's crucial to remember that this tool is intended to improve training and tutoring experiences; it is not a full proctoring system. Of note, when compared to other Digital SAT platforms, EdisonOS is the only one that provides these unique characteristics. 

Try our Free Digital SAT Mock Test to experience our platform that recreates the actual Bluebook test experience.


ProctorExam is a completely customizable tool designed to carry out various education and corporate activities securely. Organizations, businesses, or teachers can fine-tune the proctoring environment to fulfill particular exam requirements.

ProctorExam provides a 360-degree picture of the testing setting via a computer and a smartphone. Additionally, the instrument makes use of microphones and webcams to guarantee total security throughout remote examination sessions.


Talview is a comprehensive AI-powered hiring and proctoring solution that is intended for large-scale hiring and the administration of numerous examinations for certification providers, employers, and educators. For hiring and proctoring, the tool assists corporate enterprises in quickly screening, interviewing, and evaluating top personnel.


For professional education programs and higher education institutions, Honorlock simplifies, secures, and scales online proctoring. With Honorlock, you may use its special combination of AI and human proctors to successfully detect and prevent assessment misconduct. The tool’s mission is to bring the technological online proctoring experience closer to humanity. 


Mercer is widely recognized as a popular provider of proctored tools. These tools are commonly used in educational and professional settings to ensure the integrity of exams and assessments. Mercer's proctoring solutions help monitor and supervise test-takers remotely, preventing cheating and promoting a fair evaluation process. With a reputation for reliability and effectiveness, Mercer's proctored tools play a crucial role in maintaining the security and credibility of online exams.

Numerous software options are available to fulfill your unique demands; nevertheless, to get the right software, you must first identify your own needs and then select the proctored service that best suits you.

What is Proctoring Software? What Features to Look For? 

Putting simply, proctoring software is one kind of monitoring tool, used in remote testing or online education to verify the identity of students. Typically, it records and analyzes the student's actions during the exam using the webcam, microphone, and screen.

Spotting possible cheating habits, proctoring services can involve keeping an eye on the student's face, surroundings, keystrokes, and online activities. Popular proctoring software also uses emerging technologies like AI and ML algorithms to detect suspicious activities and flag them for additional examination by human proctors.

Educational institutions, certifying authorities, and other organizations use proctoring software to guarantee the validity of online tests and assessments.

Features of the Online Proctoring Software 

The following are the reasons why colleges and universities rely on online proctoring software:

Web-based Automated Proctoring

With the use of sophisticated audio and video analytics, it keeps an eye out for unusual conduct. It keeps an eye on the exam screen and the candidate's movements while they administer it. It examines the questionable object or activity in the distance. It also alerts you to anything that seems off. 

Live Test Monitoring

If cheating is discovered during the exam, the candidate is notified. Throughout the test, the candidate is observed by the invigilator. 

Face Recognition

Face recognition features verify the exam candidate's identity. It provides a two-way authentication mechanism that reduces the risk of fraud. After the candidate's authentication, access is granted to begin the

Test Engine And Mobile Support Integration

Compatible with any website or mobile app. This cutting-edge proctoring system is compatible with Android and mobile apps. 

Secure Browser

It offers the candidate a safe and secure online examination environment. It stops candidates from using any browser or website. This feature provides an integrated link to Moodles or any other learning management system, such as EdisonOS, to have a fair and honest exam experience. 

On the other hand, candidates can administer tests for different assessments remotely thanks to software for remote proctoring. Numerous capabilities are available, including data analytics, administrative control, and computer lockdown settings. The main goal of the online exam is to ensure the test's integrity, not to invade a candidate's privacy. It also catalyzes college and school student learning.

It provides a smooth experience in the convenience of your own house. Many educational institutions are using software for remote proctoring. It is a practical way to transition to more user-friendly technology.

Final Thoughts on Proctored Exam

Certification centers and educational institutions conduct online assessment processes in various ways. For example, some choose to use Learning Management Systems (LMS) to incorporate their built-in assessment tools, while others go ahead and establish their custom proctoring facilities. 

We are pushing the boundaries of educational technology in this environment, which has transformed into a massive online learning experiment. Among them, online proctoring has emerged as a crucial component of eLearning and is showing signs of being a long-lasting trend. Additionally, as AI in proctoring services advances sophistication, tests will become more convenient, genuine, and easy to take.

Frequently Asked Questions on Proctored Exam 

Can my screen be read amid proctored exams? 

Most online proctoring software can read your screen to prevent cheating and enhance academic integrity. 

Does the proctored exam affect the overall online exam methodology?

Not at all. A proctored exam is a way of conducting an exam that enhances the integrity of tests. The exam methodology depends on the LMS or platform you are working with. 

What problems exist with online exams that need to be proctored or offline exams that are?

Online proctored tests remove the possibility of anyone trying to cheat. Students know they are being watched, especially during filmed exams, and won't try to cheat. Officials at the college would also concur that proctoring an online exam is far simpler than proctoring a paper exam administered in person. Most test takers are grouped in a room with a single instructor. In summary, online proctoring software allows educational institutions to administer exams as effectively as possible while offering students unprecedented ease.

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