Creating an online course isn't as straightforward as you may have thought. There are hundreds of ways & EdTech trends to create a course, each requiring a different set of tools.. You will have to invest time and money into making the course which can add up.

Thankfully, there are tools and course creator softwares out there that can make creating your own online course a little bit easier, and they're not that expensive either. You may not be familiar with how to handle the large amount of content that will be in your online course. It would help if you thought about all of the things that will go into making your courses, such as editing, audio, video, slideshows, and more.

Once you have everything set up, you need to figure out how to get students to take action. This is where marketing methods come into play. You will have to market your product just like any other business would.There are several ways to create an online course, and they all have pros and cons. You want to be sure that the course has high quality, but you also want to know it will be easy for people to use. It's important to know that you aren't alone in this journey. When it comes down to it, you need to be confident that your course will help people learn what they need to know.

To help you out, I've created this guide to show you the most effective ways to build an online course and save you time, money, and stress.

Here is a list of some tools that you can use when creating an online course:

1. EdisonOS: An Inexpensive Software Program to Create an Online Course

EdisonOS offers a low-cost solution to online course creators who want to create, market and sell their content quickly. It's free to create and sell your first course on the platform.

EdisonOS is an educational technology company that provides an easy-to-use web platform for creating online courses. The company also supplies tools for creating quizzes, tests and assessments, etc. Users can also add videos, images and other multimedia elements to their courses.The idea behind EdisonOS was to make it easier for people who wanted to start their own business selling courses over the Internet but didn't know where to start or how much it would cost them in terms of time or money.

EdisonOS makes it easier for people to conduct online courses and live lectures. 100's of teachers have been using EdisonOS for a while now to create and sell their own online courses. It's an incredibly easy platform to use — you don't need any coding skills or design skills to make a beautiful course. You can get started in minutes by creating your course using one of EdisonOS's templates. You can start your free trial today.

2. Zoom: Meet Online with Other Students or Teachers for Free

  1. Zoom is a top-rated video conferencing platform that allows you to meet online with other students or teachers for free.
  2. Zoom has been around since 2011 and is used by over 10 million people, including educators, businesses, and government agencies. Cisco acquired the company in 2017, which means they have a lot of resources at their disposal to keep improving their product.I've used Zoom for years now, and I've found it to be reliable and easy to use. It's also free for individuals (though there are paid plans if you want more features).
  3. Zoom's features include HD video conferencing, screen sharing, mobile apps, desktop sharing, recording features, and instant messaging.
  4. Zoom is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS devices.
  5. Zoom in for anyone who wants to collaborate with others online. Zoom is the fastest way to do it if you need to work together on a project or presentation. If you're going to practice speaking English with a native speaker, Zoom makes that possible too.

You can even use Zoom as a virtual classroom for live lectures from your school or university. You can conduct live classes through EdisonOS on Zoom.

3. Camtasia: Video Editing Software for the Price of a Latte, with a Free Trial

Camtasia is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create and share screen recordings online. It's easy to use and has many features that are often found in more expensive programs. If you want to make videos and record your screen, Camtasia is the best tool for you.

  1. Camtasia can record it no matter what you're doing on your computer. Whether you're giving a presentation or making a tutorial video, Camtasia makes it easy to show off anything on your screen.
  2. Camtasia is a video editing software that helps you create professional-looking videos. It's easy to learn and use, but it also has some advanced features like a green screen, motion tracking, and chroma key.
  3. Camtasia makes adding images and text overlays easy, which can help illustrate what you're doing when recording your screen. You can also draw directly on top of your recording if needed!

4. GoAnimate/Vyond: Create an Animated Video for Free

Create a cartoon or animated video online with GoAnimate/Vyond. The site includes tons of templates, characters and sound effects to help you whip up a cute little cartoon that tells your story in an entertaining way.

You can create your own characters from scratch or choose from one of the many pre-made characters available in the library. The software also allows you to add text and sound effects and customize them to suit your needs. You can even edit existing videos and make changes as needed. The best part? It's all free! It's great for teachers who want to create videos for their students that are fun and engaging. You can use your own voice or add music and sound effects.You can also add text, graphics and images to improve the video. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you'll be able to make something that fits your needs perfectly!

5. MySimpleShow: A Free Online Tool that Allows Users to Create Explainer Videos in Minutes

The MySimpleShow platform is a free online tool that allows you to create explainer videos in minutes. The site was created by the same people behind Powtoon, a popular app that lets you create animated presentations and slideshows.

MySimpleShow works similarly to PowToon, but it lets you create explainer videos with just a few clicks instead of creating presentation slides or animated infographics. It's an easy-to-use tool that will appeal to both beginners and more advanced users who want to make their own explainer video without having to learn any new software or invest in expensive software licenses.

You can also use one of their templates if you don't have time to create something from scratch or if you just want to see what it looks like before you commit to a purchase. MySimpleShow allows you to choose from a variety of styles, including animated characters, text overlays, and more. The tool also allows you to add music and voiceovers that match your theme perfectly while giving your viewers an idea of who they are dealing with before they ever speak with someone on the phone or buy your product off the shelf. This tool is perfect for businesses that want to stand out from the crowd by using a great-looking explainer video rather than just boring stock photos or text-heavy websites that leave visitors feeling uninspired and confused about who they are dealing with when they visit your site.

4. MailChimp: To Automate your Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers. It is very effective and has been proven to be a great way to increase sales.

MailChimp is a very popular email marketing platform that allows you to send out newsletters and emails to your subscribers. This article will show you how to use MailChimp for your business. MailChimp is a free service that allows users to create newsletters and email campaigns. You can create an account with them, which will provide you with an email address like [email protected]. Once you have created an account, you can start sending out emails through them by signing into their website and sending out your messages through their system.

There are many benefits of using MailChimp for your business:

It's easy to use – Signing up for a MailChimp account is easy and straightforward, even if you don't have any knowledge about designing emails or writing content for them. The interface is simple and easy to navigate, so it won't take long before you start creating professional-looking emails in no time!

5. RawShorts: A Video Creation Software

RawShorts is a video creation software that enables you to create professional-looking videos with just a few clicks.

With RawShorts, you can create videos for your business, blog, product or service that will get attention and increase conversions.The great thing about RawShorts is that it's so easy to use – no technical skills are needed! Just upload your images and text, choose a theme, add music, then click 'create video' and watch as your video comes to life!

It's an excellent tool for making video marketing content, especially when you've got a lot of footage and want to cut it into a cohesive story quickly. RawShorts is a video editing tool that allows you to create your own videos using photos and music. You can add text overlays, animations, filters and other creative effects to give your videos some extra pizzazz. The software also comes with built-in templates for YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, so you can easily share your creations on social media or upload them directly to these platforms.

6. Beaver Builder: WordPress Page Builder that Won't Break your Budget

Beaver Builder is a page builder for WordPress that I've been using for several months now. It's not a free plugin, but it's affordable and worth every penny. Beaver Builder is an alternative to Visual Composer and Elementor. It's one of the most popular page builders for WordPress because it's easy to use and very affordable. Here are some reasons why I love using Beaver Builder:

  1. It's really easy to use. It has over 200 drag-and-drop modules that make creating your pages a breeze.
  2. You can even create entire websites with Beaver Builder without touching a single line of code! You can use your own images as backgrounds (you don't have to buy additional assets).
  3. Beaver Builder comes with over 150 pre-made templates, or you can create your own layout from scratch using their simple drag-and-drop interface.

7. Canva: Design Tool that's Both free and Easy to Use

Canva is a graphic design tool that's both free and easy to use. It allows you to create eye-catching social media graphics, infographics, presentations, and more. The tool has a lot of pre-made templates for you to choose from, but if you're looking for something specific, you can always create your own. Canva has been around for a while now and is used by thousands of people worldwide.

Here are a few reasons why it's so popular:

  1. It's free! Canva offers free accounts with limited features and paid versions with more features. The free account is enough if all you want to do is create social media graphics or designs to use on your website or blog post.
  2. Canva has millions of stock images available at its fingertips. If you want an image not available in the template library, simply search for it in Google Images, right-click on the image, copy the URL address, and paste it into Canva as an image source and voila! You'll see your picture pop up in seconds!

A wide variety of layouts and templates means there's something for everyone - whether you're creating simple graphics or complex ones with lots of text and images.


While there are countless options and even more resources, you can start with a simple blog and a handful of tools. But don't hesitate to research others as you create your online course (and beyond). One of the great things about the rise of online education is that anyone can create it. Whether you want to teach a class, publish tutorials, or start a podcast, there are courses and tools available to help you do so. The only limits are your creativity and budget.

Whatever design tool you choose may depend on your project and resources. There is no perfect product, but having the right tools can make instructional design easier. Overall, learning management systems are an essential component of online courses. These systems make it easy to keep track of student progress and offer various tools to supplement the learning experience.

In conclusion, the top 9 tools are worth checking out if you're hoping to get additional help in your online course. After all, everyone has different standards for what makes a great educational tool. Ultimately, the best choice for each individual will depend on your needs and preferences.

Riddhima Parkar
Content Marketing Associate
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