Are you concerned about how to prepare for the new SAT? It takes work to get ready for the digital SAT. It's a chore that makes all students hot and anxious, leaving them to question how they can prepare for the test without using up all of their brain power!

Anyone who wishes to get into a top university across the USA knows they need an adequate SAT score to get a step closer to their dreams. However, the exam is pretty tough and the size of the test coverage alone feels intimidating for many students.

Whether you are a novice to the new SAT or seeking to boost your score, 18 practice tests are your golden tickets to ace the digital exam. The new SAT exam, conducted by the College Board, is an important step in your college admission process. But don’t worry. We have covered all the accurate information you need to clear this important milestone.

So, let’s get started with your SAT preparation journey by going through the meaning, its importance, and different practice tests that help you achieve the desired goal you are hoping for.

What is the SAT? 

The SAT is a standardized entrance exam utilized for admissions choices by colleges and institutions in the US and other countries. The Digital SAT comprises multiple-choice questions with a few computer-based submit-a-response questions. It's designed and run by the College Board.

A student's abilities and knowledge are assessed in three primary domains by the SAT:

  1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: Using texts and multiple-choice questions, this component evaluates a student's critical writing and reading comprehension abilities.
  2. Mathematics: This component assesses students' understanding of algebra, geometry, and other mathematical subjects.

While most colleges no longer require the SAT, a high score can help you highlight your strengths and balance out your application, increasing the likelihood of acceptance.

Who Appears for the SAT? Check -out Statistics 

The report generated by the SAT suite of Assessment shows that approx. 1.7 million high school graduates are willing to take the SAT exam while they are in high school.  Apart from this, some other statistics include: 

  • 63% appeared for the SAT on a school day
  • More than 37% of the students took exams on the weekend
  • Among them, 51% are the female
  • 15% of test-takers used an SAT fee waiver 
  • The majority of the students who took the SAT got a bachelor's degree as their highest level of education. 

Additionally, the report revealed the students' race or ethnicity on the SAT: 

If they would rather take the SAT than the ACT, all American high school students are eligible to do so. The SAT is usually taken by junior and senior high school students, however recent graduates are also eligible to take or retake the exam. To assist them in preparing, some students prefer to take the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) before taking the SAT.

What’s Included in the new SAT? 

  • Rather than three hours, the exam will last two hours.
  • There will be just one question and shorter reading sections with each passage.
  • Unlike the old edition of the SAT, which has a math portion that prohibits calculators, the math section will always allow them. 

The existing test will be simplified into the Digital SAT. The new structure will concentrate more on college-readiness abilities and less on speed. You may easily understand these ideas and estimate how long a given section will take by taking practice exams.

The Structure of New Digital SAT 

The Reading and Writing Section and the Math Section are the two sections that make up the Digital SAT. We will investigate specifics like test duration, time given for each stage, total number of questions, total time, and so on for both categories. 

Reading and Writing Section 

The SAT reading and writing portion is divided into two modules. There are two pre-test questions and twenty-five operational questions in each module. Each stage lasts 32 minutes for both portions. This portion contains a total of 54 questions, and the two modules have a 64-minute time limit.

Maths Section 

There are additional two modules in the Math Section. Twenty operational questions and two pre-test questions make up the first and second modules. Each stage lasts 35 minutes for both portions. There are 44 questions in this section, and you have 70 minutes to answer them all.

Questions in the redesigned SAT Math section can be broadly classified into four categories:

  1. Topics covered in algebra (13–15 questions) include linear functions, linear equations, and linear inequalities.
  2. Advanced Math (13–15 questions): topics include equivalent expressions, nonlinear functions, and nonlinear equations
  3. Problem-Solving and Data Analysis (5-7 questions): probability, scatterplots, statistics, rates, percentages, ratios, and more
  4. Trigonometry and geometry (5-7 questions): circles, right triangles, area and volume, and more

As a result, there will be around half as many questions on the online SAT as there were on the paper edition. One of the main advantages of taking the redesigned SAT for many test-takers is undoubtedly the fewer questions.

18 SAT Practice Tests to Help You Pass the Exam 

You must test for the future.  Even though the SAT is only one day in your life, it can have a significant impact on your choice of university, further education, and career. Please give this test the consideration it merits: practice, exercise, exercise.  Recognize your weaknesses and make sure you are as ready as possible for the test day.

Here, we are going to discuss 18 SAT practice tests, each with its format to help you ace the exam without any hassle. 


Delve into the world of Digital SAT with EdisonOS, offering a full-length digital platform for tutors with a set of mock tests and other tools they need to guide students toward success. Developed and designed by a skilled team, EdisonOS is revolutionizing the assessment approach. It offers a white-labeled platform, empowering educational institutions with modern technology to streamline the overall learning experience.

With over 1100+ Question library, Multistage testing (MST), Deep Analytics, and Exact Bluebook Experience, this gives a tutor or a tutoring business owner a 360-degree Digital SAT Training Platform to train their student and provide comprehensive practice tests.

Free Digital SAT practice tests and essential performance insights

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The College Board Official Practice Tests

If you are aware of real incidents, it would be easy for you to crack because these exams give realistic test experiences and take you one step closer to the real SAT exam. The prime objective of these exams is to familiarise yourself with the actual format of the test and consider winning tickets for the SAT preparation. 

Princeton Review

From interactive lessons to practice tests and adaptive drills, Princeton Review’s digital SAT concentrates on both content mastery and test-taking techniques, offering unique learning styles along with catchy media elements for engaging study sessions. 


Based in Berkeley, California, Magoosh is one of the  Digital SAT counseling companies that offers a Digital SAT program that includes audio/video lessons, practice questions, and much more. Well-known for its user-appealing interface, Magoosh offers a personalized learning experience along with real-time progress tracking of students. 


TestInnovators is a 2013-founded company that uses adaptive learning technology to create a personalized online test-prep experience to help students improve their scores on standardized tests. TestInnovators is an efficient Digital SAT prep solution that will bring students’ test preparation into the current era and beyond. It features cutting-edge adaptive learning technology, strong diagnostic tools, and premium packages with content generated by the test developers.


The Digital SAT represents a substantial change in both question format and content, going beyond just replacing the traditional pencil-and-paper exam with a computer-based one. For this reason, PrepScholar has devoted hundreds of hours to creating fresh content just for this new test, in contrast to other test prep companies. 

4000+ brand-new practice questions that are skillfully crafted to mimic challenging question and answer patterns and are specifically matched to the Digital SAT topic and structure.


UWorld, a global leader in high-stakes exam online learning solutions, has announced the release of its new Digital SAT prep course. The training is available on all devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, and it will get students ready for the new digital test format. 

Students will be better prepared for this latest iteration of the SAT thanks to the roughly 1,000 questions and counting that UWorld's team of experts created for the question bank.

Barron’s Test Prep

There is a thorough review of every subject tested on the test, including math, reading, and writing, in Barron's SAT Study Guide Premium. Additionally, the solution offers test-taking techniques to help you improve your SAT score. Two lengthy practice exams are also included, together with thorough explanations of the answers and useful test-taking advice.

Chegg SAT Prep

Chegg’s Digital SAT consists of an adaptive question bank, practice test, and valuable study resources. The platform emphasizes time management and offers feedback swiftly, allowing students to monitor their activities and focus on major areas that need improvement.

Kaplan Test Prep

Leading the world in practice testing and tutoring for more than 100 standardized tests, Kaplan Test Prep constantly strives to improve its digital practice environment to stay ahead of the hundreds of other online test prep options available. Currently, the Kaplan Test Prep team uses their own exclusive "Atom" platform technology to provide teachers more power, distribute materials to students, and give content developers detailed feedback on what is and isn't working.

Ivy Global SAT Practice Tests

SAT practice exams from Ivy Global are renowned for accurately simulating the actual exam. Students frequently use them to simulate test conditions to prepare for exams more effectively.

McGraw-Hill Education SAT Practice Tests

A variety of questions are included in McGraw-Hill's SAT practice exams to aid students in honing their abilities. They also offer helpful SAT-taking strategies. 

Manhattan Prep SAT Practice Test

Manhattan Prep provides extensive study materials and resources in addition to SAT practice exams. For students looking for a comprehensive preparation experience, they are perfect. 

PowerScore SAT Practice Tests

Students who are poor in analytical and critical thinking can ace this with the help of PowerScore SAT practice tests as it consists of different approaches and strategies to clear the exam. 

Testive SAT Practice Tests

These practice tests are unique because they allow students to focus on areas they need to improve or master. Moreover, the tests are personalized and designed to each person’s preferences. 

Test Innovators SAT Practice Tests

Test Innovators offers adaptive SAT practice exams so that students are guaranteed practice relevant to their ability level. Their purpose is to provide a challenging yet rewarding experience.

CrackSAT SAT Practice Tests

CrackSAT is a comprehensive resource for students wishing to improve their test-taking abilities and get exposed to a wide range of SAT questions because it provides a variety of SAT practice tests and questions.

Some Common Tips to Increase SAT Final Score 

Official SAT practice tests seem harsh, and clearing an actual test is like winning the lottery. Because it is a process that asks for severe endeavors and smart tips. The free SAT practice tests are essential tools to help you achieve your desired score. Here, we will explore some smart tactics that help you make the most out of official SAT practice tests and boost your performance stepwise. 

Managing Time 

The current SAT is based on timing, so practice under the time limit is important. Mimic actual test conditions during the practice. Moreover, take the help of a timer or set priorities to solve problems. 

For instance, if you are strong in the variable and equating section, spend 35 minutes on this section, allowing you to allocate time to tough questions. 

Pay Attention to Weak Sections

Identify your weaker subjects and give more practice time to them. Practice tests will help you address areas that need improvement.

Learn from Mistakes

Look for the practice test and identify mistakes. Are there specific question patterns or types you constantly struggle with? Allocate more time to them and give correct answers. 

Practice Exam in Certain Atmosphere

Create a peaceful, disturbance-free environment for your practice test. Sit comfortably on a desk with study materials and a timer to feel the test vibe. 

Evaluate Yourself

Keep a detailed record of your scores and monitor each progress card. Set improvement goals and work harder. 

Following the above common tips will familiarize you with the SAT format and re-encounter your testing skills. Remember that clearing the SAT successfully leads you one step closer to the final result. So stay calm, motivated, and focus on your objectives.

Summary On SAT Practice Test

A high SAT score can help students apply to universities overseas. Results from standardized tests remain the great equalizer, bridging socioeconomic disparities and academic grading schemes. High test results show a candidate's cognitive abilities and level of college readiness beyond coursework and internships.

High SAT scores can partly evaluate a student's success in college, but a total score plays an important role. In this latest guide, we have broken down some essential tips to achieve a perfect score in this pivotal exam. From demystifying the SAT format and some techniques to optimum and excellent scores, we have got you covered.

Get Your Highest Score Now! With EdisonOS, the best digital SAT companion for tutoring companies, take on 18 SAT practice tests. Boost your student's performance and make them take the SAT with assurance. Our goal is your student's success!

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