Over the past couple of years, access to information and the wide range of the Internet significantly increased the hunger for knowledge. In recent years, the world of online courses has grown tremendously. Forbes estimates that by 2025, the global e-learning market could bring in more than $325 billion. Creating and selling online courses is one of the fantastic ways to earn a passive income if you are a professional and have adequate knowledge about modern technology. 

Today, people have extensive mediums and opportunities to learn and excel in their respective careers. Therefore, the best learning management systems (LMS) emerged to streamline the company's learning and training objectives. 

Students, employees, trainees, educators, or anyone else can study online, saving time and money transporting to typical classroom teaching methods. companies incorporating online courses are geared towards helping employees brush up on specific skills to make the most out of them. 

If you want to create online courses or a course creator, you must be aware of Kajabi, a well-known all-in-one platform used to create, manage, and sell online courses and digital products. Indeed, Kajabi has made its way in the LMS market and comes with all the advanced marketing features, but most people have challenges with the platform's specific marketing tools. 

Fortunately, Kajabi is one of many platforms allowing users to sell courses, digital downloads, and sales pages. If Kajabi cannot fulfill your expectations, here are seven other fantastic alternatives you can rely on. 

What is Kajabi and Who Is It For?

Kajabi is one of the finest digital course creation platforms with the emerging features needed for course creation, eBooks, landing pages, video lessons, and more. Kajabi comes with top-notch marketing tools that eventually help one to boost sales, from pre-launch to post-purchase. 

Kajabi is a good choice for those who want to create online courses, share their knowledge with the world, and, as a result, get rewarded for their serious endeavors. Apart from that, Kajabi is also a good option for content creators looking to promote and sell digital products. 

Kajabi is a great online course and community platform and a tool for selling all types of digital products. 

Kajabi Main Features

  1. Sell digital or downloadable products 
  2. Integrate with Stripe and PayPal to collect payments online 
  3. Monitoring and scaling their online courses has also become easy as Kajabi boasts advanced marketing advanced features and offers Google Analytics tools to track activities. 

What Are the Top Kajabi Alternatives?

If you are searching for the best Kajabi alternatives, you are on the right page, as here you will get a full review of Kajabi alternatives. Go through its key features, compare plans, and find the best for your requirements. 

Kajabi is an online all-in-one platform for course creators, comes with marketing automation, and sell them. Indeed, it offers a bunch of features like website builder, email marketing, marketing automation, and much more. 

Despite its unique features, Kajabi is only ideal for some business owners. If you fall into this category, you've likely previously looked for Kajabi alternatives. Here is a summary of the top ten top alternatives to kajabi for your digital products, memberships, and online courses.


EdisonOS is the best learning management system and alternative to Kajabi, which offers all the required tools and makes the course creation process extremely easy. It is the go-to solution for organizations and course creators to create unlimited courses and get rid of all the technical stuff headaches. 

EdisonOS offers a wide range of engagement features to its users. Additionally, the platform provides users complete control over the course-building process with white-labeling, branded mobile apps, and third-party integrations. 

EdisonOS's significant features include SCORM compliance, website builder, email marketing, Q&A discussions, Stripe for payment solutions, and an interactive real-time dashboard to track and monitor all the activities. Also, the platform's customer service is one to vouch for. 

Why is the EdisonOS a Good Kajabi Alternative?

  1. Make quizzes, add videos, and use a drag-and-drop builder to organize your stuff.
  2. Provides the integration, marketing tools, and payment choices you need to market your company, sell courses, and draw in students.
  3. You may integrate with your current website effortlessly or create a brand-new course website from scratch with Edison OS. 
  4. More than a thousand third-party business and marketing apps can be combined with it. Additionally, you can increase sales by utilizing discounts and promotional elements.

Pricing Structure

You can create infinite free courses with infinite videos, manage students, integrate payment processing, and much more with its two premium plans. A basic plan for individuals starts from $85/ per month.


Know more about minimalistic online course platforms for maximum functionality.  


For making and marketing an online course, LearnDash is an excellent choice. LearnDash is a WordPress plug-in that, unlike Kajabi, enables you to develop online courses using WordPress' built-in functionality.  LearnDash offers frameworks like quizzes, assignments, course builders, and user tracking that are intended to increase content engagement.

Utilizing these elements may improve user acquisition and retention rates while producing an insightful learning environment. Like Kajabi, LearnDash lets you award certificates to students who finish their courses. It is also possible to divide the content into smaller, better-organized sections or add extra layers of content.

With LearnDash, you have total control over the pricing strategy and may establish a unique price for every course. One-time deals, memberships, and even grouping many courses are options. The 30-day money-back guarantee ensures you're covered against any ambiguity. The lack of a free plan is the only drawback. Otherwise, it satisfies all the facets and is the best alternative to Kajabi. 

Why is LearnDash a Good Alternative to Kajabi? 

  1. Its robust drag-and-drop course builder makes it simple to create multi-layer courses. Reusing your current content is one of Learndash's most incredible features. Additionally, you can alter the label name to anything you want.
  2. Maintain complete control over how your students and courses are run. You can set course transaction fees, easily manage user enrollment, make courses private or public, and more.
  3. Accepts more than 300 different payment methods, including PayPal and Stripe.
  4. It comes with various pricing models, allowing you to select the one that best suits your company, such as one-time sales, subscriptions, memberships, bundles, etc.

Pricing Plans

Offers three premium pricing plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A basic plan starts from $159 per annum.


Thinkific is developed for course creators and novice educators who need an online course platform to create courses and landing pages. It comes with a comprehensive course builder that is user-centric enough for new educators to start quickly.

Thinkific allows users to integrate other marketing tools, but it also comes with native automation and certain affiliate marketing features. If you are already occupied in a coaching business and have some complex needs to be satisfied, Thinkific can make it possible.  Although Thinkific has a landing page creation tool, it's not robust and won't be enough for most coaches.

You can select from various templates, such as mini-courses, flagship courses, webinar replays, etc., to create your course.  After each lesson, you can include quizzes and explain incorrect responses. Users of Thinkific can also create conversion funnels. For instance, you can set up a funnel so that users registering on the platform can view free content, but advanced content requires payment.

Why is Thinkific a Great Alternative to Kajabi?

  1. Make quizzes, add videos, and use a drag-and-drop builder to organize your content.
  2. Provides the integration, marketing tools, and various payment options you need to market your company, sell courses, and draw in students.
  3. You can easily link with your current website or create a brand-new course website from scratch with Thinkific.
  4. More than a thousand third-party business and marketing apps can be integrated with it. Additionally, you can increase sales by utilizing discounts and promotional elements.

Pricing Plans

New users can easily start selling courses without worrying about initial capital investments thanks to Thinkific pricing plans. A basic plan starts from $36 per month, and it also offers a free plan with a 0% transaction fees to test the platform. 


Podia is another top-notch all-in-one solution consisting of various modern tools for course creation, memberships, and online course hosting. Podia is considered one of the best online learning management systems thus far, offering advanced marketing automation features, no transaction fees, and no technical expertise. 

For content, Podia is a go-to option for creators who wish to spread their knowledge to the world and get paid for it; marketers eager to promote their content-based digital material will also find Podia a great choice.  All in all, it's an amazing online community and online learning platform that doubles as a means of selling different kinds of digital goods.

An all-in-one online store can be easily launched, and orders can be taken. You can also process payments and send emails and newsletters using Podia itself. Because of these many features, it is now our top pick as a Kajabi online course platform substitute.

Why is Podia a Great Kajabi Alternative?

  1. Third-party plug-ins or extensive technical knowledge will be optional for constructing your eCommerce website. Because of this, Podia is a user-friendly tool for those new to or intermediate in selling digital goods online.
  2. Another feature of Podia is email marketing. The feature is integrated into the membership, online course, and digital download modules, and it can be accessed through the dashboard's "Emails" menu.
  3. These could be audio files, checklists, e-books, guides, music, PDFs, videos, or cheat sheets. However, pre-designed content is still necessary, so when creating digital content, start there.
  4. Even if you have no experience with coding, you can still create stunning content to sell memberships to your premium clients. 
  5. After that, you can upload various media, such as movies, PDFs, and MP3s, to provide to your members. Your members can also communicate via chat with other members of the admins.

Pricing Plans

With Podia pricing, all of these are yours for a mere $33/month! The free plan is still a terrific place to start despite its limited features and transaction fees. Because of this, Podia is accessible to all, even new businesses and inexperienced content producers looking to try the platform.

Mighty Networks

It assists you in building an online learning community of eager readers who are ready to access your content as a learning management system (LMS). With Mighty Networks, you can easily house your learning community, e-learning courses, and corporate website under one roof. 

By using social media, membership sites and education, you can easily market courses to a chosen group of potential clients while optimizing your audience's learning potential! The goal is to provide a space to house your memberships, community, and courses.

You can start small with a free community with Mighty Networks and build it up to become an empire with your website, a whole course, paid live-streaming events, and even a branded mobile app that is uniquely yours.

Mighty Networks stands apart from other platforms primarily due to its next-generation growth features, which are absent from other platforms. Mighty Networks offers more options for community interaction between community members and ways to gamify, engage, and monetize your community.

Doing this will ignite the snowball effect within your groups and accelerate your growth significantly.

Why is Might Networks a Great Kajabi Alternative?

  1. Mighty Networks offers far superior community-building and student engagement features. Several content kinds (such as posts, articles, and polls), group or one-on-one messaging, a member directory, subgroups, etc., are a few of the noteworthy features.
  2. Because of its built-in live-streaming capabilities, you can hold live sessions inside your community.
  3. Compared to other platforms, Mighty Networks gives your members the most opportunities for social interaction. Connecting with others can be done through profiles, ambassadors, top members, members nearby, members similar to you, member categories, and direct chat. 
  4. Every one of these speeds up the growth of your community. Top member badges, for instance, gamify the system and incentivize users to engage and complete as many tasks as possible. Additionally, member categories group members based on objectives, occupations, or age groups to help your community form closer bonds.
  5. Any content, including articles, images, GIFS, videos, and quick posts, can be posted. Compared to a Facebook group, there's a lot more flexibility and intricate ways to communicate and teach.

Pricing Plans

You have several options for pricing and delivery from Mighty Networks. Except for a minor quirk, everything is largely industry standard. The platform has a fair monthly fee; there is a 2% and a 3% transaction fee for the Community plan and Business plans, respectively.


Udemy is a well-known online course platform that is different from other options in this list because it is an online course marketplace, not a typical course creation platform, which means it is free to use and lets educators deliver online courses under the Udemy brand. 

For course creators without a large following, Udemy is a great choice. Furthermore, using sophisticated tools for creating online courses, such as the "Instructor Dashboard" and an extensive library of lessons, is entirely free.

Once your online course is live on Udemy, you can use various marketing tactics to spread the word about it. Successful courses can be rinsed and repeated numerous times without incurring any fee.

However, you must split your profits with Udemy: 3% from sales from your marketing initiatives (such as coupons) or up to 50% from sales resulting from Udemy's natural traffic.

Why is Udemy a Great Alternative to Kajabi?

  1. Udemy has become a popular Kajabi alternative because it has advanced features and fewer restrictions on certain things, such as video, text, and audio content. 
  2. Once you upload your course content, selling and promoting on Udemy is extremely easy, as the platform boasts 40 million students worldwide. 
  3. This can be an excellent choice for instructors who wish to get money from their courses passively without having to do their marketing. With over 40 million members, Udemy can help you reach a wider audience with your course.
  4. Creating a course is a difficult task. It takes time and proper execution. Thankfully, Udemy offers a number of useful tools to make the process easier. 

Pricing Plans

Educators can use Udemy for free, and it operates on a revenue-sharing basis. Stated differently, their prices are a touch unusual. If someone uses a coupon or referral link to purchase your course, you will get 97% of the sale. If the sale occurs naturally, you will get paid 37 percent of the sale's proceeds.


If you are in the education business and want to teach students seamlessly, Ruzuku is one of the best options to sell your course. Ruzuku is a learning management system developer for course creators wishing to sell their courses online quickly. It is also a popular platform for its peer-to-peer learning support. 

You may give course names and add content to each lesson you create using Ruzuku. Creating a course by following these easy steps takes only a few minutes. Texts, pictures, and reference papers can also be added. If you wish to design some basic-level courses, Ruzuku can be a suitable choice as it allows educators to create landing pages easily. 

An open-source learning management system called Ruzuku makes it simpler for educational establishments to monitor and oversee their students' progress. 

Ruzuku is another wonderful choice where you can move your courses if you're looking for an alternative to any course platform or course marketplace. With their cost-effective pricing plans, you won't have to pay for resources, and you'll be able to keep more of your money because you can determine your prices, and there are no transaction costs, so it will eventually boost your sales funnels. 

Hundreds of producers are already using Ruzuku to design and market courses.

Why is Ruzuku the Best Kajabi Alternative? 

Every course creator would want to utilize Ruzuku's abundance of additional features to create an engaging learning environment for their students. With live meetings, messaging, and other features, the platform is an all-in-one solution for creators.

The most valuable feature of Ruzuku is the course builder. The Ruzuku course builder is designed around the course builder, even though most platforms' dashboards already have one. It's also straightforward to use if you select a Ruzuku course template.

It is only possible to market your course on Ruzuku with an entire website, and there is a blog feature. You will receive a shareable link and an editable sales page.

It's also straightforward to use the sales page editor. Editing all the various sections will be possible for you, including the pricing, FAQ, course layout, video, testimonials, and header. Additionally, you are free to add and remove sections as needed.

When community feature enabled, students can participate in discussions on your course lessons through their profiles in the community. You can foster a sense of community by including discussions in your lessons and posing questions that elicit an answer.

You have two options for collecting payments: Stripe and PayPal. You can connect one or both of these to begin receiving payments. Go to your account settings and locate them in your list of integrations.

Pricing Plans

Ruzuku offers two paid and free basic plans with very straightforward pricing.

Almost everything is unlimited, so you wouldn't have to worry about exceeding any account limits or how much of anything you use. The higher tier's exclusive features are the only differences between the two plans.

The two paid plans are the $199/month (or $1997/year) Pro plan and the $99/month (or $997/year) Core plan. An annual subscription can save you as much as $391. The only feature distinguishing the Core plan from the free plan is the ability to enroll unlimited students.


If you've never built a course before and are just getting started, Teachery will give you the motivation you need to start making money off your passion by selling digital downloads. In addition to selling bundles, you can develop affiliate programs and sales pages, offer online memberships and courses, and more. The main feature that sets Teachery apart is how easy and intuitive it is to create and sell online courses. 

You can choose from two customizable and interactive templates on the platform based on your requirements. You can make learning enjoyable for your students by incorporating text, audio, or video into your courses. It also allows you to style your course in any way you want to align with your brand and draw in customers. 

This platform also facilitates the process of selecting your payment options for each course. Finally, Teachery offers a simple pricing structure without limits on either plan. This implies that you have infinite courses to create and students to enroll. 

Why is Teachery the Best Kajabi Alternative?

  1. The primary feature of Teachery is its ability to streamline the process of creating courses. It also guarantees that you will be up and running in no time.
  2. You can quickly create a new course with a user-friendly, minimalistic main interface with only a few options.
  3. With Teachery, you can create your curriculum and add content to your lessons using a drag-and-drop course builder.

Pricing Plans

Teachery offers pricing that is as simple as it gets. All of the platform's features are included in the single plan.

A $49 monthly fee or a $470 annual fee is available to you. Consequently, you can save about 20% if you pay annually. Teacher does not have a free plan, but it does provide a 14-day free trial during which you can use the platform without providing credit card information.


LearnWorlds is a robust learning management system (LMS) with many course administration, promotion, and intricacy features. With tools for course creation, website, branded mobile app creation, and marketing, LearnWorlds is an all-in-one platform. Additionally, this platform offers good reporting features.

It can be tricky to use at first because of all the features. Moreover, a lack of focus is a result of complexity. It might appear more like a content platform than an educational one. Additionally, compared to other Kajabi alternatives, its design could be more seamless. 

Customizable software helps educators and trainers reach a wider audience with interactive, captivating, outcomes-based content. LearnWorlds can be used to launch an online education program from the ground up. Using the platform, entrepreneurs can create a school with efficient LMSs and all the resources needed to promote, sell, and streamline every aspect of the operation.

The abundance of available templates and widgets simplifies creating a brand. Similarly, you can enable custom development and thorough in-house training for staff, partners, and employees in corporate settings by utilizing the LearnWorlds platform.

Is LearnWorlds One of the Best Kajabi Alternatives? 

  1. By using LearnWorlds, you can be sure to have access to eye-catching marketing techniques that turn browsers into enrolled, motivated learners. 
  2. Furthermore, there are no limits on the number of students enrolled or landing pages that can support learning for Pro Trainer, Learning Center, or Corporate plans. Essential features with some limitations are available with the Starter Plan.
  3. To interact with students more personally, interactive video hosting is a must.
  4. Course designers can add content to course materials and extract transcripted content with LearnWorlds' powerful video player and authoring tool.
  5. After exams and assessments, teachers can create course completion certificates for their successful students.

Pricing Plans

LearnWorlds has four different plans. These include the Starter, which costs about $30 per month; the Pro Trainer, which costs about $100 per month; the Learning Center, which costs about $300 per month; and the High-volume and Corporate solutions, which require support calls. There are discounted yearly rates for all plans.


Skillshare is a well-known website where people can teach and learn new skills. With a more user-friendly interface and a marketplace feel, their platform makes them a good Kajabi alternative. 

The growing popularity of Skillshare can be attributed to the diverse range of content providers who have chosen to offer courses on the platform. Compared to other Teaching options, this suggests that teachers will have access to a larger pool of potential students, which is advantageous for them.

Using the integrated features of the platform, creators and entrepreneurs can create and promote online courses on Skillshare. The primary type of content you will make on Skillshare is videos. 

The platform's prefabricated feature will help people nervous about public speaking use it more efficiently, but it might also make the courses less attractive.

Online course marketplace solutions can be constructive because you need to know who might find your course through a keyword search. But because markets are so competitive, they can also make it hard for your work to be recognized.

Why is Skillshare the best Kajabi alternative?

  1. Courses on Skillshare are taught through interactive, easily understood video lessons. You can pause, fast-forward, and rewatch the videos to ensure you comprehend the material.
  2. Many Skillshare courses include real-world assignments and projects that allow you to apply what you've learned and demonstrate your understanding of the material.
  3. Skillshare has a large and active community of educators, professionals, and students eager to learn and share their knowledge. You can participate in forums and talks, communicate with other students, and get project feedback.

Pricing Plans

Skillshare comes with a one-month free trial. With Skillshare Premium, you can join a student community to discuss course details with other users, download the classes to view them on your mobile and tablet devices, and get unlimited access to over 35,000 courses. You can also take advantage of a special discount on other creative platforms.

Which Kajabi Alternative Will You Try? 

It's impossible to pick a course creation platform that ticks all the boxes. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Whether you want to launch your first course or expand your operations, start with a platform that can scale with you. 

We live in a world of options, and here we have mentioned the best of ten Kajabi alternatives that focus on much more than building communities and delivering online courses.

Hence, Edison OS is the best Kajabi alternative due to its scalability and flexibility. It has all the marketing features and lets educators host websites, create courses, and offer real-time analytics. Interested? Book a Demo now. 


Why not check out EdisonOS to see how it works? 

Shreya Vaidya
Content Marketing Associate
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